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function Get-InstalledSoftware {
Get all installed from the Uninstall keys in the registry.
Read a list of installed software from each Uninstall key.
This function provides an alternative to using Win32_Product.
Get the list of installed applications from the local computer.
Get-InstalledSoftware -IncludeLoadedUserHives
Get the list of installed applications from the local computer, including each loaded user hive.
Get-InstalledSoftware -ComputerName None -DebugConnection
Display all error messages thrown when attempting to audit the specified computer.
Get-InstalledSoftware -IncludeBlankNames
Display all results, including those with very limited information.
param (
# The computer to execute against. By default, Get-InstalledSoftware reads registry keys on the local computer.
[Parameter(ValueFromPipeline = $true, ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName = $true)]
[String]$ComputerName = $env:COMPUTERNAME,
# Attempt to start the remote registry service if it is not already running. This parameter will only take effect if the service is not disabled.
# Some software packages, such as DropBox install into a users profile rather than into shared areas. Get-InstalledSoftware can increase the search to include each loaded user hive.
# If a registry hive is not loaded it cannot be searched, this is a limitation of this search style.
begin {
$keys = @(
process {
# If the remote registry service is stopped before this script runs it will be stopped again afterwards.
if ($StartRemoteRegistry) {
$shouldStop = $false
$service = Get-Service RemoteRegistry -Computer $ComputerName
if ($service.Status -eq 'Stopped' -and $service.StartType -ne 'Disabled') {
$shouldStop = $true
$service | Start-Service
$baseKeys = [System.Collections.Generic.List[Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey]]::new()
$baseKeys.Add([Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey]::OpenRemoteBaseKey('LocalMachine', $ComputerName, 'Registry64'))
if ($IncludeLoadedUserHives) {
try {
$baseKey = [Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey]::OpenRemoteBaseKey('Users', $ComputerName, 'Registry64')
foreach ($name in $baseKey.GetSubKeyNames()) {
if (-not $name.EndsWith('_Classes')) {
Write-Debug ('Opening {0}' -f $name)
try {
$baseKeys.Add($baseKey.OpenSubKey($name, $false))
} catch {
$errorRecord = [System.Management.Automation.ErrorRecord]::new(
('Unable to access sub key {0} ({1})' -f $name, $_.Exception.InnerException.Message.Trim()),
Write-Error -ErrorRecord $errorRecord
} catch [Exception] {
Write-Error -ErrorRecord $_
foreach ($baseKey in $baseKeys) {
Write-Verbose ('Reading {0}' -f $baseKey.Name)
if ($basekey.Name -eq 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE') {
$username = 'LocalMachine'
} else {
# Attempt to resolve a SID
try {
[System.Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier]$sid = Split-Path $baseKey.Name -Leaf
$username = $sid.Translate([System.Security.Principal.NTAccount]).Value
} catch {
$username = Split-Path $baseKey.Name -Leaf
foreach ($key in $keys) {
try {
$uninstallKey = $baseKey.OpenSubKey($key, $false)
if ($uninstallKey) {
$is64Bit = $true
if ($key -match 'Wow6432Node') {
$is64Bit = $false
foreach ($name in $uninstallKey.GetSubKeyNames()) {
$packageKey = $uninstallKey.OpenSubKey($name)
$installDate = Get-Date
$dateString = $packageKey.GetValue('InstallDate')
if (-not $dateString -or -not [DateTime]::TryParseExact($dateString, 'yyyyMMdd', (Get-Culture), 'None', [Ref]$installDate)) {
$installDate = $null
Name = $name
DisplayName = $packageKey.GetValue('DisplayName')
DisplayVersion = $packageKey.GetValue('DisplayVersion')
InstallDate = $installDate
InstallLocation = $packageKey.GetValue('InstallLocation')
HelpLink = $packageKey.GetValue('HelpLink')
Publisher = $packageKey.GetValue('Publisher')
UninstallString = $packageKey.GetValue('UninstallString')
URLInfoAbout = $packageKey.GetValue('URLInfoAbout')
Is64Bit = $is64Bit
Hive = $baseKey.Name
Path = Join-Path -Path $key -ChildPath $name
Username = $username
ComputerName = $ComputerName
} catch {
Write-Error -ErrorRecord $_
# Stop the remote registry service if required
if ($StartRemoteRegistry -and $shouldStop) {
$service | Stop-Service
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averkios commented Nov 23, 2018

Please consider pulling my fork of this script, as it adds a new switch, that makes the script work even if the Remote Registry service is disabled.

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brettmillerb commented Nov 29, 2018

@indented-automation the IncludeBlank parameter is present but doesn't do anything that I can see upon quick scan

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