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Get potential full size of a map from a list of Minecraft region files
from __future__ import print_function
import re
from sys import argv, exit
pattern = r'.*r\.(-?[0-9]+)\.(-?[0-9]+)\.mca$'
matcher = re.compile(pattern)
north, south, east, west = None, None, None, None
def region_blocks(rx, rz):
min_x = 512 * rx
max_x = min_x + 511
min_z = 512 * rz
max_z = min_z + 511
return min_x, max_x, min_z, max_z
for filename in argv[1:]:
match = matcher.match(filename)
if match:
anvil_x, anvil_z = map(int, match.groups())
if west is None or anvil_x < west[0]:
west = anvil_x, filename
if north is None or anvil_z < north[0]:
north = anvil_z, filename
if east is None or anvil_x > east[0]:
east = anvil_x, filename
if south is None or anvil_z > south[0]:
south = anvil_z, filename
print("Not a region file: {0}".format(filename))
if None in (north, south, east, west):
print("No region filenames found")
min_x, _, min_z, _ = region_blocks(west[0], north[0])
_, max_x, _, max_z = region_blocks(east[0], south[0])
for direction, value in (('west', west), ('north', north), ('east', east), ('south', south)):
print("Most {0}ern region file is {1} at {2}".format(direction, value[1], value[0]))
print("Possible blocks span ({0}, {1}) to ({2}, {3})".format(min_z, min_x, max_z, max_x))
print("x-delta, z-delta is {0}, {1}".format(abs(max_x - min_x + 1), abs(max_z - min_z + 1)))
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