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iokill/ Secret

Created Jan 4, 2013
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Workaround to run MOCCA ( on OS X after installing the latest Java update from Apple. NOTE: This script uses the "old" (probably outdated and insecure) Java 1.6 provided by Apple.
curl -o mocca.jnlp ""
/Library/Java/Home/bin/java -classpath /Library/Java/Home/lib/deploy.jar -DtrustProxy=true -Xverify:remote -Djnlpx.home=/Library/Java/Home/bin -Djnlpx.origFilenameArg=mocca.jnlp -Djnlpx.remove=false -Dsun.awt.warmup=true -Xbootclasspath/a:/Library/Java/Home/lib/javaws.jar:/Library/Java/Home/lib/deploy.jar:/Library/Java/Home/lib/plugin.jar -d32 -Xdock:name=MOCCA -Xdock:icon=/Library/Java/Home/lib/deploy/webStartAppIcon.icns -Dmacosx.jnlpx.dock.icon=/Library/Java/Home/lib/deploy/webStartAppIcon.icns -splash:/Library/Java/Home/lib/deploy/splash.gif -Djnlpx.jvm="/Library/Java/Home/bin/java" -Djnlpx.vmargs=-d32 com.sun.javaws.Main -verbose mocca.jnlp
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