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Verus PBaaS Testnet Idea
I think we should be able to bring up a test chain for people to try merge mining when I coordinate with @0x03 about nodes. We will all be able to mine, stake, and make various chains that we merge mine and stake together. There is still a fair amount of work to do before a mainnet release, but it's pretty cool to just load up chains that you've never seen by name and then be able to merge mine a number of chains automatically. each chain runs with its own daemon, and as long as Verus or VerusTest is loaded, they will autorecognize each other, notarize, and merge mine through VRSC or VRSCTEST. Of course, you can configure custom network setups by editing the .conf file to merge mine daemons on different machines, but the default is simple as well. When a daemon goes down, it simply stops merge mining, but all the others continue. If the VRSC or VRSCTEST daemons are stopped, other mining daemons start mining solo. This user experience work took a lot of thought, design, and significant change in the wallet to allow this kind of auto networking. I'm looking forward to hearing what adventurous testers will think of their first PBaaS experience 
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