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supertux editor questions
- I couldn't figure out how to undo
- hover over tips/info on tiles, objects, and tools would be helpful
- Some of the tile/object organization is challenging (ex: "Final Goal"
was not immediately easy to find). It would be cool if "required" objects
were either already on the level, or if they were in the object pane until
placed in the level. That is: things like spawn point and final goal have
constant presence in the window (either in the object pane or placed in the
level); since you absolutely need those things, but once they're placed, it's
never needed again.
Tilegroup/Object UI
- Need some way to show what's currently selected (Tilegroup or Object)
- Should default to a particular Tilegroup/Object, instead of always prompting
(last selected?)
- I think a dropdown select makes more sense here. when I check/select tilegroup,
i'd rather just have a dropdown with a current selection that I can shift
- When the objects/tiles are vertically larger than the screen, scrolling is
not apparent or easy (scroll bar/arrows?)
Tilegroup/Object non-UI
- It was frustrating to figure out that I couldn't use the eraser to delete an
Object if my right panel was currently displaying a tilegroup. Seems like I
should be able to delete whatever I want, independent of what's currently active
for placement.
- While the developer in me appreciates having a tile AND object version of things
like blocks, it's confusing to place a block *tile* but then not be able to define
it's features (because it's not an object, presumably). Some way of making it
more clear that an entity is either the tile or object version might help here.
- Related to above, when placing a tile, they have a snap-to-grid behavior. Objects
don't seem to have this, so making a series of coin blocks that are aligned was
tricky (might just be a config issue on my part?)
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