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Last active April 21, 2020 12:08
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Import Annotated Images Into Tropy
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'json'
input = ARGV[0]
items = []
def create_item(title)
'template' => '',
'' => title,
'photo' => [{
'template' => '',
'mimetype' => 'unknown',
'checksum' => 'unknown',
'' => title,
'note' => [{
'html' => {
end input do |f|
item = nil
f.each do |line|
key, value = line.split(':')
value = JSON.parse(value.strip.delete_suffix(',')) unless value.nil?
case key
when 'title'
items << item unless item.nil?
item = create_item(value)
when 'path'
item['photo'][0]['path'] = value
when 'note'
item['photo'][0]['note'][0]['html']['@value'] = value
items << item unless item.nil?
puts JSON.pretty_generate({ '@graph' => items }, indent: ' ')
title: "This is the title",
path: "/Users/dupin/Desktop/a.png",
note: "This is the note"
title: "This is another title"
path: "/Users/dupin/Desktop/b.png"
note: "This is another note"
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inukshuk commented Apr 14, 2020

Run this via ruby convert.rb input.txt > output.json (replacing input.txt with the path to your input file). Note, this is currently extremely simple: assumes you really have title, path, and note lines for each item (and no multiple paths and or notes, etc.).

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