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If you're setting up a pf (packet filter) firewall, here's the Minecraft specific DDoS threats file we currently use.

inertia186 commented Mar 20, 2013

A pf anchor divides up filter rules into functional groups. Edit your /etc/pf.conf file to include the following lines:

anchor "minecraft-ddos-threats"
load anchor "minecraft-ddos-threats" from "/etc/pf.anchors/minecraft-ddos-threats"

Now we need to write the lines for the anchor we defined. From the /etc/pf.conf configuration we just added, those should go into the file /etc/pf.anchors/minecraft-ddos-threats. Create that file and add these lines:

table <minecraft_ddos_threats> persist file "/etc/minecraft-ddos-Block-IPs.txt"
block log from <minecraft_ddos_threats> to any

The first line establishes a table called minecraft_ddos_threats and on an initial start will load the contents of the /etc/minecraft-ddos-Block-IPs.txt file.

The second line is the filter rule that blocks and logs from any IP address or network listed in the minecraft_ddos_threats table. If you are not interested in logging the packets that are dropped, just leave out the log keyword.

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