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Monitorama 2018 Talks

Monitorama 2018 Talks

Hi I'm Ilan, I work at Datadog, a monitoring and analytics platform for large-scale applications and infrastructure. I've been at Monitorama this week and figured I'd make it easy to find the talks from the conference.

Datadog is hiring! Come join me

Day 1

Optimizing for Learning - Logan McDonald (BuzzFeed)

Serverless and CatOps - Pam Selle (IOpipe)

Mentoring Metrics Engineers - Zach & Angelo (Yelp)

Opsview Sponsor Pitch

InfluxDB Sponsor Pitch

SolarWinds Sponsor Pitch

The Power of Story Telling - Dawn Parzych (Catchpoint)

A treatise on the metrology of Services Level Objectives - Jamie Wilkinson (Google)

Humio Sponsor Pitch

SemaText Sponsor Pitch

IronDB / Circonus Sponsor Pitch

The on call simulator - Franka Schmidt (Mapbox)

Observability the hard parts - Peter Bourgon (Fastly)

Warning: This Talk Contains Content Known to the State of California to Reduce Alert Fatigue - Aditya (Stripe)

Monitory Report - Ian Bennett (Twitter)

Day 2

Want to solve over monitoring and alert fatigue? Create the right incentives - Kishore Jalleda (Microsoft)

Next-Generation Observability for Next Generation Data - Peter Bailis (Stanford)

slack-bots: coordination through community - Aruna Sankaranarayanan

Wavefront Sponsor Pitch - Kai Paro (Wavefront)

Squarespace Sponsor Pitch

SignalFX Sponsor Pitch

Automate your context - Andy Domeier (SPS Commerce)

Slack in the age of Prometheus - George Leong (Slack)

Datadog Sponsor Pitch - Jason Yee (Datadog)

Netsil Sponsor Pitch

Catchpoint Sponsor Pitch

Incident Response as Code - Papasweni Pathak (Mapbox)

Automating Canary Analysis - Megan Kanne (Twitter)

Lightning Talk: Throwing Spagheeti at a Blue Sky - Lightstep

Lightning Talk: Recruiting Open Source Contributors - Matt Broberg (sensu)

Lightning Talk: How North Korea helped improve MTTR - Jaimie Buchanan

Lightning Talk: 6 Lessons - Richard (Moogsoft)

Lightning Talk: Be the team member you wanted Jon Cavanaugh

Day 3

Achieving Google-levels of Observability into your Application with OpenCensus - Morgan McLean (Google)

The present and future of Serverless observability - Yan Cui (DAZN)

Metrics at Uber: Putting billions of timeseries to work at Uber with autonomous monitoring - Prateek Rungta (Uber)

Google Sponsor Pitch - Morgan McLean (Google)

BigPanda Sponsor Pitch - Eric (BigPanda)

NS1 Sponsor Pitch

Building Monitoring tools when you don't own applications or infrastructure - Mercedes Coyle (Sensu)

Autoscaling Containers... with Math - Allan Espinosa (Bloomberg)

Assisted Remediation: By trying to build an autoremediation system, we realized we never actually wanted one - Kale Stedman (Demonware)

Security through Observability - Dave Cadwallader (DNAnexus)

How to include Whistler, Kate Libby, and appreciate that our differences make our teams better - Beth Cornils (HashiCorp)

Closing Comments - Jason Dixon

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