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Post-checkout hook to detect alembic issues when switching branches.
#!/usr/bin/env python
Provide useful alembic information after switching branches.
import argparse
import subprocess
import os
import os.path
import py.path
import logging
from alembic.config import Config
from alembic.script import ScriptDirectory
from alembic.environment import EnvironmentContext
from alembic.util import CommandError
def intbool(val):
return val == '1'
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(prog="post-checkout", description=__doc__,
parser.add_argument('is_branch_checkout', type=intbool)
def get_heads():
# git show-ref --heads
raw_heads = subprocess.check_output(['git', 'show-ref', '--heads']).splitlines()
split_heads = [raw.split(" ", 1) for raw in raw_heads]
heads = {split[0]: split[1].split("/")[-1] for split in split_heads}
return heads
def get_toplevel():
return subprocess.check_output(['git', 'rev-parse', '--show-toplevel']).strip()
class CaptureCurrentContext(EnvironmentContext):
# This is a sham EnvironmentContext which only captures the current revision
def __init__(self, cfg, script, **kw):
super(CaptureCurrentContext, self).__init__(cfg, script, **kw)
self.current_revisions = set()
def run_migrations(self, **kw):
def get_alembic_data():
# This function must be run with the alembic root as the cwd
fake_cmd_opts = type('args', (object,), {'x': []})()
cfg = Config(file_="alembic.ini", cmd_opts=fake_cmd_opts)
script = ScriptDirectory.from_config(cfg)
sham = CaptureCurrentContext(cfg, script)
with sham:
# disable INFO level and below logging
# undo the disable
if len(sham.current_revisions) > 1:
return {
'msg': u"""Your databases are at different revisions: {revisions}. Unable to offer more advice.""",
'revisions': sham.current_revisions
current_revision = sham.current_revisions.pop()
have_current = True
except CommandError:
have_current = False
heads = script.get_heads()
if len(heads) > 1:
# branch exists, can't do much else
branchpoint = [rev for rev in script.walk_revisions() if rev.is_branch_point][0]
if not have_current:
msg = u"""There is an Alembic branch in the tree. In addition, your current revision is not in the tree. You should switch back and downgrade. The branchpoint is {branchpoint.revision}: {branchpoint.doc}.
git checkout {previous_ref}
cd {alembic_root}
alembic downgrade {branchpoint.revision}
cd ../..
git checkout {new_ref}
return {
'msg': msg,
'branchpoint': branchpoint
# are we upstream or downstream of the branchpoint?
upstream = True
list(script.walk_revisions(base=branchpoint.revision, head=current_revision))
except CommandError:
upstream = False
if upstream:
msg = u"""There is an Alembic branch in the tree, downstream of your current revision. You should downgrade before resolving the branch. The branchpoint is {branchpoint.revision}: {branchpoint.doc}.
cd {alembic_root}
alembic downgrade {branchpoint.revision}
cd ../..
msg = u"""There is an Alembic branch in the tree, upstream of your current revision. You should resolve the branch before upgrading. The branchpoint is {branchpoint.revision}: {branchpoint.doc}."""
return {
'msg': msg,
'branchpoint': branchpoint
# If we're here, there's no branch.
head = script.get_revision(heads[0])
if head.revision == current_revision:
# Nothing to do
return None
if have_current:
# most recent comes first
ahead = list(script.walk_revisions(base=current_revision))
# we want most recent to be last
msg = u"""There are {count} revisions upstream of your current revision. You should upgrade before continuing.
cd {alembic_root}
alembic upgrade head
cd ../..
return {
'msg': msg,
'count': len(ahead),
'ahead': ahead
msg = u"""The Alembic history does not contain your current revision. The latest revision is {head.revision}: {head.doc}. You should switch back and downgrade.
git checkout {previous_ref}
cd {alembic_root}
alembic downgrade {head.revision}
cd ../..
git checkout {new_ref}
return {
'msg': msg,
'head': head
def main():
args = parser.parse_args()
if not args.is_branch_checkout:
heads = get_heads()
alembic_root = os.path.join(get_toplevel(), 'share/migrations')
with py.path.local(alembic_root).as_cwd():
alembic_data = get_alembic_data()
if alembic_data is not None:
alembic_data['alembic_root'] = alembic_root
alembic_data['previous_ref'] = heads.get(args.prev_sha1, args.prev_sha1)
alembic_data['new_ref'] = heads.get(args.new_sha1, args.new_sha1)
print alembic_data['msg'].format(**alembic_data)
if 'ahead' in alembic_data:
for rev in alembic_data['ahead']:
print " {0}: {1}".format(rev.revision, rev.doc)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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