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Last active August 29, 2015 14:07
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source ""
cookbook "apt"
cookbook "chef_handler"
cookbook "yum"
cookbook "simulator", git: ""
source ""
def opsworks_cookbook cb
cookbook cb, github: "aws/opsworks-cookbooks", branch: "release-chef-11.10", rel: cb
%w(opsworks_commons mod_php5_apache2 ssh_users opsworks_agent_monit opsworks_java opsworks_aws_flow_ruby opsworks_initial_setup scm_helper opsworks_nodejs gem_support dependencies deploy).each do |cb|
opsworks_cookbook cb
Unable to satisfy constraints on package deploy, which does not exist, due to solution constraint (simulator = 0.0.1). Solution constraints that may result in a constraint on deploy: [(simulator = 0.0.1) -> (deploy >= 0.0.0)]
Missing artifacts: deploy
Demand that cannot be met: (simulator = 0.0.1)
Unable to find a solution for demands: apt (2.6.0), chef_handler (1.1.6), yum (3.3.2), simulator (0.0.1)
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