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spree error msg
ActionView::Template::Error (undefined method `to_d' for #<Order:0x82cce98>):
14: <h3>Shipping Method:</h3>
15: <div class="method">
16: <% i = 1 %>
17: <% @order.rate_hash.each do |shipping_method| %>
18: <%= radio_button(:order, :shipping_method_id, shipping_method[:id], :class => "radio#{i}", :id => shipping_method[:cost]) %>
19: <label><%= shipping_method[:name] %> <%= number_to_currency shipping_method[:cost] %></label>
20: <div class="clear"></div>
app/views/checkout/_payment.html.erb:17:in `_app_views_checkout__payment_html_erb___481978343_67756860_4938188'
app/views/checkout/edit.html.erb:7:in `_app_views_checkout_edit_html_erb__453920959_66761340_0'
app/views/checkout/edit.html.erb:6:in `_app_views_checkout_edit_html_erb__453920959_66761340_0'
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