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filipesam /
Created January 22, 2019 22:06
Pwning internal networks automagically


This document pools several awesome tools and blog entries together (see "Resources" at the end of this doc) in an attempt to automate the process of getting an initial foothold on a network in a situation where you have no valid credentials.

Download and install ntlmrelay

Ok, so one weird thing I'm trying to figure out is if I install ntlmrelay as the first tool we'll use, these steps seem to work ok:

git clone /opt/impacket
cd /opt/impacket
pip install .
filipesam /
Created October 6, 2018 21:41 — forked from 3xocyte/
rough PoC to connect to spoolss to elicit machine account authentication
#!/usr/bin/env python
# abuse cases and better implementation from the original discoverer:
import os
import sys
import argparse
import binascii
import ConfigParser
from time import sleep