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Protecting Credentials Retrieved using @cyberark AAM Credential Providers in PowerShell Scripts [Recommended Best Practice]
# Import the modules to be used
Import-Module psPAS #
Import-Module CredentialRetriever #
# Before login, we'll request the credentials from AAM and immediately pass the PSCredential object for secure login
New-PASSession -BaseURI -Credential $(Get-CCPCredential -URL -AppID ApplicationID -Safe SafeName -UserName ServiceManagerUser).ToCredential() -type LDAP
# Do stuff here...
# Finally,

Prior to Deployment

You will want to be sure to protect the source code of the script by creating an executable out of it.

This will prevent someone from being able to step through the code in debug.

I recommend using PS2EXE-GUI from TechNet to further obfuscate the source code and modifications to it.

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