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8.8" 1920x480 letterbox LCD HSD088IPW1 with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 1920x480 LCD

The HSD088IPW1 with Wisecoco HDMI driver board from work seemlessly with a PC but refused to play nicely with my Raspberry Pi until making these changes, tested with Raspbian (March2021) on a Pi Zero W.

These lines modified in /boot/config.txt file

# These lines for 1920x480 display
hdmi_timings=480 1 48 32 80 1920 0 3 10 56 0 0 0 60 0 75840000 3

The default orientation is portrait. To rotate the display, include the line

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mayday00 commented May 12, 2021

How do I make the resolution smaller? I have the 480x1920 display. But the hole it is going in is smaller.

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Tysonpower commented Jul 30, 2021

Thanks man! Exactly what i searched for after i tried to get that display working on a pi.
Only the display rotation command is wrong, you need display_hdmi_rotate=1

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apocolipse commented Nov 12, 2021

OMG Thank You!!! Was smashing my head trying to figure out why it wouldn't work with a Pi Zero W 2, but works perfectly fine with a Pi 4 with the same cable! Saved me a lot of headache

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trwilliams79 commented Mar 16, 2022

You're a life saver, I was starting to think something was horribly wrong hardware wise. I can confirm this works with the ModBro monitoring image on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W. I went from having some sorta indistinct blur to having proper display! It's actually quite a nice display once it's working.

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