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# the top-level file '' from the possibly-broken BitTorrent-bencode python module.
from setuptools import setup, find_packages
name = "BitTorrent-bencode",
version = "5.0.8",
packages = find_packages(),
# metadata for upload to PyPI
author = "Bram Cohen",
author_email = "",
description = "The BitTorrent bencode module as leight-weight, standalone package.",
license = "BitTorrent Open Source License",
keywords = "bittorrent bencode bdecode",
url = "",
zip_safe = True,
test_suite = "test.testbencode",
long_description = """This package simply re-packages the existing bencoding and bdecoding implemention from the 'official' BitTorrent client as a separate, leight-weight package for re-using them without having the entire BitTorrent software as a dependency.
It currently uses the implementation from BitTorrent Version 5.0.8, the file `` is a verbatim, unmodified copy from that distribution.
It also contains some tests and a benchmark.
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