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IRC quotes
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Here are the quotes stored by insobot, in csv format, one file per channel. Times are UTC.
0,"Sat Mar 12 23:50:41 2016","NASA is meaningless to me"
1,"Sat Mar 26 21:08:51 2016","Don't get me started"
2,"Sat Mar 26 21:30:43 2016","Somebody needs to define what ""object orientation"" is because it's a slippery pig"
3,"Sat Mar 26 21:50:45 2016","I'm gonna be releasing the DevLog tomorrow"
4,"Sat Mar 26 22:35:05 2016","I wanna say away from the YouTube culture..."
5,"Sat Mar 26 22:36:22 2016","No, they can't hear you"
6,"Sun Apr 3 22:44:45 2016","This is the real Abner"
7,"Sat Apr 9 21:10:21 2016","I'm gonna be cursing and fuck- fuck- ***"
8,"Sat Apr 9 21:12:25 2016","My current record to install Arch is five hours"
9,"Sat Apr 9 21:32:31 2016","Oh, that's so ghetto! Like, are you serious?"
10,"Sat Apr 9 21:41:14 2016","Oh now you work. Little ass-hole"
11,"Sat Apr 9 21:45:20 2016","Don't be an elitist douchebag, Miblo. I love you, but if you keep being like that... *stream dies*"
12,"Sat Apr 9 21:49:45 2016","We do it for the user; we do it for ourselves; and we do it together"
13,"Sat Apr 9 21:50:53 2016","To love it. To appreciate it. *sips Chocolate Wine*"
14,"Sat Apr 9 22:03:44 2016","Here I am trying to be serious, and the stream is like, 'No, brah'"
15,"Sat Apr 9 22:05:37 2016","Sorry, I'm thinking about mr4thdimention while I'm drinking for some reason"
16,"Sat Apr 9 22:07:35 2016","*HIC*"
17,"Sat Apr 9 22:15:49 2016","We have 100 masochists, so that means we're ready to start programming"
18,"Sat Apr 9 22:19:46 2016","I guess we're having a marathon tonight"
19,"Sat Apr 9 22:30:39 2016","Forget everything I just said about you guys being awesome"
20,"Sat Apr 9 22:47:57 2016","First of all, I like pounding... People"
21,"Sat Apr 9 22:51:07 2016","What is programming but the act of defying nature?"
22,"Sat Apr 9 23:02:50 2016","I wanna feel nostalgic for a little bit"
23,"Sat Apr 9 23:32:43 2016","Allen, help me! Mr4thDimention..."
24,"Sat Apr 9 23:50:58 2016","So it's not a MISSING semicolon, it's an extra semicolon"
25,"Sat Apr 9 23:57:41 2016","I commit myself to Allen Webster. I commit myself to this beautiful man"
26,"Sun Apr 10 00:02:21 2016","You have to be strong; you have to be brave; you have to be handmade"
27,"Sun Apr 10 00:06:30 2016","Oh my god, I don't feel my body"
28,"Sun Apr 10 00:07:16 2016","I hope you guys' opinion of Handmade Network doesn't change because of the way I am"
29,"Sun Apr 10 00:18:42 2016","A compiler is a program that compiles"
30,"Sun Apr 10 00:22:44 2016","Urgh..."
31,"Sun Apr 10 00:30:31 2016","When you mix fun and wine and quality in the same sentence, that's when you make a difference"
32,"Tue Apr 12 01:52:48 2016","Look at this *** ***"
33,"Tue Apr 12 02:01:47 2016","Give it to me!"
34,"Tue Apr 12 02:17:04 2016","Oh, I didn't save it. Whoops!"
35,"Tue Apr 12 02:37:30 2016","You're always goto'ing"
36,"Tue Apr 12 02:40:53 2016","It can't be like it used to be ever again. I'm sorry"
37,"Tue Apr 12 02:46:49 2016","Where are those characters?"
38,"Sun Aug 28 22:20:07 2016","But even if you can't hear what I say, I will talk for my sake"
39,"Sun Aug 28 22:20:43 2016","And why is this lady in my recommended feed?"
40,"Sun Aug 28 22:25:43 2016","We will finish this text editor"
41,"Sun Aug 28 22:38:02 2016","I have a feeling this will be done in just a stream or two"
42,"Sun Aug 28 22:50:34 2016","If it gets too hairy I'll follow your advice"
43,"Sun Aug 28 22:55:53 2016","It's easier to make Miblo feel bad without getting in trouble..."
44,"Sun Aug 28 23:00:26 2016","You too? You too, ChronalDragon? You little son of a..."
45,"Sun Aug 28 23:13:41 2016","I am an Abner with feelings"
46,"Sun Aug 28 23:14:50 2016","I'm not gonna follow demetrispanos' advice to the T"
47,"Sun Aug 28 23:30:35 2016","I really want to understand StrangeZak's parts intimately..."
48,"Sun Aug 28 23:51:07 2016","If I'm a troll, you guys are trolls times three"
49,"Sun Aug 28 23:52:38 2016","Yeah guys, thanks for all the memes"
50,"Tue Nov 15 22:14:55 2016","A dove is a kind of pigeon, I suppose so"
51,"Tue Nov 15 22:30:11 2016","Things just got way too sexy"
52,"Tue Nov 15 22:36:03 2016","At the start of the next stream, I will mess with the bird for a little bit"
53,"Tue Nov 15 23:09:37 2016","I have most languages banned"
54,"Tue Nov 15 23:12:16 2016","Oh man, I've missed pounding"
55,"Tue Nov 15 23:42:01 2016","You are correct, insofaras"
56,"Tue Nov 15 23:51:36 2016","fierydrake, nice! The debugger programmer's gonna be there!"
57,"Tue Nov 15 23:53:02 2016","I mean that from the bottom of my thingy… eh, heart."
58,"Tue Dec 6 23:15:53 2016","I guess the pee scene's gonna work"
59,"Sat Dec 10 22:01:26 2016","Oh my god, this Linux penguin is delicious"
60,"Sat Dec 10 22:48:49 2016","So you're just a C++ guy?"
61,"Sat Dec 10 23:22:04 2016","Here's to the end of 2016!"
62,"Sat May 13 01:49:21 2017","I'm pretty sure this is very unsafe to do on stream..."
63,"Fri May 19 16:56:05 2017","I can't tell you what the problem is either"
64,"Fri Jul 14 19:41:06 2017","Oh boy"
65,"Fri Jul 14 19:49:09 2017","Not yet, not yet: now"
0,"Fri Jul 22 23:02:02 2016","With all my jokes, there's a hint of seriousness to them"
0,"Fri Mar 17 19:53:48 2017","This is the thinking stream, everybody"
1,"Fri Mar 17 20:02:31 2017","Damn moustache whiskers, get outta my face!"
2,"Fri Mar 17 20:24:59 2017","Allen, the man of the hour, I owe you a cookie"
3,"Fri Mar 17 20:30:19 2017","I like to fly by the seat of my pants"
4,"Fri Mar 17 20:49:31 2017","I like goto"
5,"Wed Mar 22 15:02:37 2017","Everybody loves the web, right?"
6,"Fri Mar 24 18:08:48 2017","That is bogus there, people. Bogus"
7,"Fri Mar 24 18:26:57 2017","What is with this indentation‽‽‽"
8,"Fri Mar 24 18:53:52 2017","You're not a true hero until you have a pull-up bar in your life"
9,"Thu Mar 30 17:01:40 2017","Cross your fingers! Fuck, it's still fucked"
10,"Thu Mar 30 19:23:12 2017","It looks like it built, WHAT?"
11,"Wed Apr 12 16:33:11 2017","And then, I counted wrong?"
12,"Fri May 5 19:04:23 2017","So basically an affiliate is the ghetto version of a partner"
13,"Thu May 11 17:33:10 2017","Killing stuff is cool"
14,"Mon May 15 19:04:10 2017","We gotta kill this before it kills m..."
15,"Mon May 15 19:15:09 2017","The only thing I was worried about was the infinite loops"
16,"Fri Jun 2 16:05:57 2017","Let's just go balls deep"
17,"Mon Jun 12 18:20:06 2017","I do like whisky and coke, but I also like whisky and whisky"
0,"Mon Mar 21 19:16:03 2016","insofaras is probably correct"
1,"Mon Mar 21 19:18:42 2016","I am a responsible sysadmin"
2,"Mon Mar 21 19:48:50 2016","insofaras, you're a beautiful person"
3,"Mon Mar 21 19:54:26 2016","I don't know what I just did. The mantra of a vim user..."
4,"Mon Mar 21 20:35:43 2016","eat a dick"
5,"Tue Mar 22 19:49:40 2016","Tokenizer, not cokenizer. I don't want a cokenizer, I might get arrested!"
6,"Tue Mar 22 20:33:12 2016","Command_Func, make that a func, get func-y"
7,"Tue Mar 22 20:53:44 2016","u wot m8"
8,"Sat Feb 18 08:30:27 2017","Shut up thread demon, this is single threaded."
0,"Wed Apr 20 03:55:32 2016","Like Thelma and Louise, but in crow form"
1,"Wed Apr 20 03:59:18 2016","Can't believe I just let the butt cheeks get me, that's an amateur crow move"
2,"Wed Apr 20 04:06:48 2016","like a stone crowld killer"
3,"Wed Apr 20 04:15:34 2016","Crowver and out"
4,"Wed Apr 20 04:30:18 2016","You think you can mess with this crow? Come get some of this sweet melody"
5,"Wed Apr 20 04:33:03 2016","Reincarnation butter. The smoothest butter of all"
0,"Fri Jun 23 15:07:44 2017","I'll be, like, really embarrassed if it doesn't work on the stream"
1,"Fri Jun 23 15:24:30 2017","Let me fix it, then we should still see my poop"
2,"Fri Jun 23 16:22:32 2017","Tweak?! Nargh, I'm just gonna use your config verbatim!"
3,"Fri Jun 23 16:30:59 2017","Let's go fullscreen, we're in serious development mode now"
4,"Sat Jul 29 01:14:55 2017","Goodbye, Google. And by Google, I mean The Internet"
5,"Sat Jul 29 01:36:04 2017","I'm assuming that it assumes that I assumed that it should have been in quotes"
6,"Sat Jul 29 01:40:57 2017","I have searched my soul and discovered that I do not want any more underscores"
0,"Sat Mar 19 01:05:53 2016","the bar for getting quoted seems to be kinda low"
0,"Wed Apr 27 15:25:56 2016","Did I rebuild? Of course I didn't rebuild. That would be far too sensible"
1,"Wed Apr 27 15:32:20 2016","I now have an insobot in my channel too"
2,"Wed Apr 27 15:54:37 2016","Now I've got a mug with an Owl of Shame on the front"
3,"Fri Jul 29 22:15:42 2016","I haven't even checked any of the stuff in! That's how confident I am"
4,"Fri Jul 29 23:15:12 2016","The missing semi-colons in my life..."
5,"Fri Jul 29 23:26:03 2016","That is the sound of it compiling"
6,"Fri Jul 29 23:37:46 2016","I'm pretty sure this is it. Prepare to be astounded!"
7,"Fri Jul 29 23:45:12 2016","That is some funky stuff"
8,"Tue Aug 2 22:27:01 2016","It's defaulting to the ""I don't know what this is"" formatting"
9,"Fri Aug 5 00:24:17 2016","Hey, Miblo, shouldn't you be watching Handmade Hero?!"
10,"Tue Sep 13 19:52:04 2016","OHHH that does not look good, I think I know what I did wrong"
11,"Wed May 10 22:33:35 2017","Now if I press Enter, it crashes. Brilliant!"
12,"Sun May 21 23:37:42 2017","That looks a bit gnarly"
0,"Mon Feb 22 23:57:29 2016","What is the biggest difference between this and The Witness? It's a 2D game"
1,"Tue Feb 23 00:01:18 2016","I just have 10 seconds left on this download"
2,"Tue Feb 23 00:06:38 2016","If people wanna buy me a computer that's faster, I have a Patreon"
3,"Tue Feb 23 00:11:46 2016","Sorry, people, I know it's boring to look at nothing"
4,"Tue Feb 23 00:33:40 2016","Oh yeah, you've gotta have an auto-playing video on your site"
5,"Tue Feb 23 00:38:56 2016","I think a lot of the people here are Patreon backers of me, but if there's one thing that you... *buffer* *crash* *black screen*"
6,"Sat Apr 9 18:21:05 2016","Martin should show up, but he's not going to..."
7,"Sat Apr 9 18:30:39 2016","Astute people at this point probably know what's going on"
8,"Sat Apr 9 18:37:20 2016","This is gonna be, like, one of those days with Unity"
9,"Sat Apr 9 20:56:40 2016","The Witness is like this times 10"
0,"Fri Jul 22 23:15:48 2016","You go out looking for Pokémon in the tall grass, but you find things like badgers and foxes..."
1,"Thu Aug 25 20:27:19 2016","How's everyone doing this evening?"
2,"Thu Aug 25 20:28:43 2016","Actually I used to be a proper DJ!"
3,"Thu Aug 25 20:37:36 2016","I don't give a flying... toss about memory safety"
4,"Thu Aug 25 20:41:16 2016","I can't really pronounce Danish names, sorry, Mikkel"
5,"Thu Aug 25 20:49:28 2016","I'm just going to get it up for you..."
6,"Thu Aug 25 21:15:20 2016","Sorry, that was just me being a numpty then"
7,"Thu Aug 25 21:52:42 2016","It's late at night and I'm just a bit bleurgh..."
8,"Thu Aug 25 21:57:53 2016","I'm using all my code here. It all works"
9,"Tue Sep 6 20:55:01 2016","These streams aren't that formal anyway..."
10,"Tue Sep 6 21:06:09 2016","I'm not trying to please a programmer's wet dream"
11,"Tue Sep 6 21:39:27 2016","I'm trying to make a better C, not a better C++"
12,"Tue Jan 3 22:06:18 2017","Now what else is in this damn thing that I need to do?"
13,"Sat Jan 7 22:43:02 2017","You can tell I haven't tried to build this yet, because it doesn't actually build"
14,"Sat Jan 7 22:44:35 2017","You are a big numpty head, Bill"
15,"Sat Jan 7 23:04:33 2017","I'm being lazy"
16,"Sat Jan 7 23:48:15 2017","How many quotes have got the word ""numpty"" in it?"
17,"Sat Jan 7 23:50:16 2017","Quoting everything I say is probably not a good idea"
18,"Sun Jan 8 00:03:41 2017","Sometimes I feel dyslexic. I'm not. I'm really not"
19,"Sat Jan 28 21:17:20 2017","That's because LLVM, not because of me"
20,"Mon Mar 27 21:50:32 2017","This is me going on the existential talk"
21,"Mon Mar 27 22:19:59 2017","You'd have to figure it out, I'm not being rude..."
22,"Mon Mar 27 22:38:41 2017","I'm literally going off on tangents now"
23,"Mon Mar 27 22:42:12 2017","I don't know why I'm telling you how I write my own handwriting"
1,"Mon Jan 19 23:19:45 2015","Are you okay with that, Mr. Compiler?"
2,"Mon Jan 19 23:54:25 2015","Some days you just have to fire yourself..."
3,"Tue Jan 20 20:14:53 2015","If you believe time is money, you just held up a bunch of Benjamins, if you will, as they say in the states, as the kids today say, and then you light them on fire."
4,"Tue Jan 20 23:58:44 2015","...we're not gonna be grinding against walls a lot, it's not a walking simulator type of game..."
5,"Wed Jan 21 23:06:40 2015","I have no faith in Microsoft's engineering, and I think that everything that they ship will be garbage..."
6,"Wed Jan 21 23:29:30 2015","If it's equal to zero, it's bad news bears!"
7,"Thu Jan 22 00:15:24 2015","Mura Mura, Muratori!"
8,"Thu Jan 22 23:17:23 2015","4,000,000,000 - 0 = 1"
9,"Thu Jan 22 23:39:01 2015","Where'd my dude go?"
10,"Thu Jan 22 23:55:05 2015","I am not an AI"
11,"Fri Jan 23 00:24:25 2015","It's a Wacom tablet!"
12,"Sat Jan 24 23:10:02 2015","We will be doing no cheese, it is a cheese-free zone."
13,"Mon Jan 26 22:45:22 2015","Just let the bad programmers be bad programmers and my stuff will always be better"
14,"Mon Jan 26 23:50:18 2015","I'm sensing a FUN THING!"
15,"Tue Jan 27 00:04:31 2015","If you could, prefix your colons..."
16,"Tue Jan 27 23:08:11 2015","I don't care who wins the Super Bowl. I don't follow hockey."
17,"Wed Jan 28 21:00:01 2015","I was like, 'I know there should be no way this should possibly work; Let's be honest with ourselves, it should be totally impossible,' and it was."
18,"Wed Jan 28 22:47:43 2015","Pfft, that's a hardware problem, programmers don't screw in lightbulbs!"
19,"Wed Jan 28 22:49:30 2015","Just go watch a foreign movie without subtitles, you'll get the same experience as playing a Metal Gear Movie--err, I mean game"
20,"Wed Jan 28 23:12:32 2015","And we immediately get a crash. And of course, that's a good thing..."
21,"Mon Feb 2 23:47:52 2015","Goodbye!"
22,"Thu Feb 12 23:45:20 2015","It's better than eating a poop-sauce sundae everyday, which is how I feel when I come home and use the internet."
23,"Thu Feb 12 23:45:30 2015","We haven't even mentioned whales, which are huge! Literally and figuratively."
24,"Wed Feb 18 00:36:27 2015","Time to round things up"
25,"Wed Feb 18 23:49:31 2015","It has a certain AAAness to it"
26,"Tue Feb 24 23:03:44 2015","Just like mommy used to code"
27,"Tue Feb 24 23:10:28 2015","Just do the code and let it go..."
28,"Tue Feb 24 23:24:35 2015","Something I do all the time, you just comment something out and see where all your compiler errors are"
29,"Tue Feb 24 23:35:07 2015","We're kinda gonna have to put on our frinstance caps and have a bunch of frinstances... You know what I'm talking about, right?"
30,"Wed Feb 25 19:18:33 2015","That zipfile has little tiny baby zipfiles all in it!"
31,"Thu Feb 26 22:57:46 2015","It's prestream, I can be a dick directly."
32,"Thu Feb 26 23:26:47 2015","You learn something about your codebase every day... that you should have known, because you wrote it"
33,"Thu Feb 26 23:35:56 2015","This means nothing, what have I written here?"
34,"Thu Feb 26 23:51:17 2015","This is why you don't listen to Casey."
35,"Thu Feb 26 23:56:40 2015","I'm the programmer and I get to do whatever I want"
36,"Fri Feb 27 00:30:11 2015","Always Seamless"
37,"Fri Feb 27 12:01:36 2015","Javascript is not a real platform."
38,"Wed Mar 11 23:51:22 2015","Don't ask me why I'm doing this renaming. Yeah, it's probably not that necessary, but I'm doing it anyway"
39,"Wed Mar 11 23:52:50 2015","How am I supposed to program with no tea?"
40,"Wed Mar 11 23:54:19 2015","If you wanna do it right in Silicon Valley, you have to have at least seven gourmet kitchens per programmer"
41,"Thu Mar 12 22:55:49 2015","Spaceflight is like changing the planet's diaper. I recognize that it's good but I don't wanna be the one to have to do it."
42,"Thu Mar 19 00:04:22 2015","Let's tuft it up. We've got the tufts, might as well use the tufts"
43,"Fri Mar 20 00:07:54 2015","Aaaah! Duh."
44,"Fri Mar 20 15:25:25 2015","Windows is the allergy of Computing. You can live with it, but it will make you miserable every day."
45,"Tue Mar 31 20:13:03 2015","I don't have enough Emacs-fu to bust that out"
46,"Tue Mar 31 20:51:22 2015","There's linear algebra afoot here."
47,"Wed Apr 1 21:09:28 2015","Do we have pie? I'm not sure if we have pie."
48,"Wed Apr 1 21:19:56 2015","I am here for your amusement."
49,"Wed Apr 1 21:22:09 2015","That weird pulsating thing was pretty freaky, I hope you've enjoyed it. I know I have."
50,"Thu Apr 2 20:14:26 2015","People kept egging me on to do some weird sine-cosine-theta stuff."
51,"Fri Apr 3 20:09:05 2015","It's like a super sour yogurt in liquid form. It's just not good"
52,"Fri Apr 3 20:39:09 2015","Wow, that took almost no time at all."
53,"Mon Apr 6 20:06:06 2015","Java is just a really slow version of C++."
54,"Tue Apr 7 20:06:50 2015","Don't get your hopes up."
55,"Wed Apr 8 20:40:37 2015","Don't talk to animals with more color wavelength sensors than you."
56,"Wed Apr 8 21:27:19 2015","Many directions is much more difficult and they don't sell nearly as many albums"
57,"Thu Apr 9 19:57:04 2015","Lighting strikes a chord with people"
58,"Sat Apr 11 16:07:42 2015","Java might be the best platform to ship your game on"
59,"Sat Apr 11 16:10:06 2015","Man! Yesterday's code was *awful*."
60,"Tue Apr 14 16:06:36 2015","Math is right even when you're wrong."
61,"Wed Apr 15 16:04:15 2015","It was really just me being kind of blunt"
62,"Wed Apr 15 16:05:29 2015","Let's go ahead and learn something, we hope"
63,"Wed Apr 15 16:06:09 2015","You could take the pool with you when you leave, and they wouldn't care."
64,"Wed Apr 15 16:11:32 2015","Think scat fudge, not tourist fudge"
65,"Thu Apr 16 16:04:50 2015","That is the end of the math hole for today"
66,"Fri Apr 17 16:03:20 2015","Sometimes you have to go down a math hole... we're just entirely in the math hole..."
67,"Fri Apr 17 16:10:35 2015","JZ is a rapper, I believe, but this is not his term"
68,"Sat Apr 18 16:01:32 2015","The green dude is tough"
69,"Sat Apr 18 16:02:42 2015","I'm not throwing stones outside the glass house here, I'm inside the glass house."
70,"Mon Apr 20 19:56:14 2015","I wish I had more cheese. I ate all the cheese, and now it's gone."
71,"Mon Apr 20 20:10:11 2015","Z is kind of up in the air."
72,"Mon Apr 20 21:05:24 2015","This is the homogeneous matrix that you often hear about."
73,"Wed Apr 22 20:34:45 2015","I can show you why the stupid way is a problem."
74,"Thu Apr 23 19:56:09 2015","I don't use classes."
75,"Thu Apr 23 20:57:39 2015","Oh my God. What have I done?"
76,"Thu Apr 23 20:58:21 2015","That's a bug, like somebody's gotta fix that..."
77,"Mon Apr 27 20:26:07 2015","When we do that read... right..."
78,"Mon Apr 27 20:35:21 2015","Those of you who have 3D aspirations will know what I mean"
79,"Mon Apr 27 20:43:51 2015","I love when they get tiny. They end up moving so quickly"
80,"Mon Apr 27 20:49:55 2015","*scratching back* No rush on the loading there, GIMP. Take your time"
81,"Wed Apr 29 21:01:32 2015","Too many rects. Too many rects. Too many rects. Toooo many reeeeects."
82,"Thu Apr 30 20:17:14 2015","We want to start making the game very slow so that we kind of feel good about ourselves when we go to optimize it"
83,"Mon May 4 21:05:31 2015","So that is optimization."
84,"Tue May 5 20:37:06 2015","Let me make sure I do that math properly"
85,"Tue May 5 20:52:30 2015","Aww yeah, nice job emacs"
86,"Fri May 8 13:44:40 2015","Sorry I'm not talking more, but..."
87,"Fri May 8 14:09:51 2015","The important thing is that you build a mental model of the fact that there is a CPU down there"
88,"Tue May 12 19:41:43 2015","Power before wine, and you'll be fine. Wine before power, you'll vomit in the shower."
89,"Wed May 13 20:00:04 2015","They are double super extra done."
90,"Wed May 13 20:00:04 2015","All we need to do is a mask foof of these guys here..."
91,"Thu May 14 20:37:41 2015","It's crazy, but it's right - which is wild"
92,"Sun May 17 02:14:23 2015","Oh dear. What have I done?!"
93,"Sun May 17 02:15:09 2015","You're supposed to be done developing your program"
94,"Sun May 17 02:50:20 2015","Everyone loves the inverted infinity rectangle!"
95,"Tue May 26 20:06:13 2015","Oh hello. Hello, Mr Task Manager."
96,"Tue May 26 20:36:38 2015","You pretty much have to be slyfox and slyfox it around."
97,"Wed May 27 21:12:43 2015","Lets say we have a beef daddy machine..."
98,"Wed May 27 22:01:03 2015","If machines can learn, they should learn to stop running such shitty software."
99,"Thu May 28 20:08:51 2015","It is just simply not acceptable to have other people touching our pixels. THOSE ARE OUR PIXELS!"
100,"Thu May 28 20:58:10 2015","I hate const with a passion."
101,"Thu May 28 21:03:10 2015","Or we could just crash immediately. That would be cool. I always like when that happens"
102,"Fri May 29 21:13:12 2015","We're intimately connected with that speed"
103,"Fri May 29 21:33:24 2015","Flog them hamsters. Flog 'em!"
104,"Fri May 29 21:34:33 2015","I don't know how we could do that. There's no way we could load a text file that fast. You'd need some kind of future technology."
105,"Sun May 31 17:49:17 2015","If it does, Vulkan. If it doesn't, Vulkan't."
106,"Tue Jun 2 20:10:35 2015","It's basically some kind of manure mouthwash..."
107,"Wed Jun 3 19:59:23 2015","Rule #1 of Programming. C++ is utter garbage and so is std::*"
108,"Wed Jun 3 21:12:05 2015","This will all be very game-codey"
109,"Sat May 30 17:21:08 2015","Oh my God, dude. That WAS the debug build!"
110,"Thu Jun 4 20:03:51 2015","It's not the maggots fault they do what maggots do."
111,"Thu Jun 4 20:33:28 2015","I am not Mr Pixel Centers."
112,"Thu Jun 4 20:48:20 2015","We added 0.5 in one place, and subtracted 2 in another, and the seams are gone!!!"
113,"Tue Jun 9 21:05:04 2015","We background-load now... and happy birthday."
114,"Wed Jun 10 21:14:38 2015","The entire game will be constructed out of hair"
115,"Wed Jun 10 21:27:41 2015","I think creepy uncle Casey is gonna go get some ramen now."
116,"Thu Jun 11 20:56:13 2015","I am going to go out on a limb here - pun intended! - and say that we have a problem somewhere, because I - don't know about you - but I'm not seeing a lot of trees there"
117,"Thu Jun 11 20:56:43 2015","Does anyone know what I was thinking about when I did that?"
118,"Mon Jun 15 20:03:33 2015","Q: What are you going to do when Handmade Hero is finished? A: Take a vacation."
119,"Mon Jun 15 20:15:41 2015","I have an itch... on my back. Can we just say that? Am I allowed to say that on stream?"
120,"Wed Jun 17 20:11:34 2015","I don't know what that is, but I wish it would stop."
121,"Thu Jun 18 20:17:57 2015","The world is filled with molecules..."
122,"Mon Jun 22 20:06:34 2015","It's time to get things started on the Muppet Show tonight "
123,"Mon Jun 22 20:06:55 2015","I hope you left your engines and libraries and home tonight because if I see anyone out there using an engine or library....there will be consequences."
124,"Mon Jun 22 20:06:58 2015","If I see anyone on Handmade Hero bringing in an engine or library, there will be significant consequences."
125,"Mon Jun 22 20:34:24 2015","We're going to be diligent so-and-sos..."
126,"Tue Jun 23 20:29:54 2015","You know what I'm saying? You feel me, dawg?"
127,"Tue Jun 23 21:01:57 2015","Assert(!""THIS IS THE END OF YOUR PROGRAM MUHAHAHAHAAHAH HA ha"");"
128,"Wed Jun 24 20:02:23 2015","That is kind of terrifying."
129,"Wed Jun 24 20:06:35 2015","You have to admire someone who lives life through the lens of one little tiny pair of testicles."
130,"Wed Jun 24 21:33:25 2015","I probably said that, didn't I?"
131,"Fri Jun 26 20:34:14 2015","This is turning into a Casey learns how to do things stream"
132,"Fri Jun 26 20:36:51 2015","Programming was a mistake. It's nothing but trash."
133,"Fri Jun 26 21:41:41 2015","I'm literally melting...well I guess I'm not *literally* melting, but it feels like my skin is melting in a real and literal sense."
134,"Mon Nov 17 20:55:02 2014","... if you're doing Object Oriented Programming which we won't really cover so you'll never find out what that is!"
135,"Mon Jun 29 21:24:33 2015","You can kinda hear that we messed up some stuff."
136,"Tue Jul 14 20:02:03 2015","PROgramming not FAUXgramming! That's the motto here on Handmade Hero."
137,"Wed Jul 15 21:14:46 2015","I hate The Web."
138,"Thu Jul 16 20:51:29 2015","I can do this in a super janky way, which I'll do first."
139,"Mon Jul 20 21:38:25 2015","I'm not a very good bro. I don't even like football."
140,"Fri Jul 24 20:35:04 2015","Hacks are hard."
141,"Fri Jul 24 21:24:06 2015","Oops, third swear."
142,"Mon Jul 27 20:35:51 2015","And then I can't put things into the hole anymore."
143,"Tue Jul 28 21:06:29 2015","A doubly-linked list is really just a list"
144,"Wed Jul 29 12:00:00 2015","So what happened there, exactly? Show me what happened, Mr Code. Show me on the code... where... where it NULLed you."
145,"Thu Jul 30 20:15:27 2015","You could spend months, if this was your jam."
146,"Thu Jul 30 21:21:55 2015","So I will wrap things up. Do a little wrappy-poo."
147,"Mon Aug 3 19:46:20 2015","I've no idea how Snuffleaupagus gets the file - he just gets it; he pulls it out of his snout - I don't care."
148,"Tue Aug 4 23:48:44 2015","Hey Sean, here's the contents of that file"
149,"Wed Aug 5 00:14:00 2015","It's kind of hard to stop me, you have to admit."
150,"Wed Aug 5 00:18:27 2015","I am going to reload the entire font file and make Sean parse it every darn time. I know that's rude"
151,"Wed Aug 5 00:21:18 2015","Good job, Handmade Hero. Nice work on that one"
152,"Wed Aug 5 00:31:05 2015","Thank you compiler, that was a good catch."
153,"Wed Aug 5 00:31:54 2015","What could possibly go wrong?? Well...I guess...a lot of things..."
154,"Wed Aug 5 00:32:41 2015","Let's try that again."
155,"Wed Aug 5 00:33:15 2015","This machine is very old and probably has some things on it which should be removed"
156,"Wed Aug 5 00:34:21 2015","We got the heads, let's try to change the heads to be fonts!"
157,"Wed Aug 5 00:39:12 2015","99% of your success in using a library is using a library that Sean made"
158,"Wed Aug 5 00:57:24 2015","I will see you guys on the internet"
159,"Wed Aug 5 20:01:19 2015","I don't feel like implementing that. Otherwise, it seems fine."
160,"Wed Aug 5 20:20:15 2015","This is really a zygote of a thing, it is not really fully happening"
161,"Wed Aug 5 20:27:34 2015","We're going to want to allocate some memory, do the little dance of fun"
162,"Wed Aug 5 20:31:28 2015","We're not catastrophically bad, we're just not good"
163,"Wed Aug 5 20:35:09 2015","Doopity doo."
164,"Tue Jan 6 15:32:20 2015","... so there's no more mysteries, no more 'I-don't-really-know-what-it-does-down-there' kinda stuff. We're goin' in, cleaning out all the cobwebs, going into 'the basement', if you will; finding out what your creepy grandfather put down there, or what weird pickling experiment someone did. And you don't necessarily want to eat it. So, you know, sometimes it's gross; it's true"
165,"Tue Aug 11 00:15:55 2015","If you're just going to go the meathead protein-powder route with it, then that's fine"
166,"Tue Apr 7 15:08:48 2015","If you want to learn more about gamma, I encourage you to do some light reading"
167,"Wed Aug 12 00:03:51 2015","Star Trek: The Next Generation ID."
168,"Wed Aug 12 00:05:48 2015","Lunix, the operating system for Europeans."
169,"Thu Apr 16 16:43:55 2015","All of our pixels are hand-selected by us, for the finest quality"
170,"Fri Apr 17 17:25:31 2015","It's like that time when the universe collapsed into a single point and then exploded into being...that's what you're witnessing here on handmade hero."
171,"Wed Aug 12 23:53:34 2015","This bitmap is a lie, this bitmap is a total lie!"
172,"Mon Apr 20 03:14:14 2015","Math is hard, let's go shopping"
173,"Fri Aug 14 20:50:21 2015","We're still in janktastic mode, which is annoying"
174,"Fri Aug 14 21:04:11 2015","It was a heavy brain day at the office. Whatever that means."
175,"Fri Aug 14 21:29:07 2015","We didn't need those electrons, no one was using them"
176,"Mon Aug 17 20:09:49 2015","Game ideas are largely irrelevant."
177,"Mon Aug 17 21:05:22 2015","Be a Jedi, build your own lightsaber. Don't go taking this targeting computer approach to stuff!"
178,"Mon Aug 17 21:18:33 2015","Every time I say stuff's gonna break, it doesn't break! Every time!"
179,"Mon Aug 17 21:29:11 2015","The game will be so huge, that no computer can possibly hold it."
180,"Tue Aug 18 20:24:42 2015","Are there larger numbers than 4096? Do we have evidence in the natural world of things that can exist in quantities _larger_ than 4096?"
181,"Wed Jan 28 10:38:25 2015","Let's pretend that didn't happen. Pretend that we didn't just fill the screen with dudes."
182,"Wed Aug 19 20:31:11 2015","I take it back, I think I wasn't stupid!"
183,"Wed Aug 19 20:31:40 2015","As you get 1 day older, you get 1 day stupider"
184,"Wed Aug 19 20:51:15 2015","Are the ABCs a W thing as well?"
185,"Wed Aug 19 21:02:32 2015","Ugh, who...? Just what... is? What...? Nobody wants to see that. That's not a thing. Urgh, God! Urrrgh..."
186,"Wed Aug 19 21:03:02 2015","Windows fonts make a fontographer cry"
187,"Thu Aug 20 20:21:32 2015","A little variable shadowing to start the day"
188,"Thu Aug 20 20:37:56 2015","Is that roughly the size of the D?"
189,"Fri May 29 19:33:10 2015","When you start the day off with an owl of shame, you don't deserve things to go your way"
190,"Fri Aug 21 20:13:09 2015","Where is our little baby?"
191,"Fri Aug 21 20:29:44 2015","If anyone has any objections you can voice them in the chat, and I hereby overrule them"
192,"Fri Aug 21 20:35:41 2015","Who's gonna stop me? No one's gonna stop me. You can't really stop me!"
193,"Fri Aug 21 20:42:51 2015","Knock knock! - Who's there? - Fonts are done. - Fonts are done who? - There's no ""fonts are done who?"", the fonts are just done. Right. Stop knocking on my door. I don't know why... although, in that case I would've been the person knocking. Doesn't matter, it's not relevant"
194,"Fri Aug 21 21:00:32 2015","Everyone loves it when you free things."
195,"Sun May 31 00:46:26 2015","I had like, a brain spasm and then a reverse brain spasm"
196,"Tue Aug 25 19:59:34 2015","Which of these three poopsauces do you want to put on your ice cream?"
197,"Tue Aug 25 20:20:31 2015","Happy birthday Windows, have a little party there"
198,"Tue Aug 25 20:31:35 2015","Where did I put that? It got deleted?"
199,"Tue Aug 25 20:32:00 2015","Ohhh duh! Hi, it's genius day at Handmade Hero"
200,"Tue Aug 25 20:32:12 2015","My mommy says I'm very good at programming"
201,"Tue Aug 25 20:53:00 2015","You guys made me do this, you egged me on, and now you're making me egg further"
202,"Mon Aug 31 21:07:08 2015","I just kind of ruined The Variable"
203,"Mon Aug 31 21:20:57 2015","If you are the kind of person who is passionate about C++ because your mother didn't love you as a child, or whatever the other reasons are that people cling onto it, you can spend a bunch of time learning all those things"
204,"Tue Sep 1 20:20:13 2015","I don't know the gender of Visual Studio. Probably an ""it"", would be my guess."
205,"Tue Sep 1 20:34:01 2015","I'm having a thought right now, a thought that I have not had before..."
206,"Tue Sep 1 20:34:28 2015","Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
207,"Tue Sep 1 20:53:51 2015","The C++ preprocessor is, like, the worst thing ever"
208,"Tue Sep 1 21:07:49 2015","Sane people are in short supply."
209,"Tue Sep 1 21:19:03 2015","The right way to handle errors is to not have them"
211,"Wed Sep 2 20:49:33 2015","What have I ruined, what kind of a life have I ruined for us?"
212,"Thu Sep 3 19:59:15 2015","The keybindings of Isaac"
213,"Thu Sep 3 20:12:01 2015","I would like to dedicate this episode of Handmade Hero to how much Microsoft is an awful company and I hate them"
214,"Thu Sep 3 20:17:20 2015","Maybe they'll never ship another version that renders fonts properly again. Maybe they'll just start eliminating letters one at a time from the English language until they get down to letters they can actually handle"
215,"Thu Sep 3 20:17:53 2015","Unsolved problem in computer science: rendering an underscore"
216,"Fri Jun 12 23:39:11 2015","My trees should be here, I don't quite understand why they have disappeared from the face of Handmade Hero"
217,"Tue Sep 8 20:10:40 2015","I don't how it's gonna JIT."
218,"Tue Sep 8 20:32:23 2015","Aren't we the spoiled little child whose mommy is doting on him?"
220,"Tue Sep 8 20:41:06 2015","It's kinda nice to get stuff for free, who doesn't want stuff for free?"
221,"Tue Sep 8 21:10:52 2015","Apparently that really is happening for reals. We just have a lot of debug events in there"
222,"Wed Sep 9 20:05:14 2015","Somebody was talking about some jquery, no wait. Some stupid thing, oh, ReactJS."
223,"Wed Sep 9 20:11:24 2015","It prevents you from getting into the situation where you're opening up the trunk of the car and all dismembered bodies are in there"
224,"Wed Sep 9 20:35:30 2015","It found that Metroid upgrade."
225,"Wed Sep 9 21:30:14 2015","Nowadays anyone can program, it's trivial, you can just load up some PHP script and start 'programming'"
226,"Thu Sep 10 05:21:42 2015","I don't even think it will exist in 15 years. I don't think there will be such a thing as a hardware renderer"
227,"Fri Sep 11 20:05:14 2015","Windows! Why are you the dumbest ever? Why!?"
228,"Fri Sep 11 20:05:59 2015","We have all the code, you can assign whatever level to it you want"
229,"Fri Sep 11 20:47:09 2015","Sometimes programming just doesn't make sense"
230,"Fri Sep 11 20:58:10 2015","I liked how that completed to nothings"
231,"Mon Sep 14 20:06:59 2015","That was an a-list job by everyone"
232,"Mon Sep 14 20:53:28 2015","Tired Casey."
233,"Mon Sep 14 20:53:46 2015","I overate yesterday. There was a lot of food consumed. Just not really the right amount of food for a single Casey to be eating"
234,"Mon Sep 14 21:32:44 2015","I'm still ironing out CSS issues."
235,"Mon Feb 9 12:07:14 2015","You could imagine this... You could imagine it with the POWER of imagination!"
236,"Tue Sep 15 21:20:42 2015","That doesn't necessarily mean it's the hardest bug, but it's the one that's caused me the most perplexing..."
237,"Tue Sep 15 21:53:51 2015","I don't want to leave it in a state that's actually working. I want to put it back into a state where it is broken"
238,"Thu Sep 17 00:01:31 2015","I'm sorry Dave, I can't... I can't save the file"
239,"Wed Sep 16 05:47:40 2015","We really need a reverse Owl of Shame. Maybe like if the Owl of Shame is backwards, or something? That's like an Owl of Success"
241,"Thu Sep 17 20:04:38 2015","Templates were designed by people who are still looking around in their own colons to see if they can find anything there."
242,"Thu Sep 17 20:58:44 2015","*sobs* I just don't understand why the code doesn't work sometimes! *sniff* Why does it have to be so mean?"
243,"Thu Sep 17 21:04:12 2015","Let's see if we can write something that's not total garbage"
244,"Thu Sep 17 21:18:00 2015","Oh dear. Don't touch the way-com tablet! Oh my god, what happened?"
245,"Fri Sep 18 20:41:21 2015","I feel like that deserves a little owl of shame"
246,"Fri Sep 18 20:50:39 2015","What-ever, like, programming, sometimes, I don't even know"
247,"Sat Sep 19 02:55:02 2015","I mean if you can't handle three measly crabs, you're just gonna be dead weight."
248,"Mon Sep 21 20:11:05 2015","I don't read anything about C++ any more, I just assume it's a disaster zone"
249,"Mon Sep 21 20:23:54 2015","I got through all the questions. I got through ALL the questions. I got through them."
250,"Tue Sep 22 21:11:35 2015","Since we don't really have anything better to do with our lives or ourselves, we will just do something like this"
251,"Tue Sep 22 10:00:58 2015","I might try something, like, epically ridiculous. Like, something so ridiculous that it just has no right working"
252,"Wed Sep 23 20:07:03 2015","I would have to say that I sound like a d#ck as well."
253,"Wed Sep 23 21:14:33 2015","We don't care how big it is as long as it fits. Just fit it in"
254,"Wed Sep 23 21:21:41 2015","You are totes right man, you are totes right about that"
255,"Wed Sep 23 21:21:58 2015","I'm sorry I used slang there. That's not good. Kids, you should talk in regular English."
256,"Wed Sep 23 05:39:15 2015","It's kind of a little banana-cakes, but sometimes you gotta be banana-cakes on Handmade Hero, I would say"
257,"Thu Sep 24 20:29:38 2015","I'll just go back to what we were doing before. I'll go back to the head fountain"
258,"Mon Sep 28 20:22:11 2015","So that we can have our speed cake and eat our functionality too"
259,"Mon Sep 28 20:29:28 2015","We'll call that DEBUGCreate, err... CreateVariableHierarchy or something like this. DEBUGCreateVariables... DEBUGCreate something name is hard, brain doesn't know what name is, English so difficult, half a million words..."
260,"Tue Sep 29 20:28:37 2015","A Variable can be anything that it wants to be"
261,"Tue Sep 29 20:30:32 2015","That's a mistake. That is a missed-take."
262,"Tue Sep 29 20:38:51 2015","There must be a bug because it's not working. If it was working, we might be able to make the argument that there wasn't a bug"
263,"Wed Sep 30 20:54:19 2015","I was premature to call it premature."
264,"Thu Oct 1 20:14:15 2015","It'd be interesting to talk to Donald Trump about programming. I'm sure even though he knows nothing about it he'd have an opinion on it."
265,"Thu Oct 1 20:17:57 2015","Oh games, they're so wacky and weird!"
266,"Thu Oct 1 20:37:22 2015","meh nnn hh meh"
267,"Mon Oct 5 20:06:01 2015","It has not been a good Internet day, not that it ever really is."
268,"Thu Oct 8 20:22:39 2015","Patience is definitely a virtue in programming."
269,"Thu Oct 8 21:14:25 2015","The Variable would be displeased."
271,"Thu Oct 8 21:16:55 2015","And that's the end of that."
272,"Tue Oct 13 21:54:13 2015","I think that's the first time on Handmade Hero I can remember getting bitten by a feature"
273,"Thu Oct 15 20:48:10 2015","I guess the Wacom tablet decided to take its own life"
274,"Fri Oct 16 23:44:58 2015","I don't know why brown butter, because it's tastier than regular... I actually like regular butter, so let's just say regular butter for now"
275,"Fri Oct 16 23:54:56 2015","Brain"
276,"Mon Oct 19 23:12:12 2015","(re: the US constitution) They need to organize this thing better"
277,"Tue Oct 20 00:19:37 2015","There's nothing worse than a whiny C compiler."
278,"Tue Oct 20 11:49:33 2015","We just have an infinity of these, where infinity is actually some very small number like 10. It's not a particularly big infinity but, you know, not every infinity has to be huge"
279,"Wed Oct 21 21:05:40 2015","Nobody wants a maladjusted chair"
280,"Wed Oct 21 21:41:50 2015","Everyone is happy and smiling and everyone is dancing around and doing things, ridiculous things, unmentionable things"
281,"Thu Oct 22 22:21:03 2015","It's just not gonna happen. It's just not gonna happen. Okay? It's not gonna happen. Never gonna happen. It didn't happen. Not gonna happen"
282,"Fri Oct 23 20:07:26 2015","The jedi's got to build their own lightsaber!"
283,"Fri Oct 23 20:38:16 2015","Sometimes you're dumb, and you just gotta live with that, that's just your little situation you gotta deal with"
284,"Sat Oct 24 11:51:10 2015","Everyone's happy and fine and dancing around like jubilant children, but not bratty children, actually, children who are nice, reasonable people"
285,"Sat Oct 24 11:53:11 2015","Pig hat. It's pig hat time. Let's pig it out. Let's just get piggy."
286,"Mon Oct 26 20:16:34 2015","In sync, like the band. Like the Backstreet Boys, but different"
287,"Mon Oct 26 21:02:25 2015","I've got 10 minutes left on the clock, so I'm gonna use them. I'm gonna use them to nefarious ends, is what I'm gonna do. I am gonna go ahead and straight up do weird stuff with that"
288,"Mon Oct 26 21:24:26 2015","The first time someone told me about C++, it was pretty funny because I thought they were describing something sensible"
289,"Wed Oct 28 20:31:15 2015","Let's go ahead and make DEBUGInitializeValue work in some way that makes some sense to somebody sometime somewhere"
290,"Wed Oct 28 20:36:54 2015","There probably is a better way to do this and... we... should... do... that... better way... now"
291,"Wed Oct 28 20:43:15 2015","Everyone loves GetGroupForName. Don't you? I do, I think. I'm not sure"
292,"Wed Oct 28 20:43:40 2015","If we were going to be super fancy about it, if we were going to, like, double up on the fanciness, now with extra fanciness..."
293,"Thu Oct 29 20:30:04 2015","Everything in our debug system is going to actually use copy out into some kind of a more, sort of, generic way, permanent record sort of free list, happy funplex thing"
294,"Thu Oct 29 12:34:17 2015","Fine... Mr Poopy Pants, stupid poopy sauce, poopy pants"
295,"Tue Nov 17 20:29:53 2015","You'll have to excuse me if I yawn during this frame"
296,"Tue Nov 17 20:50:55 2015","*yawning* I told you, I told you I was gonna yawn"
297,"Sun May 17 05:13:46 2015","You can't cheat. I tried to cheat, and you see what happens to cheaters, right? They get punished."
298,"Sun May 17 05:14:48 2015","That's not actually true. In the real world most of the time cheaters do just fine. It's what we call the financial services industry."
299,"Wed Nov 18 20:42:00 2015","So you can be, like, GetEventFromLink or something. And I don't mean Link like the character in Legend of Zelda"
300,"Wed Nov 18 20:50:16 2015","So riddle me this, Batman..."
301,"Wed Nov 18 21:45:28 2015","... and now we're going to grind you up into sausage to feed to hungry people"
302,"Thu Nov 19 20:13:25 2015","It's sort of like the All You Can Eat lunch buffet of debug information. And like any lunch buffet you end up in a situation where sometimes the sneeze shield doesn't go down all the way and some of those little troughs get contaminated and everyone in the restaurant gets sick..."
303,"Thu Nov 19 20:13:26 2015","We don't know which kind of a lunch buffet our debug system will be yet..."
304,"Thu Nov 19 20:15:16 2015","If you don't like what you have for lunch, the best thing to do is to just eat it as quickly as you can - there will always be a better lunch tomorrow"
305,"Thu Nov 19 20:16:58 2015","One of the things that you need to do as a programmer is that, when you're serving lunch, if you wanna do something where you shift the place settings, you've gotta go through and tell all the people who are coming to the lunch party that they need to move over from their normal positions"
306,"Thu Nov 19 20:19:00 2015","I never remember exactly how the macro processors works, other than the fact that I always remember that it's a giant steaming pile of lunch"
307,"Thu Nov 19 20:20:20 2015","It's kinda like one of those things when you're at the lunch table and you're eating your lunch and your brain just kinda drifts off to thinking about memory allocation"
308,"Thu Nov 19 20:21:26 2015","It's not really a dinner or breakfast thing, it's more of a lunch thing"
309,"Thu Nov 19 20:27:47 2015","First Rule of Programming: You don't eat lunch if you're already full"
310,"Thu Nov 19 20:31:32 2015","That's like getting lunch delivered..."
311,"Thu Nov 19 20:35:48 2015","If you're the kinda people who do tea at lunch, it's customary for everyone to go around the table and take a lemon slice and go, ""easy peasy lemon squeezy,"" and then you squeeze it into the tea. Obviously you don't do that if you drink tea with milk because it'll curdle."
312,"Thu Nov 19 20:37:45 2015","Everyone should eat lunch where they want, and everyone should have the lunch that they want. Don't let other people tell you how to eat your lunch, because that's lunch despotism and it's not okay"
313,"Thu Nov 19 20:42:45 2015","I made a faux pas there. It was a pas that was made of faux"
314,"Thu Nov 19 20:42:54 2015","It's kind of like the programming equivalent of when you go to lunch and you sit at the wrong seat and everyone's embarrassed and it's a horrible thing and everyone goes screaming from the restaurant"
315,"Thu Nov 19 20:43:39 2015","Don't let your whole life be defined by the one bad lunch you ate"
316,"Thu Nov 19 21:06:57 2015","You don't want to eat more lunch than you can reasonably digest, right? A lot of times people go into something and their eyes are too big for their stomach, and they'll just way over-eat the lunch. So what I'm trying to do here is just keep lunch to a reasonable amount of food, so that we don't get too fat, but we do get enough food to keep ourselves going good"
317,"Thu Nov 19 21:34:05 2015","There's always lunch tomorrow. Tomorrow's lunch will be just as tasty as today's lunch and we can eat some of those other foods that we didn't eat today at that time"
318,"Thu Nov 19 14:34:10 2015","Don't forget to eat lunch. Most important meal of the day"
319,"Thu Jun 18 04:20:43 2015"," that we will be all good to go tomorrow, and everyone will be on the same ""sound page"", on the same wavelength, if you will"
320,"Thu Jun 18 04:24:47 2015","We have light, a photon, and mr. photon goes straight. He wiggles, he oscillates, but he just goes straight."
321,"Sat Nov 21 13:48:57 2015","This is not the computing future I wanted"
322,"Fri Nov 20 17:14:25 2015","You should fertilize that directory with human tears, and then you should see what grows from it. It will probably be black roses that crumble and blow away with the wind."
323,"Fri Nov 20 17:14:47 2015","The whole point of the existence of this system is because humans are so fallible and always do everything wrong."
324,"Fri Nov 20 17:15:07 2015","Sometimes even in the depths of despair, some little tiny thing goes your way, and the important thing to remember is not to let that go to your head"
325,"Fri Nov 20 17:15:26 2015","I want to break down in tears. I want to just give up and let the horrors of the world continue unabated. Instead what I'm gonna do is set a breakpoint on MarkDebugValue"
326,"Fri Nov 20 17:16:12 2015","We just have to have faith that The Variable is looking down on us from The Great Memory, and that if we all just work hard and try to be good people that eventually The Variable will let us into The Great Memory and we'll live in peace and happiness with all of our other discretized values."
327,"Sat Dec 5 20:14:17 2015","Here's some scumm I've been evolving."
328,"Tue Dec 8 21:04:09 2015","I was kind of expecting that to be what we did today, but that's already on the stream so I can't really make that be what we did today..."
329,"Tue Dec 8 21:20:55 2015","Hey, look! It did what I expected!"
330,"Tue Dec 8 21:49:29 2015","This is not supposed to be fun"
331,"Tue Dec 8 21:58:08 2015","There's no such thing as a solution to programming problems. There's only metrics"
332,"Wed Dec 9 20:23:57 2015","Missing snowflakes, you know how it is... so on and so forth..."
333,"Wed Dec 9 20:49:35 2015","I feel like there were supposed to be more children in it, and I have no idea where they went. They're just gone, apparently. Sorry, kids!"
334,"Wed Dec 9 20:51:32 2015","I try to always keep track of all the children as much as possible. Unless they're just being annoying, in which case you may decide to misplace them on purpose..."
335,"Wed Dec 9 20:57:28 2015","This is the money shot right here, people. This is where it all starts to happen."
336,"Wed Dec 9 21:00:04 2015","That is video games. Ladies and gentlemen, video games"
337,"Wed Dec 9 21:01:42 2015","It always gets great when Kramps comes into the picture, in my opinion. I feel like that's when things start to go well for any video game, as soon as Krampus is in it"
338,"Wed Dec 9 21:10:11 2015","There's a Handmade Hero every weekday. You can always ask questions tomorrow"
339,"Thu Dec 10 20:15:45 2015","He spends a lot of time on Steam, so he has a lot of hats"
340,"Fri Dec 11 20:17:16 2015","Is there a n{un,one}?"
341,"Mon Dec 14 20:49:16 2015","Wow, that was some pretty great programming there, Casey. Nice job (you're fired)!"
342,"Mon Jan 4 20:06:37 2016","I'm going to pretend this laptop never existed and grab the other one"
343,"Mon Jan 4 20:58:26 2016","For the love of god, Mischief"
344,"Tue Jan 5 20:36:57 2016","//TODO(casey): Move this out to its own thang"
345,"Wed Jan 6 20:54:22 2016","It's almost always not understood properly, and that includes by me"
346,"Thu Jan 7 20:02:33 2016","I feel like a neck-bird could live in a neck-beard"
349,"Mon Jan 11 20:25:13 2016","I'm still being oppressed by The Cable Man"
350,"Mon Jan 11 21:00:46 2016","I may have typed some bugs in there"
351,"Tue Jan 12 20:53:10 2016","We have no such pink screen to speak of"
353,"Wed Jan 13 20:42:52 2016","A warp is 16 or 32 guys who are in it together"
354,"Fri Jan 15 21:10:50 2016","Please don't listen to what I have to say, because it's all a lie"
355,"Mon Jan 18 20:44:42 2016","If you've been paying attention to our maths, and you know maths - the plural, of course, coming from the Britain..."
356,"Mon Jan 18 20:51:16 2016","Oh well, life is hard. But a small price to pay to access all the power of the GPU so, you know, who cares?"
357,"Tue Jan 19 20:32:43 2016","We're going to leave it as a little bit of a zygote for the moment"
358,"Tue Jan 19 20:34:07 2016","Okay... someone want to tell me how THAT just happened?"
359,"Tue Jan 19 20:54:39 2016","It's almost like the hardware is set up to do this! Parentheses: it is"
360,"Tue Jan 19 21:19:05 2016","DirectX doesn't run anywhere, Windows is the only place you can use it, or maybe if you're an Xbox developer, if those even exist anymore"
361,"Thu Jan 21 00:13:00 2016","I didn't fall asleep yet, so that's good."
362,"Thu Jan 21 00:30:03 2016","These ground chunks have been nothing but annoying the entire time, and I don't even want them in the game"
363,"Thu Jan 21 20:02:23 2016","If I decide to vomit all over the screen in the middle of this stream, that is just how that's going to go. That is not me reacting to the wonders of visual studio"
364,"Thu Jan 21 20:28:42 2016","Everything just worked, which is crazy"
366,"Fri Jan 22 21:16:14 2016","And now it's like Mr. Doesn't-Want-To-Do-That-For-Me"
367,"Mon Feb 8 20:55:33 2016","Don't quote me on that"
368,"Mon Feb 8 20:59:12 2016","Emulation requires emulation! :)"
369,"Thu Feb 11 21:03:30 2016","Puzzle games are puzzle games. If you like them, you like them. If you don't, you don't"
370,"Mon Feb 15 20:11:33 2016","It's not really possible for me to induce nausea"
371,"Mon Feb 15 20:49:00 2016","I don't want to be at the club. This is not dance time"
372,"Tue Feb 16 21:09:13 2016","I.K. is a nasty, nasty, nasty problem"
373,"Wed Feb 17 21:13:18 2016","So if we take the same elbow joint we were discussing yesterday..."
374,"Wed Feb 17 21:26:36 2016","How's Mr Hand doing?"
375,"Mon Feb 22 20:54:50 2016","Okay, so: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
376,"Mon Feb 22 21:05:02 2016","Don't ask me why I did that. Sometimes people just like some rectangular cut-and-paste"
377,"Mon Feb 22 21:18:34 2016","I don't know if you can say you want to kill back that far"
378,"Wed Feb 24 20:48:48 2016","So here is all our Sikhs"
379,"Wed Feb 24 21:00:16 2016","Poor Richard Stallman"
380,"Wed Feb 24 21:21:21 2016","I'm gonna give you a frinstance"
381,"Wed Feb 24 22:15:03 2016","How did we get here? Am I the only one concerned about this?"
382,"Fri Feb 26 00:33:16 2016","Oh, hello 4coder. Hello Mr 4coder"
383,"Tue Mar 1 20:11:32 2016","One of my high school guidance counselors was real dumb, and he went to Harvard."
384,"Tue Mar 1 21:44:01 2016","Where is the output from this program?"
385,"Wed Mar 2 21:17:21 2016","So, let's pretend we're going to be coding on Handmade Hero now and see what happens"
386,"Wed Mar 2 21:25:45 2016","I think we're there. I think we can try doing some coding tomorrow"
387,"Wed Mar 2 21:31:07 2016","I think we have successfully completed our 4coder switch!"
388,"Thu Mar 3 20:45:54 2016","Pay attention to me. Thank you"
389,"Thu Mar 3 21:10:02 2016","I'm gonna let Allen do whatever he was gonna do"
390,"Fri Mar 4 21:08:16 2016","Oh, hi! Welcome to ""Not Calling the Function"
391,"Fri Mar 4 21:22:49 2016","Do we have less installed? Yeah!"
392,"Tue Mar 8 20:52:40 2016","CBAD, that's my rapper name"
393,"Tue Mar 8 21:06:46 2016","Drivers and Windows. They conspire to ""help"" you"
394,"Tue Mar 8 21:15:04 2016","So here we are in handmade.cpp. Kind of nice to be back in the codebase"
395,"Tue Mar 8 22:00:54 2016","The stream actually hasn't ended, that's the funny part, Mr Counter Person"
396,"Wed Mar 9 19:55:54 2016","Maybe under certain laboratory conditions we can create conditions even hotter than that, and it can die in that fire"
397,"Wed Mar 9 20:33:11 2016","I don't know how that ended up working"
398,"Thu Mar 10 20:43:24 2016","That's what I'm talking about. Minidump with heap, bro! Alright, alright, minidump with heap, coming right up... Here comes the dump!"
399,"Thu Mar 10 21:02:43 2016","Thanks microsoft! Thanks for everything!!"
400,"Thu Mar 10 21:09:11 2016","It's looking pretty good..."
401,"Sat Mar 12 15:46:59 2016","Oh, cannot convert to char*... Oh! I beg to differ"
402,"Mon Mar 14 20:30:49 2016","This is a tough episode"
403,"Tue Mar 15 20:23:17 2016","We set ourselves up for success"
404,"Thu Mar 17 20:04:36 2016","*whistles* Someone typed the word Zelda into the chat, so I felt the need to whistle"
405,"Thu Mar 17 20:21:58 2016","We have some stuff doing some stuff"
406,"Thu Mar 17 21:09:43 2016","What do you think, Pseudonym73, is this one good enough?"
407,"Thu Mar 17 21:13:38 2016","I'm curious about your curiosity"
408,"Fri Mar 18 20:20:15 2016","So somebody, when they're actually storing the events, is doing something dumb, and that somebody is obviously me"
409,"Fri Mar 18 20:57:16 2016","Can't you see, Mr Five minute warning, that I'm right in the middle of something? What is wrong with you?"
410,"Fri Mar 18 20:59:17 2016","C++ is awesome and always does everything wrong"
411,"Fri Mar 18 21:15:39 2016","It's just a full tristrip and it touches itself maximally"
412,"Mon Mar 21 20:58:13 2016","Are you ready for this? Because this is ridiculous"
413,"Mon Mar 21 21:12:41 2016","It's a little pointer-chasey"
414,"Mon Mar 21 21:19:05 2016","Whoops, that function doesn't exist in 4coder yet, you can't call it, Casey!"
415,"Mon Mar 21 21:33:04 2016","I forgot about the particle system. I forgot that it was using the hero's head"
416,"Tue Mar 22 20:22:15 2016","Take that Portland, you thought you could be the ones with a guy in a tree who's just hanging out and crazy. Well, we're the ones with the guy in the tree, not you!"
417,"Tue Mar 22 20:33:57 2016","I apologise, DebugIDs. I was saying you were extraneous, but really you seem pretty sanely designed and I don't think there's any reason to get rid of you because it looks like you're doing a useful thing"
418,"Tue Mar 22 20:45:29 2016","Sorry, man in the tree"
419,"Tue Mar 22 21:16:29 2016","We clone because we care"
420,"Tue Mar 22 21:21:36 2016","By the way, I can still hear helicopters outside, so I'm assuming the guy in the tree is still in the tree"
421,"Thu Mar 24 00:29:37 2016","That to me sounds like a good idea, and I guess we'll find out why it's a stupid idea in a minute when I try it"
422,"Thu Mar 24 00:45:44 2016","Oh, so I guess we do print out END_BLOCK at the moment"
423,"Thu Mar 24 00:48:30 2016","Would you be a lamb and jump me there?"
424,"Thu Mar 24 00:51:43 2016","We just have a bug bug"
425,"Thu Mar 24 01:26:54 2016","Oh, that's amusing. That's actually correct, hilariously, I think"
426,"Thu Mar 24 01:34:04 2016","Santa is not good"
427,"Thu Mar 24 01:47:08 2016","It would be weird for me to say ""Stay on the chat"" while I don't do that"
428,"Thu Mar 24 01:48:52 2016","I would say Won is somebody worth watching in an interview, however..."
429,"Fri Mar 25 00:26:47 2016","The baby's been in the bathwater so long, there's no baby anymore, the baby has dissolved completely and there's just baby colored water."
430,"Fri Mar 25 01:18:19 2016","This is kinda being Mr Cheesy - Mr Cheesepants, Cheese man"
431,"Sat Mar 26 00:45:17 2016","Ladies and Gentlemen, when you write a TODO maybe you should give yourself enough information to actually do it later. No worries"
432,"Tue Mar 29 00:28:32 2016","Where are you, Mr. Environment Variables?"
433,"Tue Mar 29 00:30:45 2016","Let's double check to make sure we can still stream"
434,"Tue Mar 29 00:52:34 2016","33c0 33c0 33c0 33c0 33c0"
435,"Tue Mar 29 01:14:33 2016","I wanna twiddle it a little bit"
436,"Tue Mar 29 01:31:55 2016","I don't care about you"
437,"Tue Mar 29 01:38:09 2016","Something very strange is afoot."
438,"Tue Mar 29 01:39:11 2016","So complicated. I rather enjoy it, though"
439,"Thu Mar 31 00:07:37 2016","Never do anything that actually matters in PHP and MySQL."
440,"Thu Mar 31 00:58:22 2016","How about you actually check to see if it's loaded, Muratori!"
441,"Thu Mar 31 01:00:47 2016","That's actually not our fault -- that's just actually this code being wrong!"
442,"Thu Mar 31 01:10:08 2016","Here's a thought. And you can tell me what you think of this thought; of the thinking behind this thought"
443,"Thu Mar 31 01:16:21 2016","Look at that. So lovely"
444,"Thu Mar 31 01:36:34 2016","I think I would like to quote Andrew Chronister here and just say that, 'Insobot is a national treasure'"
445,"Thu Mar 31 19:55:36 2016","I am super double happy with how that went. I am a happy puppy"
446,"Fri Apr 1 01:26:25 2016","Someday we probably will, because I just won't be able to not do it"
447,"Mon Apr 4 23:59:44 2016","The web is not the aqueducts of Rome, it's the drunken orgy where they gorge themselves and vomit"
448,"Tue Apr 5 00:23:02 2016","Searching the Internet is not the way to solve that problem."
449,"Tue Apr 5 00:34:25 2016","I believe you should pay for your software. At MollyRocket we pay for absolutely everything we use."
450,"Tue Apr 5 01:46:05 2016","My nose is four dimensional. It exists in space-time"
451,"Tue Apr 5 23:58:16 2016","It can never hurt to have more math friends"
452,"Wed Apr 6 00:11:27 2016","I don't really like Jimmy Wales' face so much"
453,"Wed Apr 6 23:56:55 2016","She's dead, Jim. She is dead."
454,"Thu Apr 7 00:37:07 2016","None of that's a thing"
455,"Fri Apr 8 00:23:38 2016","If you're not on the 4coder bandwagon yet, I'm not really sure what to say. I guess you're just using a lousy editor. Sorry"
456,"Fri Apr 8 00:37:15 2016","Arrrgggghhhhhh"
457,"Fri Apr 8 00:38:08 2016","We're just gonna make this a very quiet, dignified edit"
458,"Fri Apr 8 00:40:46 2016","Consider yourself so very lucky"
459,"Sat Apr 9 00:16:02 2016","Their underwear is also awesome. Not that that has anything to do with anything."
460,"Sat Apr 9 00:16:04 2016","They make these shirts and I wear them."
461,"Sat Apr 9 00:34:17 2016","You feel me, dawg?"
462,"Sat Apr 9 00:58:21 2016","Nice work Muratori. You're off the team."
463,"Sat Apr 9 01:01:04 2016","I'm gonna make that be yellow, because yellow is the color of... urine. Which is an essential by-product. And Gandhi drank it, supposedly. I wasn't there..."
464,"Sat Apr 9 01:14:36 2016","What? Who wrote this ridiculous code? That's garbage"
465,"Wed Apr 13 00:28:35 2016","Isn't every day kind of special, at the end of the day?"
466,"Wed Apr 13 01:05:38 2016","Some day after Allen Webster is done pounding editors into the ground with his raw and meaty fist"
467,"Wed Apr 13 05:00:22 2016","If that thing was a phantom, it would sort of hover over here"
468,"Wed Apr 13 05:41:24 2016","My Lord, that is slow."
469,"Thu Apr 14 01:08:12 2016","We won't add up to 100%"
470,"Thu Apr 14 01:15:21 2016","How cool is that, though!"
471,"Thu Apr 14 01:47:02 2016","...and then I am going to kill myself. Which I have."
472,"Fri Apr 15 00:18:29 2016","Clocks without children. It's like Doctors Without Borders, only less altruistic"
473,"Tue Apr 19 00:27:46 2016","Sweet child of mine"
474,"Wed Apr 20 01:55:17 2016","It's all white, like Donald Trump's America"
475,"Wed Apr 20 23:58:37 2016","Every game should be called Crowtel"
476,"Sat Apr 23 00:51:22 2016","That's just super accidental"
477,"Sat Apr 23 01:09:13 2016","My body will track me, but it will never come to rest"
478,"Sat Apr 23 01:09:42 2016","I want the head to snap back to the body when you stop pushing"
479,"Tue Apr 26 00:38:23 2016","Nobody cares about square root at all anymore"
480,"Tue Apr 26 00:51:18 2016","That's... math."
481,"Thu May 5 00:12:00 2016","I have no idea how to say Sergio properly, let alone sexily"
482,"Fri May 13 00:27:11 2016","I forgot there's a me down there."
483,"Fri May 13 01:01:03 2016","I don't want them to start invalid, although they are invalid - in the sense that they have no arms and legs..."
484,"Sat May 14 01:41:49 2016","I'm gonna put an owl of shame on top of an owl of shame for that one..."
485,"Sat May 14 01:51:05 2016","Math is fun, let's go shopping"
486,"Tue May 24 00:44:18 2016","I'm gonna be Mr Slypants Slypantsyman"
487,"Tue May 24 01:06:41 2016","I'm gonna go ahead and hunt this guy down before stopping"
488,"Sat May 28 00:16:59 2016","Cheese fingers are a big problem"
489,"Sat May 28 01:30:18 2016","It's tractable, it's small enough that you could learn it, it was not this giant splatter of garbage that's just smeared all over the walls like some kind of lunatic asylum where they're trying to keep the poop from sticking to the padded cell or whatever like it is now"
490,"Thu Jun 2 00:10:41 2016","The Steam API is a real [very long pause] swell API"
491,"Thu Jun 2 00:59:33 2016","We have a lot of N-squaredy things"
492,"Tue Jun 7 03:49:37 2016","The snake just went up the stairs"
493,"Thu Jun 9 04:13:14 2016","We can handle it, we're professionals... Ostensibly"
494,"Wed Jul 6 03:55:19 2016","It's no skin off our back"
495,"Wed Jul 6 03:57:46 2016","We probably need to go through this code more carefully"
496,"Wed Jul 6 20:16:14 2016","Unfortunately we have to be our own code fairy and we have to bring our own code dust and do our own code sprinkling"
497,"Sat Jul 9 00:43:00 2016","Let's use the word ""evolucent"""
498,"Tue Jul 12 00:57:11 2016","We can get our hideous pink on."
499,"Tue Jul 12 01:16:45 2016","You know it's been a bad day when you don't know where the ~ key is"
500,"Thu Jul 14 00:06:52 2016","The hoodie has been retired temporarily"
501,"Thu Jul 14 00:34:37 2016","I'm gonna start with something fairly stupid"
502,"Tue Jul 19 01:04:10 2016","insobot is kind of a national treasure"
503,"Wed Jul 20 01:16:38 2016","Thank you, Mr Cycle Detection"
504,"Wed Jul 20 01:35:22 2016","The easiest way to prevent yourself from ever inventing the wheel is to think you've already invented the wheel. But you haven't"
505,"Wed Jul 20 01:40:05 2016","Your goal has to be that the reason you want money is to make games, not the reason you make games is to make money"
506,"Fri Jul 22 01:08:49 2016","Like putting your finger in a cloud"
507,"Sat Jul 23 03:42:22 2016","In theory this is a computer, yes?"
508,"Sat Jul 23 03:47:46 2016","Oh my god! Why are there so many heads following me?"
509,"Tue Jul 26 00:53:24 2016","It's like Doctors Without Barriers, you know what I'm saying?"
510,"Tue Jul 26 01:11:17 2016","Go away, Five minute warning!"
511,"Wed Jul 27 01:13:49 2016","Oh, we VirtualAlloc'd that. Wow, aren't we fancy!"
512,"Thu Jul 28 03:35:08 2016","How interesting is it to have multiple render targets you can't do anything with?"
513,"Thu Jul 28 04:25:32 2016","Woah! That is wicked cool"
514,"Thu Jul 28 04:33:06 2016","I love how it can't ever tell you any values in release mode"
515,"Fri Jul 29 01:12:56 2016","Thank god! That makes a lot more sense"
516,"Sat Jul 30 04:02:33 2016","I hope everyone was interested in the matrix thing today, because apparently that's all we're going to do"
517,"Tue Aug 9 03:55:26 2016","I find that concurrency is one thing, but flow control is really the harder thing"
518,"Wed Aug 10 03:50:09 2016","And, for the love of god, people, do not write in and send me any of those awful volatile articles that people sent in that were just all wrong"
519,"Wed Aug 10 04:25:35 2016","You ALMOST only live once."
520,"Thu Aug 11 03:23:06 2016","Here is Mr Gamey-Pants-Poo"
521,"Thu Aug 11 03:32:50 2016","And the bug is gone"
522,"Tue Aug 16 03:44:59 2016","No sense not dotting your t's, crossing your i's and so on..."
523,"Fri Jul 22 17:47:06 2016","So I'm going to go work this out on the blackboard and figure out if I'm just... uh... on crack"
524,"Wed Sep 21 03:27:44 2016","I am not a floating point guru"
525,"Wed Sep 21 04:21:11 2016","Chrome? Chrooooooome?"
526,"Wed Sep 21 04:21:39 2016","I feel like it's hard to say something quotable on demand"
527,"Tue Sep 27 03:54:20 2016","Everyone can relax, and by ""everyone"", I mean ""me""."
528,"Fri Oct 21 03:52:32 2016","NOTE(casey): PROGRAMMING! RAII = bad :( ZII = good :)"
529,"Tue Oct 25 03:11:41 2016","I want to run all the viruses in the program (valley girl voice)"
530,"Thu Oct 27 03:22:30 2016","You're an operating system. Have some self-respect"
531,"Thu Oct 27 03:22:50 2016","It's 2016, and all you have to do to kill Windows is just allocate some memory"
532,"Fri Oct 28 01:00:14 2016","meowzers!"
533,"Fri Oct 28 01:06:58 2016","It's kind of like insobot is the beat poet of our generation."
534,"Sat Nov 12 22:36:22 2016","The world is null... the world is null!"
535,"Sun Nov 13 21:45:58 2016","Our brains are still not working properly"
536,"Sun Nov 13 21:56:39 2016","So we don't seem to be having any overflow problems at the moment... *stream crashes*"
537,"Sat Dec 10 18:15:31 2016","I'm the only thing that's happening"
538,"Sun Dec 11 18:27:04 2016","We're gonna do a little bit on 3D here"
539,"Sat Dec 17 20:48:40 2016","Please take it with a grain of salt, or even a cube of salt"
540,"Sat Dec 31 19:21:27 2016","You never upgrade anything during the development of the game"
541,"Sat Dec 31 20:12:52 2016","I really like Pound Cake"
542,"Sun Jan 15 18:30:36 2017","We're going to go over that in very excruciating detail in a moment"
543,"Sun Jan 15 19:05:21 2017","As is the rule on Handmade Hero: I never get to do any preparation"
544,"Mon Jan 23 01:00:43 2017","I wanted there to be a compressor called broccoli"
545,"Sat Jan 28 18:34:03 2017","This would take a super set of the parameters"
546,"Sun Jan 29 18:42:15 2017","I realize this is not relevant to programming. But it is relevant to biscuits"
547,"Sat Feb 4 18:10:40 2017","Mārtiņš finds everything"
548,"Sun Feb 5 18:16:54 2017","It's always very bad to forget your water bottle"
549,"Sun Feb 5 19:05:09 2017","Fantastic"
550,"Sat Feb 11 18:54:56 2017","We're going to write some code and hope that it's right"
551,"Sun Feb 12 19:13:24 2017","Watch this point"
552,"Sun Feb 19 20:59:49 2017","The only reason that we ever did it is because Won insisted that we do it"
553,"Sun Feb 26 18:25:15 2017","Martins is almost always right"
554,"Sun Feb 26 18:43:28 2017","That's great! I was not expecting that to just work"
555,"Sun Feb 26 20:41:39 2017","With that, we wish starchypancakes well"
556,"Sun Mar 5 18:58:14 2017","You're going down"
557,"Sat Mar 11 19:19:55 2017","He kinda has a USB butt"
558,"Sat Mar 11 20:47:49 2017","It's high allergy season here, folks, and I'm a snotty boy"
559,"Sat Mar 11 20:55:44 2017","It might be a protest, or it might be a parade of some kind"
560,"Tue Mar 31 20:15:13 2015","I think it was Leonardo da Vinci who said ""The perfect painting would be nothing but a canvas of pure magenta."" He also listed the HTML #color for it: ff00ff."
561,"Sat Mar 25 17:59:56 2017","Ohhhh! ohhhhhh! Aaaaaah!"
562,"Sun Mar 26 17:23:20 2017","This will be a stream filled with mucus"
563,"Sat Apr 1 20:19:27 2017","It's the inverse-square law kicking our butts"
564,"Sat Apr 1 21:33:38 2017","Don't OOP. OOC"
565,"Sat Apr 1 21:37:56 2017","What are the chances that there's one way to always write code?"
566,"Sun Apr 9 22:09:28 2017","I don't know how to use cars"
567,"Sat Apr 22 18:51:42 2017","Today's episode might be a little bit of a potpourri"
568,"Sat Apr 22 19:49:43 2017","So, I'm gonna take a look at this saucy gentleman right here..."
569,"Sat Apr 22 20:02:38 2017","Death by a thousand function calls"
570,"Sat Apr 22 20:03:07 2017","Let's take a little bit of a gloved finger in here, and just kind of feel around and see what we can palpate"
571,"Sat Apr 22 20:52:47 2017","Where Santa Claus went, I don't know"
572,"Sun Apr 23 20:02:52 2017","ATI peed on our cake"
573,"Sat Apr 29 19:16:44 2017","Happy day happiness of special deliciousness"
574,"Sun Apr 30 22:44:06 2017","Cheers"
575,"Sun Apr 30 23:46:20 2017","You can't just start talking about variables that don't exist yet"
576,"Mon May 1 00:00:57 2017","I feel like they want a lot more poof"
577,"Sat May 6 19:27:59 2017","I'm interested to know if you can make Pixel Hero..."
578,"Sat Jun 3 19:49:12 2017","We don't care if the NSA is really good at The Binding of Isaac"
579,"Sat Jun 17 17:53:31 2017","Everybody needs to get lit"
580,"Sat Jun 24 17:34:05 2017","I don't want pirate stuff, I want Pirates of the Caribbean"
582,"Sat Jun 24 17:56:19 2017","We are out in complete La La Land, and I admit that, but, I mean, it's lighting, what do you want from me?"
583,"Sat Jun 24 18:04:20 2017","That's my stupid idea. I hope you like it"
584,"Sun Jun 25 19:24:42 2017","You can't win 'em all but you're certainly not gonna win if you never roll"
585,"Sun Jun 25 19:53:13 2017","I assume it's ""hare-brained"", like the rabbit. Or is it ""hair-brained"", like the follicle?"
586,"Sat Jul 8 20:43:39 2017","That's gonna be a whole bailiwick in and of itself"
587,"Sun Jul 9 21:16:11 2017","You guys have fancy stuff that you've made"
588,"Sat Jul 15 17:36:58 2017","Unfortunately it looks like here 4coder is too smart for us"
589,"Sat Jul 15 17:59:15 2017","Don't scratch your eye"
590,"Sun Jul 23 20:03:49 2017","Sometimes programming requires elevating the energy level to an uncomfortable amount"
591,"Sun Jul 23 20:30:32 2017","Anyone who's not on board should make their opinions known"
592,"Sun Jul 23 20:30:56 2017","I am that government and you are being oppressed"
593,"Sun Jul 23 20:31:10 2017","It is effectively a democracy where no one listens to you. We have a term for that, it's called democracy"
594,"Sat Aug 5 21:05:27 2017","You need infinite waters. Well, probably not infinite waters, that's maybe too much waters"
595,"Sat Aug 5 22:25:42 2017","It's not live now"
0,"Sun Apr 3 22:07:42 2016","@connor_rentz: Everyone stay and we'll discuss this stuff, just looking at stairwells and jumping"
1,"Mon Apr 4 00:09:17 2016","Ba-dum tish! Casey fighting"
2,"Thu Apr 7 00:27:43 2016","Don't let Abner loose"
3,"Thu Apr 7 00:42:43 2016","Inheritance and encapsulation two best inventions of mankind"
4,"Sat Apr 9 21:53:45 2016","Casey takes big dumps..."
5,"Sat Apr 9 22:15:08 2016","@eisbehr: Rrraaawwwrr! Insobot is used in the advisory board..."
6,"Mon Apr 18 21:48:31 2016","Added you on twitter, or the problem"
7,"Wed Apr 20 01:32:40 2016","@abnercoimbre: Mr4thdimention, he wrote a parser. Awesome"
8,"Wed Apr 20 02:00:40 2016","Gym = high school!"
9,"Sun Apr 24 22:55:58 2016","Stephen's sausage troll... Hang on. Oh my god thank you, silly insobot"
10,"Mon Apr 25 20:54:26 2016","@Miblo: He conjured up the ghost pooping..."
11,"Mon May 2 00:17:15 2016","Whiteboard how the infinite problems are verifiable in time to the debug ui into a blittable memory struct using template."
12,"Thu Apr 21 19:45:45 2016","Sounds like the guy making dota 2 with a taylor approximation."
13,"Fri Jun 3 21:52:56 2016","Jon blows disappearing into the texture as it should configure the stack with lambdas if you want gordon ramsays home cooking and gordons great escape, those arent"
14,"Thu Jun 9 20:40:10 2016","Faces of evil best zelda game because you have a login screen in xlib and even jon probably would've done it for a word, relies on open source windows!"
15,"Sat Jun 18 01:28:42 2016","Haskell has an api that looks like fun. Hi everyone."
16,"Thu Jul 7 00:47:28 2016","Too bad microsoft with their new creative section is #if 0 'ed. FailFish"
17,"Mon Aug 22 21:45:37 2016","Let us know the difference is the prerogative of the popular."
18,"Wed Aug 24 15:47:11 2016","Cpp templates are basically isolated norwegians from a random thought i had that ingrained in me distilling out the massive market holes"
19,"Wed Aug 24 21:18:09 2016","Just do it better than C"
20,"Wed Sep 21 00:34:13 2016","Each developer tends to bias vertical placement slightly towards the right side of things in life"
0,"Thu Mar 30 21:25:01 2017","Let's break everything"
1,"Thu Mar 30 21:39:45 2017","If I had had time to recognise that that was a face, I wouldn't have picked it up"
2,"Thu Mar 30 21:51:15 2017","Wait, what the fuck is this?"
3,"Thu Mar 30 21:55:52 2017","Look at how cute this fucker is"
4,"Thu Mar 30 22:26:44 2017","Don't ++Kknewkles for that shit"
5,"Thu Mar 30 22:40:16 2017","Do you see this? Do you SEE this?!"
6,"Thu Mar 30 22:52:36 2017","Will you fucking die already? You're not a Dark Souls boss"
7,"Thu Mar 30 22:55:07 2017","I'm not turning it off until you explain yourself"
8,"Sat Apr 1 15:03:46 2017","We don't have democracy. This is benevolent dictatorship, okay?"
9,"Sat Apr 1 15:07:48 2017","ciprian, just kick back and relax. I will do all the hard shit here"
10,"Sun Jun 4 16:43:17 2017","I'm more inclined to call them asinine"
11,"Sun Jul 23 17:43:57 2017","I am a professional streamer, and that's how we're going to roll"
0,"Sun Jun 19 19:03:38 2016","Good, good, good, good. That's all great, that's all great"
1,"Sun Jun 19 19:12:14 2016","Sorry for the boobs"
2,"Sun Jun 19 19:53:22 2016","Miblo IS the real Joker"
0,"Mon Jan 9 23:54:45 2017","Can I just print The Matrix?"
1,"Wed Jan 11 23:52:32 2017","Something about Kate Bush"
2,"Wed Jan 11 23:55:32 2017","Mio would be sexually..."
3,"Thu Jan 12 20:45:58 2017","I don't mind Kate being anything, but not in my search bar"
4,"Thu Jan 12 20:46:14 2017","I don't want to delete Kate"
5,"Thu Feb 2 01:08:10 2017","Why is it Thursday?"
6,"Tue Feb 7 01:24:53 2017","I'm on a bit of a fried egg binge"
7,"Tue Feb 7 23:56:08 2017","Unless this is just bullsh- bogus data."
8,"Tue Feb 14 21:50:49 2017","Defubuteky"
9,"Thu Feb 23 06:52:21 2017","It's kind of tough to put my finger on, but I guess the words ""predictable"" or ""generic"" spring to mind. Like, they seem to have three modes: heavy, ballady, showy. But ultimately they just don't groove to the rhythm of my heart!"
10,"Wed Mar 1 00:49:48 2017","Sorry, what am I actually doing here?"
11,"Tue Mar 7 01:00:31 2017","o rly?"
12,"Tue Mar 14 00:43:58 2017","How am I doing all of this stuff?"
13,"Tue Mar 14 01:24:18 2017","ppphhhbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb"
14,"Sat Mar 18 00:32:20 2017","We need you, Allen"
15,"Thu Mar 23 00:06:43 2017","What's going on, mate?"
16,"Sat Mar 25 00:21:52 2017","I'm gonna straight up fuckin' run it"
17,"Thu Mar 30 00:18:14 2017","I need to just set the thing to be the thing"
18,"Thu Mar 30 00:32:46 2017","It doesn't crash... That's a bit worrying."
19,"Fri Apr 21 01:25:53 2017","Alright cool, I feel like this will never crash again"
20,"Wed Jun 14 22:42:15 2017","he was an eager beaver on that one"
21,"Sat Aug 5 17:09:11 2017","hmm, well, can I just put this live?"
0,"Mon Oct 31 20:04:36 2016","Maybe this patch wasn't the best idea"
1,"Wed Nov 16 21:03:26 2016","Stay RISCY, everyone"
2,"Fri Dec 2 21:00:05 2016","I dream of nice things"
3,"Wed Dec 14 19:49:59 2016","That looks, just by the size of it, that it's good documentation"
4,"Wed Dec 14 19:54:03 2016","Maybe sometimes you just want sixteen splits"
5,"Wed Dec 14 20:08:16 2016","We're going to stumble around until we make it to the proverbial bathroom"
6,"Mon Dec 19 20:34:55 2016","We have a vision that makes cohesive sense as a whole"
7,"Wed Dec 28 20:10:33 2016","I'm just going to unplug my mouse"
8,"Wed Dec 28 20:26:58 2016","I'm too giddy to do that"
9,"Thu Dec 29 20:05:40 2016","I am grounded once again"
10,"Fri Jan 6 20:01:09 2017","Well, the music has done, which means the stream has begun"
11,"Wed Jan 11 20:16:16 2017","I will don the Thinking Cap"
12,"Wed Jan 11 20:55:11 2017","This show is supposed to be about RISC-V"
13,"Tue Jan 17 21:00:33 2017","We are going to try it and see what horrible things we have done today"
14,"Wed Mar 1 20:01:17 2017","It seems like, as you get older, the years start to go by like weeks"
15,"Wed Mar 1 20:47:05 2017","You can quote whatever you like, Miblo"
16,"Tue Mar 7 20:51:46 2017","And then there's a comment that just says The"
17,"Tue Mar 7 20:55:03 2017","For Handmade stuff I really do like the idea of just diving in and really understanding the code"
0,"Wed Feb 3 22:34:55 2016","Boom"
1,"Wed Feb 3 23:26:47 2016","The nice thing about programming on Linux is that I had to install emacs again"
2,"Thu Feb 4 00:00:12 2016","That's the first time I'm going to use a quadruple star"
3,"Thu Feb 4 00:01:07 2016","We have the plan now, people"
4,"Sun Feb 7 18:29:39 2016","I hate debugging repaint stuff"
5,"Wed Feb 17 22:51:17 2016","Spot dot. That's awesome. Awesome"
6,"Wed Feb 17 22:56:24 2016","Normalize. Not those crazy eyes. Just normal eyes."
7,"Sat Feb 20 15:43:16 2016","Aaah, thank goodness!"
8,"Sat Feb 20 16:06:47 2016","Buru-buru-buru"
9,"Sat Feb 20 18:21:00 2016","Oh, we're hung"
10,"Wed Feb 24 22:33:32 2016","I just need to do that one more time: Boop!"
11,"Wed Feb 24 23:32:25 2016","Dammit! I didn't bind it to a key, though! I have to bind it to a key first"
12,"Wed Feb 24 23:34:08 2016","This is kind of a codie thing. Not codie as in a name, but code-ey"
13,"Wed Feb 24 23:51:25 2016","*SIGH*... god dammit..."
14,"Wed Feb 24 23:55:03 2016","Just like that"
15,"Wed Mar 2 23:42:56 2016","Awesome"
16,"Fri Mar 4 22:11:26 2016","So the whole file vanished..."
17,"Fri Mar 4 22:26:33 2016","Let's make sure everything builds. Good, it doesn't."
18,"Wed Mar 9 23:09:21 2016","You, you, and you. You're all dead to me."
19,"Wed Mar 9 23:26:21 2016","Life is better when you initialize variables. Do do do-do dooo."
20,"Wed Mar 16 21:42:02 2016","When i'm in float, things are gonna get crazy."
21,"Wed Mar 16 22:24:26 2016","20/20"
22,"Wed Mar 23 21:36:58 2016","Oh wait, we don't need to pop and push because that's the point of a stack"
23,"Wed Mar 23 21:37:39 2016","Just chill, man"
24,"Wed Mar 23 22:13:18 2016","Hold on"
25,"Wed Mar 23 23:00:24 2016","We just need to make sure we don't keep going through Handmade Hero"
26,"Wed Mar 30 21:22:52 2016","I thought I heard something fall"
27,"Wed Mar 30 21:30:38 2016","Dude that's so cool... No no no, forget that part"
28,"Wed Mar 30 22:26:38 2016","Who gives a fuck? Not I"
29,"Wed Mar 30 22:44:35 2016","Did someone not set up a state for the root node? You *inaudiable* silly."
30,"Wed Apr 6 21:24:43 2016","So, table generator, how're you doing today?"
31,"Wed May 4 21:41:01 2016","I don't want to support as much nonsense as I was supporting before"
32,"Wed May 4 21:45:08 2016","This is like the worst day on windows ever"
33,"Wed May 11 21:48:07 2016","I concur with popcorn: Who's that?!"
34,"Mon May 16 01:17:40 2016","We don't want anything in the pee-pee body"
35,"Mon May 16 02:28:20 2016","yeayeayeayea - that'll work"
36,"Mon May 16 03:14:14 2016","*maniacal evil laughter*"
37,"Wed May 18 23:04:01 2016","Ah, everything's wrong. Awesome"
38,"Wed Jun 22 21:39:31 2016","Crystal crispy"
39,"Mon Jun 27 17:55:26 2016","It's never worth it to skip the brackets"
40,"Fri Jul 22 23:11:26 2016","I have never wanted a smartphone"
41,"Wed Aug 24 21:51:32 2016","You'll excuse me if I procrastinate for ten seconds here..."
42,"Thu Sep 1 22:19:14 2016","It's not gonna be unreferenced for long buddy boy, just wait and see"
43,"Thu Sep 1 23:27:22 2016","Java and python both suck ***"
44,"Wed Sep 7 22:11:02 2016","You gotta do what you gotta do, I guess"
45,"Wed Sep 7 23:11:37 2016","elserwise..."
46,"Wed Sep 7 23:15:30 2016","My debug view is bugged right now"
47,"Wed Sep 7 23:24:16 2016","All humans using the auto indent from the custom API will need to report to me for reprogramming"
48,"Thu Sep 8 00:17:41 2016","I am so confident that this is not broken - and that is a lie - that I am going to delete the old code"
49,"Thu Oct 27 22:34:27 2016","This right here should be str.str"
50,"Fri Dec 30 23:08:24 2016","If you're giving people the freedom to fix their own problems, you've got to give them problems too"
51,"Fri Feb 24 22:12:18 2017","This is just me filling time"
52,"Fri Feb 24 23:08:29 2017","That's my analysis of the situation"
53,"Fri Apr 14 22:10:27 2017","If you're not writing [quicksort or binary search] every day then you're not living"
54,"Fri May 19 21:18:27 2017","Why can't I say C++ish"
55,"Fri Jul 7 21:24:57 2017","I would hate doing it, but I wouldn't feel like the worst person ever, doing that"
0,"Wed Mar 2 03:15:34 2016","This could be very exciting, potentially"
1,"Wed Mar 2 03:51:43 2016","And then... no, I ran the wrong thing again!"
2,"Wed Mar 2 04:59:52 2016","Wow, I just ate something weird"
3,"Thu Mar 17 01:51:19 2016","I'll crop it out in OBS"
4,"Thu Mar 17 01:51:38 2016","We'll just have a ""bottom of the screen is not in view"" day"
5,"Thu Mar 17 01:59:36 2016","I don't hear any beep boop..."
6,"Thu Mar 17 02:42:07 2016","Let's start glancing at it, then I'll show you something cool"
7,"Thu Mar 17 03:00:11 2016","All bits are lit"
8,"Sat May 7 02:23:38 2016","I avoid them, like I avoid all STDs in real life"
9,"Sat May 7 02:34:02 2016","That's a little better. Whatever it's not gonna solve world peace"
10,"Sat May 7 02:37:09 2016","The type of a type is Type"
11,"Sat May 7 03:00:19 2016","It's just a carnival of lose"
12,"Sat May 7 03:19:01 2016","Sorry, I didn't eat enough cookies and my brain sugar is low"
13,"Sat May 14 05:38:48 2016","Whoever designed that would be fired from my company"
14,"Sat May 14 23:24:10 2016","I'm in Dear Esther all of a sudden."
15,"Sun May 15 07:49:22 2016","this battle required 3 times as much programming as the rest of the game"
16,"Mon May 16 06:01:00 2016","I'm going to make a farming game called ""farming sucks"""
17,"Sat May 21 02:54:22 2016","There's this thing in C++ called SFINAE, but it's banana nut balls."
18,"Sun Jul 24 23:58:27 2016","Sooo sub-optimal"
19,"Mon Jul 25 00:05:19 2016","It's easy to have weird notions"
20,"Mon Jul 25 00:10:49 2016","It's a problem, first of all, because it just doesn't work in windows"
21,"Mon Jul 25 00:31:23 2016","Shut up! shut up! I'm giving a presentation"
22,"Mon Jul 25 01:43:30 2016","You'll go bananas trying to deal with this problem"
23,"Tue Aug 23 02:09:34 2016","Nobody at microsoft can program at this point"
24,"Tue Aug 23 02:57:41 2016","That may just be me being stodgy and / or stubborn"
25,"Tue Aug 23 03:07:55 2016","I always have a Casey Muratori in my head somewhere"
26,"Tue Aug 23 03:22:52 2016","Let's do something crazy"
27,"Thu Sep 1 02:27:03 2016","It wants strings and it's trying to pass guys"
28,"Thu Sep 1 02:39:42 2016","C++ can't do this. But we can do that. We can totally do that"
29,"Thu Sep 1 02:46:58 2016","If you program like this... go work at Microsoft or something"
30,"Mon Nov 21 00:00:00 2016","Hope is amazing when you can have it"
31,"Sat Jan 21 23:04:38 2017","It works if we don't hit that bug"
32,"Sun Jan 22 00:16:56 2017","Maybe I spilled water all over the floor. That's definitely possible"
33,"Sun Jan 22 00:28:44 2017","I'm not gonna debate anybody about these topics"
34,"Sun Jan 22 04:54:37 2017","That's not even in the shader man, that's totally in the if statement."
35,"Sun Jan 22 05:16:03 2017","We still don't, to this day, know how to make things weigh the same as a duck."
36,"Sun Jan 22 06:06:49 2017","I need to not use concave symmetric pot"
37,"Sun Jan 22 22:32:15 2017","BOOM Headshot"
38,"Sun Jan 22 22:44:25 2017","If this were my game, you'd see this by looking out of the... Ah!"
39,"Wed Jan 25 01:47:28 2017","Ouch, yeah"
40,"Wed Jan 25 01:58:49 2017","This is mostly for you guys"
41,"Wed Jan 25 02:13:01 2017","My teapot decides to keep the water boiling by default"
42,"Wed Jan 25 02:51:04 2017","They should call me Mr T because of all the tea I drink"
43,"Wed Jan 25 05:43:22 2017","Maybe it's time to blow this cheap taco stand"
44,"Thu Jan 26 07:04:34 2017","As soon as they put logo on duct tape, I will quit computing forever"
45,"Fri Jan 27 20:05:22 2017","If you guys don't know what ""Hello, Sailor"" is then you need to learn some video game history"
46,"Fri Jan 27 22:19:06 2017","This is gonna be like playing music, but we don't destroy other music"
47,"Fri Jan 27 22:31:39 2017","This is not a dancing stream"
48,"Sat Jan 28 05:18:10 2017","Am I stupid?!"
49,"Sat Jan 28 05:22:03 2017","We see arguments. It's like seeing dead people, but different."
50,"Sat Jan 28 05:24:09 2017","Maybe that just works. That didn't just work."
51,"Sun Jan 29 07:07:19 2017","people who made open gl are assholes"
52,"Wed Feb 1 04:35:37 2017","I need more snack surface area."
53,"Wed Feb 1 23:46:33 2017","Let's get rid of that, that's more Windows floating around that we don't need"
54,"Thu Feb 2 00:08:40 2017","See I told you, I was being stupid."
55,"Thu Feb 2 00:09:37 2017","svn commit -m ""Dank."""
56,"Thu Feb 2 00:20:56 2017","Y'all ready to try an experiment?"
57,"Thu Feb 2 04:37:39 2017","Well it didn't work, and we can't debug it. So that's it. I quit programming now."
58,"Thu Feb 2 04:39:25 2017","This shouldn't be hard, why are you all assholes?"
59,"Thu Feb 2 04:51:38 2017","I have some things to say to Mr. OpenGL, and they're not happy nice things."
60,"Thu Feb 2 04:58:09 2017","This is boring and stupid."
61,"Thu Feb 2 04:58:30 2017","The weights are all -1 which means the problem is that this shader doesn't even lift."
62,"Fri Feb 3 23:13:34 2017","Maybe I'm not killing it seriously enough"
63,"Sat Feb 4 07:39:39 2017","ok, Going to explain it again.....NOPE, you got to re-watch it"
64,"Sat Feb 4 08:45:07 2017","Nobody's put the peanut butter in the chocolate very much."
65,"Sun Feb 5 04:36:07 2017","Isn't it neat how you can just make things by typing code?"
66,"Sun Feb 5 06:13:32 2017","I learned Mips assembly in college. That's some good stuff. Sort of."
67,"Sun Feb 5 06:24:24 2017","You can't multiply in C++ because it is a pointer dereference."
68,"Sun Feb 5 06:49:33 2017","We are SO beyond compiler bug territory. We're past the thunderdome here."
69,"Sun Feb 5 21:13:48 2017","I don't like anything about what Microsoft are doing these days."
70,"Sun Feb 5 21:33:44 2017","Why are people backseat driving?"
71,"Sun Feb 5 21:51:29 2017","Maybe I'm stupid all this week because I've been streaming so much"
72,"Sun Feb 5 22:09:28 2017","What the hell tea is this?"
73,"Sun Feb 5 22:31:01 2017","I'm much happier programming in this language"
74,"Sun Feb 5 23:22:21 2017","This scrollbar will have explosions. I guarantee."
75,"Sun Feb 5 23:57:24 2017","We're trackin'"
76,"Mon Feb 6 00:18:16 2017","Middle of the bar goes where we are"
77,"Mon Feb 6 00:23:50 2017","What is this game about? It's about pushing boxes"
78,"Mon Feb 6 00:57:21 2017","I should put this here. Because I'm stupid."
79,"Mon Feb 6 00:58:38 2017","Boy, I sure am getting a lot of quotes added lately"
80,"Mon Feb 6 00:59:08 2017","That's the problem with streaming, is that I say stuff and then it gets added to the quotes."
81,"Mon Feb 6 03:09:06 2017","The difference between bad software and good software is that in good software you go fix the problems."
82,"Mon Feb 6 04:09:04 2017","Swap = true, boom boom."
83,"Mon Feb 6 04:25:49 2017","This is what UI code is by the way, it's just a bunch of stuff."
84,"Mon Feb 6 04:37:15 2017","Hot dogs are pretty important but they're not as important as putting text into the copy buffer."
85,"Mon Feb 6 05:23:48 2017","That's just great when you try to repro something and then you just go Holy ***"
86,"Mon Feb 6 05:26:39 2017","According to this, i'm doing really bad stuff all the time."
87,"Mon Feb 6 06:23:31 2017","Twitch is fascist."
88,"Mon Feb 6 06:35:29 2017","Dude Unicode is a disaster, I think it needs to be destroyed."
89,"Mon Feb 6 06:39:29 2017","Frog Fractions 2 should have had Fez 2 in it. That would have been quality."
90,"Mon Feb 6 06:45:22 2017","That's just communist."
91,"Mon Feb 6 06:45:24 2017","Why isn't it accepting 15 16? That's just communist."
92,"Mon Feb 6 06:52:35 2017","Look at that. We're better than emacs."
93,"Mon Feb 6 07:06:35 2017","I just see a bunch of crap here."
94,"Tue Feb 7 04:37:32 2017","Oh my god Becky. Look at that scroll."
95,"Tue Feb 7 04:40:51 2017","Sometimes I get bummed out about how my error messages aren't that good, and then I see this garbage."
96,"Tue Feb 7 04:41:53 2017","How do I have 94 quotes already? We were at like 40 last week."
97,"Tue Feb 7 04:49:34 2017","It's the Barack Obama scroll. Yes we can. ...No, if this were a Donald Trump scroll, we wouldn't have all that UTF-8 work we did, so you couldn't print Korean and stuff. We would be able to print Russian, though."
98,"Tue Feb 7 06:00:47 2017","We're getting nested here."
99,"Tue Feb 7 06:35:34 2017","You don't have to finish Stephen's Sausage Roll, you're just missing possibly the greatest puzzle game of all time. It's your choice, man."
100,"Sat Mar 25 19:36:21 2017","I feel kind of slow and stupid today"
101,"Sat Mar 25 20:33:32 2017","Dude, Photoshop sucks"
102,"Sat Mar 25 21:00:38 2017","If that doesn't make sense, then, well, learn some linear algebra cause it's cool."
103,"Sat Mar 25 21:26:12 2017","Sometimes things seem wrong but they're actually right."
104,"Sat Mar 25 21:32:49 2017","Being lazy is a little bit of a skillset sometimes."
105,"Sat Mar 25 21:36:15 2017","We want high resolution cute kittens"
106,"Sat Mar 25 21:42:49 2017","Something is broken, and I think it's OpenGL"
107,"Sat Mar 25 22:19:00 2017","Oh this is an enum, not a struct. DAUUHHH"
108,"Sat Mar 25 23:18:56 2017","I don't hate it"
109,"Sat Mar 25 23:19:49 2017","I just have no idea. I'm ready to just give up and throw all my computers out the window."
110,"Sat Mar 25 23:53:23 2017","This should definitely kill one of the dimensions. And it doesn't"
111,"Sun Mar 26 00:26:39 2017","I know! I know! I know!"
112,"Sun Mar 26 00:28:29 2017","They're all at z=1. How is that even a good idea?"
113,"Sun Mar 26 00:36:46 2017","I just shouldn't have streamed today, because I'm too stupid today, period."
114,"Sun Mar 26 01:06:28 2017","This is a little bit annoying, because we multiplied by our hack factor and stuff."
115,"Sun Mar 26 01:34:14 2017","This is a testament to how far you can get with something that is totally broken."
116,"Sun Mar 26 02:03:17 2017","I've given up trying to understand OpenGL."
117,"Sun Mar 26 02:32:16 2017","Change or remove a program... RenderDoc... Uninstall. Goodbye."
118,"Mon May 15 05:32:42 2017","The incoming bullets are weird... they don't feel that incoming"
119,"Mon May 15 06:10:40 2017","That was no Half-Life tram ride."
120,"Mon May 15 06:39:33 2017","Drinkin' some tea out of the toilet."
121,"Mon May 15 06:42:31 2017","I need a better anti-dude thing."
122,"Mon May 15 07:06:35 2017","I tend to want the game to start when I start playing the game."
123,"Tue May 16 06:57:12 2017","Doctor Yu... No, Doctor Me!"
124,"Wed May 17 06:31:14 2017","Guys, if this is your game, it has to be better than this."
125,"Thu May 18 07:42:52 2017","Whoever designed this part of the game is fired."
126,"Thu May 18 08:08:20 2017","Gah, the interface! [shoots in-game computer screen with shotgun]"
127,"Thu May 25 01:20:26 2017","It's been 25 years since I've used scheme... and that is intentional"
128,"Thu May 25 02:31:36 2017","You might say ""7 instructions, that sounds like a lot"", but it's way way less than taking a cache miss, bucko!"
129,"Thu May 25 02:52:25 2017","If you use goto, you sign the warranty that you know what you're doing."
130,"Thu May 25 06:24:24 2017","If these robots were real animals, there'd be NO way I'd be sneaking around them. Fortunately, these robots run Linux."
131,"Sat May 27 01:41:32 2017","Here we got the big SAILOR"
132,"Sat May 27 02:46:34 2017","Don't get distracted"
133,"Sat May 27 02:51:37 2017","And the reason you'd do that is because ""oh, maybe you'll bind something to the global namespace"" but no, fu-- no..."
134,"Sat Jun 3 01:57:46 2017","Why does the red top make my suspenders not be there?"
135,"Sat Jun 3 02:50:37 2017","How do I jump out? That's communist."
136,"Mon Jun 5 03:22:44 2017","Covfefe is hiding in here."
137,"Tue Jun 6 04:10:15 2017","I like when a game doesn't put HUD crapplets"
138,"Tue Jun 6 04:13:36 2017","The guards all have shoddy bows. It's the new Benghazi."
139,"Sun Jun 25 23:05:58 2017","now THAT is a commitable offence"
140,"Mon Jun 26 00:00:37 2017","Sometimes programming is just about reverting."
141,"Mon Jun 26 00:08:29 2017","Assert-Lambda! That's the name of my new band."
142,"Mon Jun 26 04:07:06 2017","That was weaksauce! That was the weakest sauce in the sauce-world."
143,"Tue Jun 27 02:38:35 2017","Structurally, that was just a tiny, benign tumor"
144,"Mon Jul 10 02:09:23 2017","There's no weird constructor juice."
145,"Thu Jul 20 04:49:45 2017","The key is to let the people who make the content do most of the work."
146,"Thu Jul 20 06:22:01 2017","What are ScriptableObjects? Is that a Unity thing? Are you seriously asking me about a Unity thing?"
147,"Thu Jul 20 07:00:58 2017","Okay. When we re-pointering..."
148,"Thu Jul 20 07:26:49 2017","svn commit -m ""ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?????!??!?!?!?"""
149,"Thu Jul 20 07:35:11 2017","Microsoft has no respect for anything."
150,"Fri Jul 21 01:54:13 2017","I already don't necessarily like this."
151,"Fri Jul 21 19:40:54 2017","It's time to just quit game programming and play Knack"
152,"Sat Jul 22 03:31:30 2017","[Casey] I bought Youtube Red for that reason too. [Jon] I bought Redtube for that reason too."
153,"Sat Jul 22 04:34:08 2017","Your microaggressions disturb me."
154,"Sat Jul 22 04:38:44 2017","I liked The Witness. That was pretty good."
155,"Sat Jul 22 05:26:23 2017","More like Steam Early Poopcess."
156,"Sat Jul 22 05:31:06 2017","The ghost is levying microaggressions at me."
157,"Sat Jul 22 05:34:11 2017","I am an influencer of poopdogs. Poopfluencer. It's like Neuromancer."
158,"Sat Jul 22 22:39:27 2017","That was some advanced computer science right there"
159,"Mon Jul 24 01:04:47 2017","Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he didn't want to get shot."
160,"Mon Jul 24 02:55:07 2017","That's 2 for 2, by the way, for car flips."
161,"Mon Jul 24 03:14:58 2017","Yeah. Let's play again and not die."
162,"Mon Jul 24 03:38:06 2017","This car steers like a cow."
163,"Mon Jul 24 04:12:45 2017","Those cheap European cars *car does a flip*"
164,"Mon Jul 24 04:55:12 2017","Okay, there's not gonna be a car in this swamp."
165,"Mon Jul 24 07:03:12 2017","I don't know what left is."
166,"Mon Jul 24 07:10:35 2017","Every life matters. [Runs over an enemy player]"
167,"Mon Jul 24 07:57:18 2017","It's a pretty janky game technically, but sometimes, games succeed despite their problems."
168,"Mon Jul 24 22:13:55 2017","If you want to go from a typical programmer to a good programmer, the most important thing to learn is weighing costs vs benefits."
169,"Mon Jul 24 23:02:03 2017","Hey Hummus, did you win Stephen's Sausage Roll yet? Or are you a loser?"
170,"Tue Jul 25 02:38:00 2017","Hey, thanks for the resub, buddy412!"
171,"Tue Jul 25 02:53:47 2017","Bye, stream channel watchers!"
172,"Tue Jul 25 06:48:54 2017","Just don't get hit and shoot people."
173,"Tue Jul 25 06:53:40 2017","[Jon] You don't look particularly hidden right now. [tek256] I'm in the shadows, I--Oh god! [gunshots]"
174,"Tue Jul 25 07:44:54 2017","Man, who lives in this purple building? This is Prince's house."
175,"Tue Jul 25 09:07:02 2017","Donald Trump wants me to use the M16."
176,"Tue Jul 25 09:10:21 2017","[Devon] I'm at peak manifestation right now."
177,"Wed Jul 26 03:19:24 2017","At 9:00 I'll probably do a snack run to Whole Foods so I don't starve tonight."
178,"Wed Jul 26 03:24:22 2017","[Casey] I regret to inform the academy that I still do not have a firearm."
179,"Wed Jul 26 03:49:26 2017","[Casey] I am literally stuck in a fucking pool."
180,"Wed Jul 26 05:45:13 2017","If you win, you get a copy of my painter game prototype."
181,"Wed Jul 26 06:23:03 2017","[Casey] It's an unsolved problem in computer science to know whether or not you can see somebody."
182,"Wed Jul 26 06:52:14 2017","There is a thing called criminal negligence."
183,"Wed Jul 26 07:10:29 2017","[Casey] You know, I just realized crossbow spoonerizes to boss crow."
184,"Wed Jul 26 09:01:40 2017","I'll take 9 mil. I could make a substantial game with 9 mil."
185,"Wed Jul 26 09:16:10 2017","Remember to like and subscribe. Thanks for the 12-month resub, Joe53!"
186,"Thu Jul 27 01:52:59 2017","Be willing to do something seven times in order to get it right, and that'll make you a really good programmer."
187,"Thu Jul 27 07:02:02 2017","That's pretty good!"
188,"Thu Jul 27 18:02:50 2017","We have come to the time where ""later"" is now."
189,"Thu Jul 27 18:36:17 2017","How does anything work?"
190,"Thu Jul 27 18:50:58 2017","I'm really sorry for anyone who came along and wanted a coherent stream"
191,"Thu Jul 27 23:29:45 2017","Let's nojobs it."
192,"Thu Jul 27 23:48:06 2017","You have to make sure your thing is good, so you know it's worth people's time."
193,"Fri Jul 28 07:31:35 2017","How do you go to a place like this and not have awesome caves?"
194,"Fri Jul 28 08:27:52 2017","""is this a gun that shoots bullets?"" - Casey, 27.7.17"
195,"Sun Jul 30 05:44:47 2017","Sometimes, cars don't always stay on their wheels, is all I'm saying."
196,"Sun Jul 30 05:50:00 2017","I'm gonna dead. I'm dead."
197,"Thu Aug 3 02:27:36 2017","This is the tax you pay for working in OpenGL."
198,"Thu Aug 3 02:31:07 2017","This is just a horrible paste-orama."
199,"Thu Aug 3 02:40:29 2017","As far as I'm concerned, it's a little bit of an unsolved problem in computing."
200,"Thu Aug 3 03:29:51 2017","Life is rough."
201,"Fri Aug 4 02:21:18 2017","I'm gonna tell whoever's working on Sokoban to fix that."
202,"Fri Aug 4 03:22:41 2017","Why do I have a preference for right-handed coordinates? Because they're better."
203,"Sat Aug 5 03:16:39 2017","NaN creeps me out."
204,"Sat Aug 5 04:52:45 2017","I just spilled tea on myself, which means it's time to end."
205,"Sun Aug 6 02:32:16 2017","I can compile all these files faster than this can search them."
206,"Sun Aug 6 03:42:25 2017","Who's going to rotate an image anyway? That's stupid."
0,"Sun Feb 21 00:12:44 2016","Everyone is a unique snowflake"
1,"Sun Mar 20 16:40:46 2016","I don't care enough to care."
2,"Sat Apr 9 17:15:07 2016","I was trying to not be at this level of explanation for this channel so much"
3,"Sat Apr 9 18:56:09 2016","mmh... Is mmh a person you're talking to?"
4,"Sat Apr 9 18:59:59 2016","I had to double-check that that was not the bot willing to port it to Linux"
5,"Sat Apr 9 19:08:35 2016","I do not support the Jeff and Casey rant about GC"
6,"Sat Apr 9 19:11:55 2016","Never force yourself to write garbage collector mutator barriers by hand"
7,"Sat Apr 9 19:14:28 2016","Don't do the hard work unnecessarily"
8,"Fri Apr 15 22:25:06 2016","Sorry about that, the fuse blew"
9,"Fri Apr 15 22:26:17 2016","Brrrrbrbbrrbbbbbrbrrr"
10,"Fri Apr 15 22:32:40 2016","I said that twice now"
11,"Fri Apr 15 22:33:25 2016","Oh god, and now you've gone and quoted THAT. Dammit!"
12,"Fri Apr 15 22:38:18 2016","I usually think of bots as being inviolate"
13,"Fri Apr 15 22:43:34 2016","I don't think all this meta quoting is a good idea. Shit, you're gonna quote that"
14,"Mon May 9 02:24:49 2016","See you next time, which is right now if you're watching on YouTube"
15,"Sun May 10 16:11:00 2015","Ku-em-brea(d). Ku-em-brea(d). I think I'll stick with Benedict Cumberbatch"
16,"Thu Jun 2 23:26:33 2016","That's a suspiciously straight line"
17,"Sat Jul 2 00:59:16 2016","Do I have any secret videos? I don't think so"
18,"Sat Jul 2 01:42:55 2016","Sorry, Miblo"
19,"Fri Aug 19 20:50:15 2016","Look at me, using global variables! Woohoo!"
20,"Fri Aug 19 20:55:37 2016","Should I pronounce it as in-so-far-as?"
21,"Fri Aug 19 21:02:09 2016","So it's pronounced insufferous, or Benedict Cumberbatch..."
22,"Fri Aug 19 21:07:56 2016","Miblo, don't do this, but..."
23,"Fri Aug 19 21:38:24 2016","Handmade Devil"
24,"Fri Aug 19 21:59:00 2016","I'm not accusing anyone of being an idiot, I'm just trying to win hearts and minds... by calling them idiots"
25,"Fri Aug 19 22:36:14 2016","Oh my god, there's a macro for saying goodnight. You guys are terrible, terribly lazy"
26,"Sat Aug 20 21:28:10 2016","Did I just fix it?"
27,"Sat Aug 20 22:40:17 2016","I certainly had long hair before I knew John Romero had long hair"
28,"Fri Sep 2 23:48:10 2016","This will have compile errors in it. And then when I run it'll also fail spectacularly. It won't run"
29,"Thu Nov 10 22:20:02 2016","What does a human being look like?"
30,"Sat Dec 31 00:59:24 2016","It was purely done for, I don't know"
31,"Fri Jan 20 20:03:42 2017","Thanks for watching, and I hope you found that educationamul"
32,"Sat Feb 4 21:37:15 2017","I have three copies of you on my screen"
33,"Sat Feb 4 22:20:13 2017","Make everything an array of structs"
34,"Sun Mar 5 16:21:45 2017","I think I talked about all the consequences here"
35,"Sun Mar 12 00:28:13 2017","Maybe in ten years your game will break because something's different"
36,"Fri Apr 14 17:38:00 2017","Live long and prosper"
0,"Fri Aug 19 15:51:26 2016","You're, like, the most genial and placid person in the Handmade.Network! How could anyone negative-karma you?"
1,"Fri Aug 19 16:15:31 2016","So little time, too many ideas"
2,"Fri Aug 19 16:31:34 2016","I want to make this so that my wife can understand it"
3,"Fri Aug 19 16:36:35 2016","I don't know if you remember those bathtime Crayola crayons..."
4,"Fri Aug 19 16:39:27 2016","So here's me in the shower, just doodling along..."
0,"Mon Feb 1 18:59:54 2016","Call up the twitch people, I'm sick of being censored, damnit"
1,"Sat Feb 6 22:15:43 2016","I did something that made AutoCAD come"
2,"Sat Feb 6 22:52:11 2016","I'm not gonna make a shitty game"
3,"Sat Feb 6 23:26:45 2016","I think Garbage Collection is probably the largest mistake in computer science"
4,"Sun Feb 7 00:19:06 2016","This is kind of impromptu, but someone's got to write the fucking game, right?"
5,"Sun Feb 7 00:23:28 2016","Oh, look who's here. Casey's here. The bad advice - or I'm too stupid to understand it - Casey Muratori"
6,"Sun Feb 7 01:06:42 2016","I have a file called 'fuck' in every single folder"
7,"Tue Mar 15 19:15:45 2016","I sorta *** with everything..."
8,"Thu Mar 17 20:27:58 2016","If i hit my wife with a bus, all world research stops"
9,"Sat Mar 19 04:52:39 2016","It's a piece of *** garbage. I use the old versions and they're fast."
10,"Sat Mar 19 05:21:30 2016","Oh fuck, we, did it again"
11,"Sat Mar 19 05:27:26 2016","So we're gonna step in here... FUCK!"
12,"Sat Mar 19 05:30:31 2016","Didn't we just call the constructor? Oh it's not the constructor it's the *** overloaded bracket bracket operator!"
13,"Mon Mar 21 21:12:06 2016","Don't hack me please"
14,"Mon Mar 21 21:14:18 2016","Hold the *** on"
15,"Mon Mar 21 21:18:15 2016","What, friends list? *** you, I don't want any friends"
16,"Mon Mar 21 21:42:01 2016","What the fuck's going on?"
17,"Mon Mar 21 21:43:44 2016","Who can't he stand? Me? That's a shame, I'm a really nice guy. I'm serious"
18,"Mon Mar 21 21:48:45 2016","Shit, what did I say that was quotable?"
19,"Mon Mar 21 21:49:33 2016","What? Oh, okay, I won't use the multi-threaded then. I can't handle it"
20,"Mon Mar 21 21:53:17 2016","Why do I have a guy trolling in my chat? Why did this happen to me?"
21,"Mon Mar 21 22:11:18 2016","Dude we did it, we actually looked up a *** ip address. We can get on with our lives now."
22,"Mon Mar 21 22:19:28 2016","*** idiot. Oh, no, he's still here..."
23,"Mon Mar 21 22:25:17 2016","Opt-out. Oh yeah. Oh baby, swear away"
24,"Mon Mar 21 22:34:44 2016","The best way to make Almond Milk: hot water."
25,"Mon Mar 21 22:37:13 2016","Fuck California and everyone in California"
26,"Mon Mar 21 22:39:28 2016","Shit, I probably can't say that without them wanting to sue me"
27,"Mon Mar 21 22:42:53 2016","I'm definitely a better programmer sober"
28,"Mon Mar 21 22:56:08 2016","I'm not TRYING to create anything. I AM creating"
29,"Mon Mar 21 22:57:37 2016","Okay okay okay okay... okay... okay okay... okay"
30,"Tue Mar 22 02:23:43 2016","Fuck it, that's the size you're getting. I don't give a shit"
31,"Tue Mar 22 02:33:45 2016","So I'm trying to learn how to do latté art, which is basically the hardest thing in the world"
32,"Fri Mar 25 19:34:48 2016","I fucking hate C++ so much GRRRR"
33,"Fri Mar 25 19:36:11 2016","Murder them right in the fucking face."
34,"Fri Mar 25 20:56:52 2016","huhh.... they're all fired"
35,"Fri Mar 25 21:25:07 2016","I still have my wisdom teeth because my mouth is so big because I talk so fucking much"
36,"Sat Mar 26 18:18:11 2016","Just fuck it man, inline it."
37,"Sat Mar 26 18:20:16 2016","You know what I hate? Programming."
38,"Sat Mar 26 18:22:58 2016","So, the fucker's fucked, and now we're going to fuck this fuck into the fuck."
39,"Sat Mar 26 19:19:14 2016","Alright, so we've got a fuckstack now."
40,"Sat Mar 26 19:35:34 2016","Whoever enjoyed macro-hell yesterday, you're gonna love today."
41,"Sat Mar 26 20:18:55 2016","I'm a fool I tell you, a fool!"
42,"Wed Apr 6 17:13:02 2016","don't be a be a dick"
43,"Wed Apr 6 21:57:16 2016","I don't really play video games because I think they're borring"
44,"Sun Apr 10 18:33:54 2016","libcurl is pretty decent"
45,"Sun Apr 10 18:56:20 2016","""Do I like the colour scheme,"" Jesus Christ..."
46,"Sun Apr 10 20:39:13 2016","Wait, I've gone full stupid"
47,"Sun Apr 10 20:44:10 2016","Fucker. Fuckin' bot"
48,"Sun Apr 10 21:07:53 2016","I'm not writing an HTTP library"
49,"Sun Apr 10 21:14:55 2016","I've used Linux a lot and it sucks"
50,"Sun Apr 10 21:15:43 2016","I mean, Windows sucks too, and OSX is the worst"
51,"Sun Apr 10 21:21:19 2016","It's not hard to make a better Operating Sys... I mean, it is HARD to make a better Operating System..."
52,"Sun Apr 10 21:21:57 2016","Hahahaha! Fuck you, insobot!"
53,"Tue Apr 12 03:14:29 2016","We've just requested porn, because that's what we do"
54,"Tue Apr 12 03:14:57 2016","I guess is coming"
55,"Tue Apr 12 03:23:17 2016","Mm, async. Motherfuckers"
56,"Tue Apr 12 03:26:36 2016","That is the best general purpose async API I have seen in my life"
57,"Tue Apr 12 03:30:45 2016","Well that's not a cool demo. That's a lame demo"
58,"Tue Apr 12 03:34:36 2016","Fuck you, I win, computer"
59,"Tue Apr 12 03:42:20 2016","If you don't think that's cool, you ain't got no soul"
60,"Tue Apr 12 03:53:51 2016","Shit, I can do anything now!"
61,"Tue Apr 12 03:56:12 2016","Here we go, it's Linux time. My favourite operating system, guys"
62,"Tue Apr 12 04:21:04 2016","I'm not angry. I'm not agry at all..."
63,"Tue Apr 12 04:45:20 2016","I overall think this is better than the windows way of doing it"
64,"Mon Apr 18 21:25:06 2016","why are you done with C++ and what took you so long?"
65,"Wed Apr 20 02:08:43 2016","You're gonna have to choose between Handmade Network and me"
66,"Wed Apr 20 02:11:24 2016","What am I drinking? This is sperm whale sperm. Double sperm from a whale"
67,"Thu Apr 21 16:54:33 2016","God dammit I gotta fucking program more shit"
68,"Sat Apr 23 02:13:31 2016","This is not acceptable. Linux needs to die.... So let's go make this work for Linux."
69,"Sat Apr 23 02:18:39 2016","When you have someone like Linus Torvalds in charge, this is what you get."
70,"Wed Apr 27 17:35:16 2016","Who the fuck wrote this shit? It just doesn't even make sense"
71,"Wed Apr 27 18:47:11 2016","So these are pretty bad, and I fucked this up pretty bad"
72,"Wed Apr 27 18:47:49 2016","Actually no, these are fine"
73,"Thu May 5 19:10:21 2016","std::list gives you AIDS"
74,"Sat May 7 13:09:45 2016","Unit tests are for pussies"
75,"Thu May 26 21:55:59 2016","That's fuckin' tits!"
76,"Mon Jun 6 04:37:24 2016","Arg fuck it! Lets go nuts! Copy some memory!"
77,"Thu Jun 9 18:10:12 2016","I don't ever do anything wrong. I'm perfect"
78,"Thu Jun 9 21:28:30 2016","TODO: temp? Oops, shipped a game with that"
79,"Sat Jul 2 03:41:27 2016","I'd rather cut off my dick than use git"
80,"Sun Jul 17 20:29:08 2016","People cried that they were too hard"
81,"Sun Jul 17 20:56:09 2016","People ask me why my eyes don't hurt after staring at blue and green screens. You're about to find out..."
82,"Sun Jul 17 20:57:06 2016","I'm pretty sure this can cause eye damage"
83,"Tue Jul 26 21:37:23 2016","320 320? Suck my dick 320 320! You're supposed to be 0!"
84,"Tue Jul 26 21:46:15 2016","I done something wrong"
85,"Fri Aug 26 17:06:54 2016","I hate.. I hate.. I don't wanna get into how much I hate compute."
86,"Thu Sep 8 22:23:27 2016","All characters need a slot, which is like a slut, but not as nice..."
87,"Thu Sep 8 22:40:11 2016","Fuck, Donald Knuth stop talking!"
88,"Thu Sep 8 22:49:20 2016","By the way, if you're looking at this code going ""I don't fucking understand it"", neither do I..."
89,"Wed Sep 14 21:03:31 2016","Is it a sloth? Is it a badger? I don't give a fuck"
90,"Wed Oct 26 20:44:23 2016","I fucking love visual studio"
91,"Thu Oct 27 20:46:22 2016","programming is hard"
92,"Mon Oct 31 17:40:11 2016","I'd rather stick a screwdriver in my urethra than deal with that shit"
93,"Tue Nov 29 21:21:47 2016","There's no way I'm gonna sit here for that 300ms happily"
94,"Fri Dec 30 22:24:01 2016","Life's too short"
95,"Sat Dec 31 02:28:58 2016","Mute your mic, asshole!"
96,"Sat Dec 31 02:33:33 2016","Dennis Ritchie was smoking a bunch of pot and decided that he wanted to play a video game on a PDP-7 but he couldn't. So he had to go invent a programming language."
97,"Sat Dec 31 03:40:58 2016","First I get to be Shawn, and now I get the big face"
98,"Fri Jan 6 19:11:11 2017","I hope I didn't use porn images"
99,"Mon Jan 16 22:05:50 2017","Wait, what happens if I run the fucking thing with the fucking thing? Is this thing all fucked?"
100,"Sat Jan 21 19:51:57 2017","...If you're into jokes, because you seem to be having a good time..."
101,"Sat Jan 21 19:57:11 2017","Don't do geometry shaders"
102,"Sat Jan 21 19:57:56 2017","That's not what it is at all, but you know what it is"
103,"Mon Jan 23 18:46:16 2017","I swear to god, I don't know what I'm doing"
104,"Tue Jan 24 19:46:39 2017","I don't wanna learn more things!"
105,"Tue Jan 24 21:26:34 2017","I'd rather cut my dick off than use std::string"
106,"Tue Jan 24 22:06:22 2017","I'll gladly shoot a cow right between the eyes just to get my yearly animal murder count in"
107,"Thu Jan 26 17:25:27 2017","Anyone who says a debugger is useless is a fucking idiot"
108,"Thu Jan 26 18:35:23 2017","I don't know everything"
109,"Sat Feb 4 22:20:56 2017","Oh, just make everything an array"
110,"Sat Feb 4 22:36:51 2017","Data is the most obvious way of specifying the problem. And you want to the code to just exist to deal with this data"
0,"Thu Feb 18 00:12:16 2016","Where do you find that, blah blah blah?"
1,"Thu Feb 18 19:53:57 2016","Oh gosh, Bret Hudson's in here!"
2,"Thu Feb 18 20:36:28 2016","Look how I became the guinea pig of Vulkan"
3,"Sun Feb 21 21:37:41 2016","This is really cool. Guys, I actually like this [Vulkan]"
4,"Mon Feb 22 00:52:27 2016","Power off"
5,"Mon Feb 22 01:36:18 2016","Maybe I could laser etch the spec on an old book I have laying around"
6,"Mon Feb 22 01:44:27 2016","I dunno about you guys, but I'm having a great time"
7,"Mon Feb 22 02:02:24 2016","Here we go, boys"
8,"Mon Feb 22 02:02:44 2016","Please just work, please just work, please just work, please just work, please just work"
9,"Tue Feb 23 23:33:25 2016","Oh my gosh, I unbound save"
10,"Tue Mar 8 01:48:31 2016","STB is so awful, though"
11,"Tue Mar 8 01:50:09 2016","STB is great. I have no problem with STB besides his bright white thingies"
12,"Tue Mar 8 20:35:15 2016","That's total bullshit, Miblo, and you know it is too"
13,"Sun Mar 13 21:31:05 2016","Trump is so good, though"
14,"Sun Mar 27 01:38:25 2016","I just wanna take a moment and say how cool this looks"
15,"Sun Mar 27 02:51:24 2016","How do I already have a bug?"
16,"Sun Mar 27 02:58:32 2016","Look at that! Smooth as butter"
17,"Sun Mar 27 03:00:52 2016","I'm fucking in love with windows, guys"
18,"Fri Apr 1 21:00:36 2016","I am not writing ""thingies"" in my code. It makes no fucking sense"
19,"Fri Apr 1 21:12:18 2016","\r \r \r"
20,"Fri Apr 1 21:19:08 2016","Oh my gosh, Miblo"
21,"Fri Apr 1 21:21:27 2016","Hey, let me see if I have a cord for this right n- *stream dies*"
22,"Sat Apr 2 23:10:10 2016","Ignore me, I'm fucking dumb"
23,"Sat Apr 16 02:30:35 2016","I'm not a fan of this"
24,"Sat Apr 16 02:33:35 2016","Oh my god, my dogs need to stop fucking barking"
25,"Sat Apr 23 02:56:46 2016","Let's get some 'Sexual Healing' going"
26,"Sat Apr 23 15:40:16 2016","stop braking, oh my fucking go..."
27,"Sat Apr 23 21:38:39 2016","I can't do anything right without getting caught"
28,"Sat Apr 23 21:42:17 2016","Everyone knows who Kate Bush is now"
29,"Sat Apr 23 22:11:59 2016","I really like WeeChat, though"
30,"Sat Apr 23 22:16:13 2016","You guys are such nerds"
31,"Sat Apr 23 22:33:11 2016","Abner, I'm more of a Linux elitist than you now"
32,"Sat Apr 23 22:33:20 2016","I'm like Miblo"
33,"Sat Apr 23 22:56:14 2016","Miblo's a fine person to be a mod"
34,"Sat Jun 4 23:06:35 2016","This is the best language I have ever seen [in reference to C#]"
35,"Fri Jul 22 23:04:51 2016","I'm calling it: the schedule is not gonna stick!"
0,"Sun Mar 6 00:49:13 2016","Beer makes everything better... until you have too much"
1,"Sun Mar 6 01:48:43 2016","What am I thinking here?"
2,"Sun Mar 6 02:03:03 2016","I apparently didn't save this entire time. Allen, I have a new feature request: auto-save"
3,"Sun Mar 6 02:14:54 2016","Wait! Miblo has new stuff?!"
4,"Sat Mar 12 23:47:58 2016","10 seconds back, 4llen"
5,"Sun Apr 24 21:58:09 2016","I'm in prime porn hour, so that's probably part of it"
6,"Sun Apr 24 23:17:59 2016","I should probably include Linux in there, else I'd just get a bunch of pictures of actual cinnamon"
7,"Sun Apr 24 23:30:39 2016","This looks nothing like the picture"
8,"Mon Apr 25 01:00:27 2016","You're right, Miblo"
9,"Mon Jun 27 20:53:27 2016","That may be just me talking. Well it is just me talking"
0,"Tue Dec 20 02:34:21 2016","They need to update Monopoly to reflect the millennial experience, which basically means you start with no money and everywhere charges rent."
1,"Sat Feb 25 04:06:08 2017","""Game developers don't count"""
2,"Tue Feb 28 23:03:24 2017","""Could just be that I'm incredibly incompetent, and I'm not denying that..."""
3,"Sat Mar 18 03:18:09 2017","""Married people just hang out with married people and do married people stuff. I don't know, I'm not married"""
4,"Fri Mar 24 03:34:09 2017","""That's probably why they tell you to drink 8 glasses of water a day, to get those flouride nanomachines inside you to control your mind"""
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