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Example task configuration for grunt-styleguide
styleguide: {
styledocco: {
options: {
framework: {
name: 'styledocco'
name: 'Style Guide',
template: {
include: ['plugin.css', 'app.js']
files: {
'tmp/styledocco/docs/bootstrap/less': 'test/fixtures/styledocco/docs/bootstrap/**/*.less',
'tmp/styledocco/docs/bootstrap/sass': 'test/fixtures/styledocco/docs/bootstrap/**/*.{scss,sass}'

pjkix commented Dec 13, 2013

I think there is an error to the files part ...

Warning: Arguments to path.join must be strings Use --force to continue.

pjkix commented Dec 13, 2013

nevermind, had an error with my path :-/

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