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Cross-browser seamless iframe
// This script uses jQuery to resize an iframe to its content's height and
// the max of viewport width or content width.
// A selector for a container in the iframe with a given with (not <body>
// nor <html>) is required.
(function($) {
function getViewportWidth() {
return $(window).width();
function getViewportHeight() {
return $(window).height();
// Cross-browser way of getting iframe document
function getIframeDoc(iframe) {
return iframe.contentDocument || iframe.contentWindow.document;
function getTargetIframeNode($iframe, targetSelector) {
var $iframeDocument = $(getIframeDoc($iframe.get(0)));
return $iframeDocument.find(targetSelector);
function getIframeContentHeight($iframe, targetSelector) {
return getTargetIframeNode($iframe, targetSelector).height();
function getIframeContentWidth($iframe, targetSelector) {
return getTargetIframeNode($iframe, targetSelector).width();
function setIframeSize($iframe, width, height) {
$iframe.prop("width", width);
$iframe.prop("height", height);
function resizeIframe($iframe, targetSelector) {
var viewportWidth = getViewportWidth(),
height = getIframeContentHeight($iframe, targetSelector);
Math.max(viewportWidth, getIframeContentWidth($iframe, targetSelector)),
function resizeIframeOnContentResize($iframe, targetSelector) {
getTargetIframeNode($iframe, targetSelector).on("resize", function() {
resizeIframe($iframe, targetSelector);
function resizeIframeOnViewportResize($iframe, targetSelector) {
$(window).resize(function (){
resizeIframe($iframe, targetSelector);
$(function() {
var $iframe = $(".iframe-seamless")
, targetSelector = "#wrapper";
// Initial size
setIframeSize($iframe, getViewportWidth(), getViewportHeight());
$iframe.load(function() {
resizeIframe($iframe, targetSelector);
resizeIframeOnContentResize($iframe, targetSelector);
resizeIframeOnViewportResize($iframe, targetSelector);
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