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Example UEC Build with QEMU image file support in Packer
- ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDgSCutRwKJRy0fZwx4cFQd3UtmWwg7raFrWKE+o+0la7W0w3kkPApCPvbG3rbfeVYnp8TbOVa2BRpzz+BDxRQ+9xqdbkURlJpB4/5AO3a91QCN4l8NWJdUkqoAKpt4qdSIPU77UnjNH2VRK8ZryKqNTX8vBChOilCTgkQ+qXKjCP2gcOtBS9nL/2R8bCfpm5l9C7HHtoLcb+8OfwrPTodmbv2rXdskk5c5TCCNAOiG0Hv4srSu3awk/rOVJ5itz9BiZN583YSHF2364D2e+h2TFNVeoBhLYdiSPOUcl4ek/Dg1mCkCF+OmZaF81H5EKrAPTAtu+xODOqrJ0TDOpBEx root@test
"type": "qemu",
"output_directory": "output",
"iso_url": "",
"iso_checksum": "350353fbaee61e6b6f8eefa864bc2516",
"iso_checksum_type": "md5",
"ssh_wait_timeout": "300s",
"shutdown_command": "sudo halt -p",
"disk_size": 5000,
"format": "qcow2",
"accelerator": "kvm",
"disk_image": true,
"headless": true,
"http_directory": "httpdir",
"http_port_min": 80,
"http_port_max": 80,
"ssh_host_port_min": 2222,
"ssh_host_port_max": 2229,
"ssh_username": "ubuntu",
"ssh_key_path": "key",
"ssh_port": 22,
"vm_name": "uectest",
"net_device": "virtio-net",
"disk_interface": "virtio",
"boot_wait": "5s"

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insom commented Jul 17, 2014

Replace _ with / because gists can't have directories.

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