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technique to transfer commits from one git repository to another different git repository
# select the relevant commits i would like to take from source git repoA
mkdir -p patches
git format-patch -1 --stdout 8adb447ccbfd88bf57a571105f6af3b000f343c5 >patches/1.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout 8f71637c2e407aa8d9e040b1f8168cd5bc9590a4 >patches/2.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout 968ac4b5e74abf26cf3e53c6f2a1722e8ab62de3 >patches/3.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout d7c13e31b502049c436d898b037729d08b6078a0 >patches/4.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout e00ddb86adebb2d528a08abd91bfd7237d32a07e >patches/5.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout 4caf820a1389c0bfba355513e0f64b015cdd0438 >patches/6.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout 8f70172900068e799d284936078022e35fb1efb6 >patches/7.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout b6353c9741962ff618f70773e53248800f6e449b >patches/8.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout ad3fb2cb478ebae3d746744f6ba998cd32f93e0c >patches/9.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout 8c4cd047526735530aad05bd47c03810317c51c1 >patches/10.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout a1f0816682b8959b4adb96e84f7e79dd3ead22a9 >patches/11.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout cb23fa4dce7e022635412490ec16b7d78f7428ed >patches/12.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout 2a96d4a7327f00af5c55d8267e9f9b70c25a64f7 >patches/13.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout 0ccd431814882a938c5b7647c57d05d6ba754e67 >patches/14.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout bc7f552e4b6a9b0e317931730260cf0ea79767d6 >patches/15.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout 01caa67cea415d34fdb8ef007ce64d839a639f71 >patches/16.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout d3505238d53541dec8f3ca8080a7e22181d153b2 >patches/17.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout dc09c49dee1861e1e817a48758e820a0b39bf2c3 >patches/18.patch # cleanup inputs file
git format-patch -1 --stdout 75a488ea3f1a23c12e2c0bf97ff47cdf0de84535 >patches/20.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout 09cc9c0b0ee3639877a2bb4d17cc4d5d590b024d >patches/21.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout c0240972bc5db292cccb9539a141121b233a7b6e >patches/22.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout 58e293f63ae8d79d564d51b214844c2811cd45b0 >patches/23.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout 84a75abeeb11aed7925d756146d0f9c0c4314666 >patches/24.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout 7aa6085fadcc9b00e2637e94febe86f19adc1f40 >patches/25.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout c4c7ecd92871a2b047852d285619bc65ecf8edb7 >patches/26.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout 45dd84250c10ac092a4b9e1b477870755dc79ef2 >patches/27.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout b50878734a6532717d5a1f752711ee128fbdb9ca >patches/28.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout d4915c278af4f70a034d4771d20f93e3082a8c3e >patches/29.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout 5e6b9641b78e030c45a6f1e501eb1411c81c7dc5 >patches/30.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout 54de554387ee5fa8600e683909acbe0ec69a61d5 >patches/31.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout 7864ce634849ca0ed4ce9b35bfd383fcad8ac9d8 >patches/32.patch
git format-patch -1 --stdout 80b0d4dccd0014aca075f76215b00c5f8e4cb737 >patches/33.patch # cleanup commit message
git format-patch -1 --stdout 28de8133ee7fe42258cfc50d35dc9792ac9dee3e >patches/34.patch
# afterwards, move the patch directory to somewhere in destination git repoB
# apply the transfered patches from source repoA to destination repoB
git am < patches/1.patch
git am < patches/2.patch
git am < patches/3.patch
git am < patches/4.patch
git am < patches/5.patch
git am < patches/6.patch
git am < patches/7.patch
git am < patches/8.patch
git am < patches/9.patch
git am < patches/10.patch
git am < patches/11.patch
git am < patches/12.patch
git am < patches/13.patch
git am < patches/14.patch
git am < patches/15.patch
git am < patches/16.patch
git am < patches/17.patch
git am < patches/18.patch
git am < patches/20.patch
git am < patches/21.patch
git am < patches/22.patch
git am < patches/23.patch
git am < patches/24.patch
git am < patches/25.patch
git am < patches/26.patch
git am < patches/27.patch
git am < patches/28.patch
git am < patches/29.patch
git am < patches/30.patch
git am < patches/31.patch
git am < patches/32.patch
git am < patches/33.patch
git am < patches/34.patch
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