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An example PR template
Status Type Env Vars Change Review App Ticket
Ready/Hold Feature/Bug/Tooling/Refactor/Hotfix Yes/No Link Link

⚠️ NOTE: use notes like this to emphasize something about the PR. This could include other PRs this PR is built on top of; new or removed environment variables; reasons for why the PR is on hold; or anything else you would like to draw attention to.


What problem are you trying to solve?


How did you solve the problem?

Before & After Screenshots

BEFORE: [insert screenshot here]

AFTER: [insert screenshot here]

Other changes (e.g. bug fixes, UI tweaks, small refactors)

Deploy Notes

Notes regarding deployment of the contained body of work. These should note any new dependencies, new scripts, etc.

New environment variables:

  • env var : env var details

New scripts:

  • script : script details

New dependencies:

  • dependency : dependency details

New dev dependencies:

  • dependency : dependency details

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@Martinnord Martinnord commented Aug 10, 2020

Thanks for this! Very helpful

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