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google-api-python-client Credentails using social-auth
from datetime import datetime
from requests import exceptions as requests_errors
from google.auth.exceptions import RefreshError
from google.oauth2.credentials import Credentials as GoogleCredentials
from googleapiclient import discovery
from social_django.utils import load_strategy
class Credentials(GoogleCredentials):
"""Google auth credentials using python social auth under the hood"""
def _parse_expiry(self, data):
Parses the expiry field from a data into a datetime.
data (Mapping): extra_data from UserSocialAuth model
datetime: The expiration
return datetime.fromtimestamp(data['auth_time'] + data['expires'])
def __init__(self, usa):
usa (UserSocialAuth): UserSocialAuth google-oauth2 object
backend = usa.get_backend_instance(load_strategy())
data = usa.extra_data
token = data['access_token']
refresh_token = data['refresh_token']
token_uri = backend.refresh_token_url()
client_id, client_secret = backend.get_key_and_secret()
scopes = backend.get_scope()
# id_token is not provided with GoogleOAuth2 backend
token, refresh_token=refresh_token, id_token=None,
token_uri=token_uri, client_id=client_id, client_secret=client_secret,
self.usa = usa
# Needed for self.expired() check
self.expiry = self._parse_expiry(data)
def refresh(self, request):
"""Refreshes the access token.
request (google.auth.transport.Request): The object used to make
HTTP requests.
google.auth.exceptions.RefreshError: If the credentials could
not be refreshed.
usa = self.usa
except requests_errors.HTTPError as e:
raise RefreshError(e)
data = usa.extra_data
self.token = data['access_token']
self._refresh_token = data['refresh_token']
self.expiry = self._parse_expiry(data)
# Usage
usa = user.social_auth.get(provider='google-oauth2')
service ='gmail', 'v1', credentials=Credentials(usa))
emails = service.users().messages().list(,
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