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View danmu.js
// ==UserScript==
// @name Danmu
// @namespace
// @version 0.1.3
// @description try to take over the world!
// @author You
// @match*
// @grant none
// @require
// @require
View android_proguardConfig.log
List(###, # Generic proguard options useful in non-release builds, ###, -dontobfuscate, , -renamesourcefileattribute SourceFile, -keepattributes SourceFile,LineNumberTable,Signature, , -flattenpackagehierarchy, , -optimizations !code/simplification/arithmetic,!code/simplification/cast,!field/*,!class/merging/*,!code/allocation/variable, , -dontnote**, -dontnote org.apache.http.**, -dontnote**, -dontnote android.annotation.**, , -dontnote**, -dontnote**, , ###, # Scala-specific proguard config, ###, -dontnote scala.concurrent.util.Unsafe, -dontnote scala.Enumeration**, -dontnote scala.ScalaObject, -dontnote org.xml.sax.EntityResolver, -dontnote scala.concurrent.forkjoin.**, -dontwarn scala.beans.ScalaBeanInfo, -dontwarn scala.concurrent.**, -dontnote scala.reflect.**, -dontwarn scala.reflect.**, -dontwarn scala.sys.process.package$, -dontwarn **$$anonfun$*, -dontwarn scala.collection.immutable.RedBlack$Empty, -dontw
iron9light / FieldSerializer2.scala
Created Sep 24, 2012
a json-lift Serializer to replace field name.
View FieldSerializer2.scala
package sandbox
import net.liftweb.json._
case class FieldSerializer2[A: Manifest](
serializer: PartialFunction[(String, Any), Option[(String, Any)]] = Map(),
deserializer: PartialFunction[JField, JField] = Map()
) extends Serializer[A] {self =>
val Class = implicitly[Manifest[A]].erasure
iron9light / MixedTypeArrayJsonSuite.scala
Created Jul 19, 2012
lift json serializing mixed type array
View MixedTypeArrayJsonSuite.scala
package net.liftweb.sandbox
import org.scalatest.FunSuite
import net.liftweb.json._
import org.scalatest.matchers.ShouldMatchers
* @author IL
* @see <a href="!topic/liftweb/GK5DbzCtWdA">forum</a>
iron9light / finalize.js
Created Feb 10, 2012
Get random records form mongodb via map/reduce
View finalize.js
function(k, v) {
return v.a ? {
return x.k
}) : [v.k]
iron9light / Taggable.scala
Created Sep 6, 2011
Tag helper for squeryl
View Taggable.scala
import scala.collection.mutable.Map
import org.squeryl.PrimitiveTypeMode._
import org.squeryl.{Schema, Table, KeyedEntity}
import org.squeryl.dsl.ast.{EqualityExpression, TypedExpressionNode}
import org.squeryl.dsl.{OneToManyRelation, ManyToOne, OneToMany, CompositeKey3}
import java.sql.Timestamp
import java.util.{UUID, Date}
iron9light / decoder.js
Created Sep 3, 2011
Windows jscript base64 decoder. Decode all oo.xx.exe to oo.xx. Just double click.
View decoder.js
foForReading = 1 // Open base 64 code file for reading
foAsASCII = 0 // Open base 64 code file as ASCII file
adSaveCreateOverWrite = 2 // Mode for ADODB.Stream
adTypeBinary = 1 // Binary file is encoded
function decode(from, to) {
var fileSystemObj = WScript.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
var file = fileSystemObj.GetFile(from)
var inputStream = file.OpenAsTextStream(foForReading, foAsASCII);
iron9light / encoder.js
Created Sep 3, 2011
Windows jscript base64 encoder. Drag and drop files you wanna encode to this .js file.
View encoder.js
var fsDoOverwrite = true // Overwrite file with base64 code
var fsAsASCII = false // Create base64 code file as ASCII file
var adTypeBinary = 1 // Binary file is encoded
function encode(from, to) {
var inputStream = WScript.CreateObject("ADODB.Stream");
inputStream.Type = adTypeBinary
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