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@ironhouzi ironhouzi/error.txt
Created Jun 22, 2018

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• Couldn't match expected type ‘[Letter]’
with actual type ‘[Letter] -> [(a, [Letter])]’
• Probable cause: ‘p’ is applied to too few arguments
In the first argument of ‘f’, namely ‘p’
In the first argument of ‘return’, namely ‘(f p)’
In the expression: return (f p)
• Relevant bindings include
p :: [Letter] -> [(a, [Letter])] (bound at src/Main.hs:49:28)
f :: [Letter] -> [(a -> b, [Letter])] (bound at src/Main.hs:49:13)
(<*>) :: Parser (a -> b) -> Parser a -> Parser b
(bound at src/Main.hs:49:16)
49 | (Parser f) <*> (Parser p) = return (f p)
| ^
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