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class Type(type):
def __repr__(cls):
return cls.__name__
class O(object, metaclass=Type): pass
class A(O): pass
class B(O): pass
class C(O): pass
class D(O): pass
class E(O): pass
class K1(A, B, C): pass
View multiple-inheritance.scala
class Animal { def a = 1 }
trait Furry extends Animal {
override def a = 2
trait HasLegs extends Animal {
override def a = super.a
trait FourLegged extends HasLegs
class Cat extends Animal with Furry with FourLegged
invkrh / count.scala
Last active Jul 10, 2019
Spark Puzzles
View count.scala
val rdd1 = sc.makeRDD(Seq((1,2),(1,2),(1,2),(1,2))).cache
val rdd2 = + 1).cache
rdd1.unpersist() // rdd2 in storage
val df1 = Seq((1,2),(1,2),(1,2),(1,2)).toDF("key", "value").cache
val df2 ='key, 'value + 1 as "inc").cache
View immutableMap.scala
case class Product(id: Int, tags: Set[String])
val productList = Array(Product(0, Set("a")), Product(1, Set("a", "b")))
val tagDict1: Map[String, mutable.HashSet[Product]] = productList.
flatMap(p => -> p)).
mapValues(v => mutable.HashSet() ++
val tagDict2 = Map[String, mutable.HashSet[Product]](
invkrh / pipe.scala
Created Apr 16, 2019
Implement spark.rdd.pipe
View pipe.scala
val command = "/tmp/"
val proc = Runtime.getRuntime.exec(Array(command))
new Thread("stderr reader for " + command) {
override def run() {
for(line <- Source.fromInputStream(proc.getErrorStream).getLines)
invkrh / utf8.scala
Created Jan 2, 2019
Function convert string to UTF-8 binary string
View utf8.scala
import java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets
def encode(s: String): Array[String] = {
StandardCharsets.UTF_8.encode(s).array.filter(_ != 0).map(b => "%08d".format((b & 0xFF).toBinaryString.toInt))
View leetcode_3sum.txt
View callByName.scala
class A {
def say() = println(this.hashCode())
def fun(a: => A) = {
fun(new A)
View poisson.scala
import scala.util.Random
object Bootstrap {
def generate[T](seed: T, numBootStraps: Int): Iterator[Int] = {
val rng = new Random(seed.hashCode())
(0 until numBootStraps)
.map(_ => samplePoisson(rng, 1.0))
View ActroMessage.scala
package me.invkrh.raft.core
import{Actor, ActorSystem, Props}
case class Holder(arr: Array[Int])
class AddrChecker extends Actor {
override def receive: Receive = {
case h: Holder =>
println("In: " + h.toString)
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