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import base64
import struct
def fnv64(data):
hash_ = 0xcbf29ce484222325
for b in data:
hash_ *= 0x100000001b3
hash_ &= 0xffffffffffffffff
hash_ ^= b
return hash_
def hash_dn(dn, salt):
# Turn dn into bytes with a salt, dn is expected to be ascii data
data = salt.encode("ascii") + dn.encode("ascii")
# Hash data
hash_ = fnv64(data)
# Pack hash (int) into bytes
bhash = struct.pack("<Q", hash_)
# Encode in base64. There is always a padding "=" at the end, because the
# hash is always 64bits long. We don't need it.
return base64.urlsafe_b64encode(bhash)[:-1].decode("ascii")
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