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Created Oct 6, 2017
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Mocking globals in Jest
import React, { Component } from 'react';
class App extends Component {
constructor () {
this.state = {
name: null,
imgUrl: null
async componentDidMount () {
// notice that we have are using `fetch` as a global here,
// which means we will need to mock the global in our tests
const response = await fetch(``)
const userJSON = await response.json()
imgUrl: userJSON.avatar_url
render() {
return ? (
<img src={this.state.imgUrl} alt="github avatar" height="100px" />
) : (
import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import App from './App';
import { configure, mount } from 'enzyme'
import Adapter from 'enzyme-adapter-react-16'
configure({ adapter: new Adapter() })
it('displays the GitHub username and avatar image', async () => {
const wrapper = mount(<App />)
name: null,
imgUrl: null
// since we are calling `fetch` directly in `componentDidMount`, we need to
// await for that lifecycle to finish before we can assert against the wrapper.
// Also notice that the `fetch` global is nowhere to be found in this file; it
// is defined in `src/setupTests.js`.
await wrapper.instance().componentDidMount()
name: 'GitHub name',
imgUrl: 'GitHub avatar_url'
// If you are using Create React App and you'd like `fetch` to be mocked out
// for all tests across the app, you can include the global in `src/setupTests.js`.
// CRA uses the Jest config option `setupTestFrameworkScriptFile`, so if you are
// not using CRA you can still create a file to mock out your globals.
// Notice that this exposes the pitfalls of using fetch as a global in our
// `<App>` component. Looking at our test file, it is not clear how the `fetch`
// global is even working in our test without a knowledge that this `setupTests`
// file exists.
// On top of this, if we had multiple components making fetch requests, we would
// have to keep adding properties to our returned object here, even though only
// some of them would be used for each test.
// refs:
// - (Create React App: Initializing Test Environment)
// - (Jest setupTestFrameworkScriptFile config option)
const fetch = async () => ({
json: async () => ({
name: 'GitHub name',
avatar_url: 'GitHub avatar_url'
global.fetch = fetch
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