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#monitorama live stream timecodes

Day 1

The Tidyverse and the Future of the Monitoring Toolchain

John Rauser

Martyrs on Film: Learning to hate the #oncallselfie

Alice Goldfuss (GitHub)

Monitoring Things At Your Day Job

Bryan Liles (CapitalOne)

Yo Dawg: Monitoring Monitoring Systems at Netflix

Roy Rapoport (Netflix)

Our Many Monsters

Megan Anctil (Slack)

Tracing Production Services at Stripe

Aditya Mukerjee (Stripe)

Linux debugging tools you'll love

Julia Evans (Stripe)

Instrumenting Devices Global Data

Guy Cirino (Netflix)

Monitoring: A Post Mortem

Charity Majors (

The Vasa: Redux

Pete Cheslock (ThreatStack)

Day 2

Anomalies != Alerts

Elizabeth (Betsy) Nichols (Netuitive)

Distributed Tracing: How We Got Here and Where We're Going

Ben Sigelman (LightStep)

Science! Science Harder: How we reinvented ourselves to be data literate, experiment-driven, and ship faster

Laura Thomson and Rebecca Weiss (Mozilla)

Real-time packet analysis at scale

Douglas Creager (Google)

Instrumenting The Rest Of The Company: Hunting For Useful Metrics

Eric Sigler (PagerDuty)

Whispers in the Chaos: Monitoring Weak Signals

J. Paul Reed

Monitoring @ CERN

Pedro Andrade (CERN)

I volunteer as tribute: the future of oncall

Bridget Kromhout (Pivotal)

Who watches the watchers?

Optimizing for Learning

Logan McDonald

The Problem with pre-aggregated metrics

Christine Yen (

Machette Mode Metrics with Linux Perf

Eric Freeman

How linkedin scaled incident management with Iris

Joe Gilloti (LinkedIn)

Monitoring DNS as Service

Max Timchenko (PagerDuty)

Monitoring customer experience at VistaPrint

Tommy Parnell (VistaPrint)

Chat Ops as a Change Agent

Scott Nasello (Columbia Sportswear)

Day 3

Monitoring in a world where you can't "fix" most of your system's errors

Brandon Burton (Travis CI)

UX Design for Effective Monitoring Tools

Amy Nguyen (Pinterest)

Automating Dashboard Displays with ASAP

Kexing Rong (Stanford InfoLab)

Monitoring That Cares - The End of User Based Monitoring

François Conil (GitHub)

Consistency in Observability at Lyft

Yann Ramin (Lyft)

Critical to Calm

Ian Bennett (Twitter)

Managing Logs with a serverless cloud

Paul Fisher (Lyft)

Distributed Tracing at Uber

Yuri Shkuro (Uber)

Kubernets Defined Monitoring

Gianluca Borello (Sysdig)

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