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How to run multiple Redis instances on Ubuntu 16.04

Create the directory for the new instance

$ sudo install -o redis -g redis -d /var/lib/redis2

Create a new configuration file

$ sudo cp -p /etc/redis/redis.conf /etc/redis/redis2.conf

Edit the new configuration file

$ sudo nano /etc/redis/redis2.conf
pidfile /var/run/redis/
logfile /var/log/redis/redis-server2.log
dir /var/lib/redis2
port 6380

Create new service file

$ sudo cp /lib/systemd/system/redis-server.service /lib/systemd/system/redis-server2.service

Edit the new service file

$ sudo vim /lib/systemd/system/redis-server2.service
ExecStart=/usr/bin/redis-server /etc/redis/redis2.conf

Enable and start the service

$ sudo systemctl enable redis-server2.service
$ sudo systemctl start redis-server2.service

Check status

$ ps aux |grep redis
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jcconnell commented Apr 7, 2018

Huge help, thank you!

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ndianabasi commented May 23, 2018

Thank you. This was very apt and functional.

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khalana commented Jul 13, 2018

Why is this better or different than starting a new instance by just specifying the port?

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mqgmaster commented Aug 10, 2018

Thanks man :)

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byleese commented Nov 8, 2018

Thank you very much!

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AdolfoP commented Apr 24, 2019


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NNSTH commented Aug 6, 2019

very useful! thanks a lot

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34code commented Aug 29, 2019

awesome, thanks!

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Subi commented Sep 23, 2019

Thank you for this!

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SaeedSoltoon commented Nov 24, 2019

Thank you so much!

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ashuroff commented Feb 29, 2020

Thank you!

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ariamn86 commented Jul 21, 2020

What a great instruction!

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ShahanMirza commented Dec 8, 2020

Thanks a lot you saved my day, your notes help me a lot

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Muthukumaran-Banc91 commented Jan 7, 2021

can u say how to start the server with port 6380??

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ahmadpoorgholam commented Jan 14, 2021

that was flawless

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