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Last active May 11, 2018 19:29
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[Bloom - GDPR - Text override settings]
// If you want to change your texts for the overlay on certain pages, then open the "functions.php"
// of your theme and use the following snippet. Customize the text to your needs.
// This function is possible since version 1.0.5
add_filter( 'bgop_overlay_messages', function( $messages )
if ( is_page( [ 'my-awesome-page', 'New Infos for your Health', 1234 ] ) ) // add pages by slug, title, id
$company = 'Company Name';
$messages['linkBefore'] = 'This form stores the data entered as explained in our'; // text before the link
$messages['linkName'] = 'Our Privacy Policy'; // the link name
$messages['linkHref'] = ''; // the link itself
$messages['linkAfter'] = 'You can revoke at any time.'; // text after the link
$messages['company'] = $company;
$messages['agree'] = "I hereby agree to my data being stored by {$company}."; // Agreement next to the checkbox
} // end if
return $messages;
}); // end add_filter
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