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Last active Nov 29, 2018
Using Unix programs to execute other programs

This Gist documents Unix utilities that have options that can be abused to execute other, arbritrary commands. This information can be useful in many scenarios -- the ones that come to mind are abusing certain /etc/sudoers configurations, breaking out of limited shells (eg. the ones provided in many network devices) and getting RCE in webapps even with restrictive filters in place.

Many of these examples originally came from this blogpost.

This is the script that was used to test these examples:

$ cat
inability /
Last active Jan 7, 2021
This Gist describes various vulnerabilities in "booter sources".

This Gist describes various vulnerabilities in "booter sources", i.e. source code that is used for the frontends of "booter"/"stresser" services that offers DDoS attacks on demand.

Unknown Booter Source

I'm not sure where this particular source code comes from. I've seen it under the names "vDos Source", "Rage Booter", "Dream Source" and "MHC-Panic Booter Source".

Persistent XSS

There exists a persistent cross-site scripting vulnerability in the admin/manage.php script. When users sign up, they are asked to input an email address. The email is validated with PHP's FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL filter, which is relaxed with the emails that it accepts. The manage.php script, when called, displays the user's email without sanitising or filtering it.


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