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Gist for Move Mirror blog post: vp tree
const similarity = require('compute-cosine-similarity');
const VPTreeFactory = require('vptree');
const poseData = [ […], […], […], …] // an array with all the images’ pose data
let vptree ; // where we’ll store a reference to our vptree
// Function from the previous section covering cosine distance
function cosineDistanceMatching(poseVector1, poseVector2) {
let cosineSimilarity = similarity(poseVector1, poseVector2);
let distance = 2 * (1 - cosineSimilarity);
return Math.sqrt(distance);
function buildVPTree() {
// Initialize our vptree with our images’ pose data and a distance function
vptree =, cosineDistanceMatching);
findMostSimilarMatch(userPose) {
// search the vp tree for the image pose that is nearest (in cosine distance) to userPose
let nearestImage =;
console.log(nearestImage[0].d) // cosine distance value of the nearest match
// return index (in relation to poseData) of nearest match.
return nearestImage[0].i;
// Build the tree once
// Then for each input user pose
let currentUserPose = [...] // an L2 normalized vector representing a user pose. 34-float array (17 keypoints x 2).
let closestMatchIndex = findMostSimilarMatch(currentUserPose);
let closestMatch = poseData[closestMatchIndex];

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oofin008 commented Apr 8, 2019

Hello, irealva. I have a problem when I try to run this function in my html web on local server.
It shows that require() is not defined

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