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@invisiblek invisiblek/repopicks
Created Aug 13, 2014

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54969 # su: allow setting alternative default shell
43206 # LatinIME: Regenerated English-German dictionaries to not censor words.
skip 62028 # Restore pre-KitKat permissions to external sd for all apps
skip 65471 # m8: Enable offloaded audio effects
65475 # SignalStrength: adjust cdma signal strength threshold
skip 65476 # Hardware: Add high touch sensitivity support
skip 65553 # Settings: HighTouchSensitivity support
66046 # m8: switch to 400 density
61273 # e2fsprogs: blkid: Add Flash-Friendly File System (f2fs) support
skip 66650 # GPE IR hal implementation. Ported from M7 work.
skip 63644 # ueventd: Handle online events
61238 # vold: Add Flash-Friendly File System (f2fs) support.
68737 # common: build f2fs for all targets
skip 69209 # m8: enable lz4 compression
70116 # m8: Don't set derived directory permissions
70173 # msm: Fix high load average from uninterruptible waits
70311 # bashrc: use xterm as default terminal
69554 # Specify mcpu cortex-a15 for krait CPU variants.
70332 # Increase in call volume
70371 # apns-conf.xml: update verizon apns
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