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Created Jun 3, 2018

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Z-Push config not connecting to Kopano Backend
* File : config.php
* Project : Z-Push
* Descr : Main configuration file
* Created : 01.10.2007
* Copyright 2007 - 2016 Zarafa Deutschland GmbH
* This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3,
* as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU Affero General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
* along with this program. If not, see <>.
* Consult LICENSE file for details
* Default settings
// Defines the default time zone, change e.g. to "Europe/London" if necessary
define('TIMEZONE', 'Europe/Berlin');
// Defines the base path on the server
define('BASE_PATH', dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']). '/');
// Try to set unlimited timeout
define('SCRIPT_TIMEOUT', 0);
// Use a custom header to determinate the remote IP of a client.
// By default, the server provided REMOTE_ADDR is used. If the header here set
// is available, the provided value will be used, else REMOTE_ADDR is maintained.
// set to false to disable this behaviour.
// common values: 'HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR', 'HTTP_X_REAL_IP' (casing is ignored)
// When using client certificates, we can check if the login sent matches the owner of the certificate.
// This setting specifies the owner parameter in the certificate to look at.
* Whether to use the complete email address as a login name
* (e.g. or the username only (user).
* This is required for Z-Push to work properly after autodiscover.
* Possible values:
* false - use the username only.
* true - string the mobile sends as username, e.g. full email address (default).
define('USE_FULLEMAIL_FOR_LOGIN', true);
* StateMachine setting
* These StateMachines can be used:
* FILE - FileStateMachine (default). Needs STATE_DIR set as well.
* SQL - SqlStateMachine has own configuration file. STATE_DIR is ignored.
* State migration script is available, more informations:
define('STATE_MACHINE', 'FILE');
define('STATE_DIR', '/var/lib/z-push/');
* IPC - InterProcessCommunication
* Is either provided by using shared memory on a single host or
* using the memcache provider for multi-host environments.
* When another implementation should be used, the class can be set here explicitly.
* If empty Z-Push will try to use available providers.
define('IPC_PROVIDER', '');
* Logging settings
* The LOGBACKEND specifies where the logs are sent to.
* Either to file ("filelog") or to a "syslog" server or a custom log class in core/log/logclass.
* filelog and syslog have several options that can be set below.
* For more information about the syslog configuration, see
* Possible LOGLEVEL and LOGUSERLEVEL values are:
* LOGLEVEL_OFF - no logging
* LOGLEVEL_FATAL - log only critical errors
* LOGLEVEL_ERROR - logs events which might require corrective actions
* LOGLEVEL_WARN - might lead to an error or require corrective actions in the future
* LOGLEVEL_INFO - usually completed actions
* LOGLEVEL_DEBUG - debugging information, typically only meaningful to developers
* LOGLEVEL_WBXML - also prints the WBXML sent to/from the device
* LOGLEVEL_DEVICEID - also prints the device id for every log entry
* LOGLEVEL_WBXMLSTACK - also prints the contents of WBXML stack
* The verbosity increases from top to bottom. More verbose levels include less verbose
* ones, e.g. setting to LOGLEVEL_DEBUG will also output LOGLEVEL_FATAL, LOGLEVEL_ERROR,
* LOGLEVEL_WARN and LOGLEVEL_INFO level entries.
* LOGAUTHFAIL is logged to the LOGBACKEND.
define('LOGBACKEND', 'filelog');
define('LOGAUTHFAIL', false);
// To save e.g. WBXML data only for selected users, add the usernames to the array
// The data will be saved into a dedicated file per user in the LOGFILEDIR
// Users have to be encapusulated in quotes, several users are comma separated, like:
// $specialLogUsers = array('', 'myusername');
$specialLogUsers = array();
// Filelog settings
define('LOGFILEDIR', '/var/log/z-push/');
define('LOGFILE', LOGFILEDIR . 'z-push.log');
define('LOGERRORFILE', LOGFILEDIR . 'z-push-error.log');
// Syslog settings
// false will log to local syslog, otherwise put the remote syslog IP here
define('LOG_SYSLOG_HOST', false);
// Syslog port
define('LOG_SYSLOG_PORT', 514);
// Program showed in the syslog. Useful if you have more than one instance login to the same syslog
define('LOG_SYSLOG_PROGRAM', 'z-push');
// Syslog facility - use LOG_USER when running on Windows
// Location of the trusted CA, e.g. '/etc/ssl/certs/EmailCA.pem'
// Uncomment and modify the following line if the validation of the certificates fails.
// define('CAINFO', '/etc/ssl/certs/EmailCA.pem');
* Mobile settings
// Device Provisioning
define('PROVISIONING', true);
// This option allows the 'loose enforcement' of the provisioning policies for older
// devices which don't support provisioning (like WM 5 and HTC Android Mail) - dw2412 contribution
// false (default) - Enforce provisioning for all devices
// true - allow older devices, but enforce policies on devices which support it
define('LOOSE_PROVISIONING', false);
// The file containing the policies' settings.
// Set a full path or relative to the z-push main directory
define('PROVISIONING_POLICYFILE', 'policies.ini');
// Default conflict preference
// Some devices allow to set if the server or PIM (mobile)
// should win in case of a synchronization conflict
// SYNC_CONFLICT_OVERWRITE_SERVER - Server is overwritten, PIM wins
// SYNC_CONFLICT_OVERWRITE_PIM - PIM is overwritten, Server wins (default)
// Global limitation of items to be synchronized
// The mobile can define a sync back period for calendar and email items
// For large stores with many items the time period could be limited to a max value
// If the mobile transmits a wider time period, the defined max value is used
// Applicable values:
// SYNC_FILTERTYPE_ALL (default, no limitation)
// Interval in seconds before checking if there are changes on the server when in Ping.
// It means the highest time span before a change is pushed to a mobile. Set it to
// a higher value if you have a high load on the server.
define('PING_INTERVAL', 30);
// Set the fileas (save as) order for contacts in the webaccess/webapp/outlook.
// It will only affect new/modified contacts on the mobile which then are synced to the server.
// Possible values are:
// SYNC_FILEAS_FIRSTLAST - fileas will be "Firstname Middlename Lastname"
// SYNC_FILEAS_LASTFIRST - fileas will be "Lastname, Firstname Middlename"
// SYNC_FILEAS_COMPANYONLY - fileas will be "Company"
// SYNC_FILEAS_COMPANYLAST - fileas will be "Company (Lastname, Firstname Middlename)"
// SYNC_FILEAS_COMPANYFIRST - fileas will be "Company (Firstname Middlename Lastname)"
// SYNC_FILEAS_LASTCOMPANY - fileas will be "Lastname, Firstname Middlename (Company)"
// SYNC_FILEAS_FIRSTCOMPANY - fileas will be "Firstname Middlename Lastname (Company)"
// The company-fileas will only be set if a contact has a company set. If one of
// company-fileas is selected and a contact doesn't have a company set, it will default
// to SYNC_FILEAS_FIRSTLAST or SYNC_FILEAS_LASTFIRST (depending on if last or first
// option is selected for company).
// If SYNC_FILEAS_COMPANYONLY is selected and company of the contact is not set
// Maximum amount of items to be synchronized per request.
// Normally this value is requested by the mobile. Common values are 5, 25, 50 or 100.
// Exporting too much items can cause mobile timeout on busy systems.
// Z-Push will use the lowest provided value, either set here or by the mobile.
// MS Outlook 2013+ request up to 512 items to accelerate the sync process.
// If you detect high load (also on subsystems) you could try a lower setting.
// max: 512 - value used if mobile does not limit amount of items
define('SYNC_MAX_ITEMS', 512);
// The devices usually send a list of supported properties for calendar and contact
// items. If a device does not includes such a supported property in Sync request,
// it means the property's value will be deleted on the server.
// However some devices do not send a list of supported properties. It is then impossible
// to tell if a property was deleted or it was not set at all if it does not appear in Sync.
// This parameter defines Z-Push behaviour during Sync if a device does not issue a list with
// supported properties.
// See also
// Possible values:
// false - do not unset properties which are not sent during Sync (default)
// true - unset properties which are not sent during Sync
// ActiveSync specifies that a contact photo may not exceed 48 KB. This value is checked
// in the semantic sanity checks and contacts with larger photos are not synchronized.
// This limitation is not being followed by the ActiveSync clients which set much bigger
// contact photos. You can override the default value of the max photo size.
// default: 5242880 - 5 MB default max photo size in bytes
// Over the WebserviceUsers command it is possible to retrieve a list of all
// known devices and users on this Z-Push system. The authenticated user needs to have
// admin rights and a public folder must exist.
// In multicompany environments this enable an admin user of any company to retrieve
// this full list, so this feature is disabled by default. Enable with care.
// Users with many folders can use the 'partial foldersync' feature, where the server
// actively stops processing the folder list if it takes too long. Other requests are
// then redirected to the FolderSync to synchronize the remaining items.
// Device compatibility for this procedure is not fully understood.
define('USE_PARTIAL_FOLDERSYNC', false);
// The minimum accepted time in second that a ping command should last.
// It is strongly advised to keep this config to false. Some device
// might not be able to send a higher value than the one specificied here and thus
// unable to start a push connection.
// If set to false, there will be no lower bound to the ping lifetime.
// The minimum accepted value is 1 second. The maximum accepted value is 3540 seconds (59 minutes).
// The maximum accepted time in second that a ping command should last.
// If set to false, there will be no higher bound to the ping lifetime.
// The minimum accepted value is 1 second. The maximum accepted value is 3540 seconds (59 minutes).
// Maximum response time
// Mobiles implement different timeouts to their TCP/IP connections. Android devices for example
// have a hard timeout of 30 seconds. If the server is not able to answer a request within this timeframe,
// the answer will not be recieved and the device will send a new one overloading the server.
// There are three categories
// - Short timeout - server has up within 30 seconds - is automatically applied for not categorized types
// - Medium timeout - server has up to 90 seconds to respond
// - Long timeout - server has up to 4 minutes to respond
// If a timeout is almost reached the server will break and sent the results it has until this
// point. You can add DeviceType strings to the categories.
// In general longer timeouts are better, because more data can be streamed at once.
define('SYNC_TIMEOUT_LONG_DEVICETYPES', "iPod, iPad, iPhone, WP, WindowsOutlook, WindowsMail");
// Time in seconds the device should wait whenever the service is unavailable,
// e.g. when a backend service is unavailable.
// Z-Push sends a "Retry-After" header in the response with the here defined value.
// It is up to the device to respect or not this directive so even if this option is set,
// the device might not wait requested time frame.
// Number of seconds before retry, to disable set to: false
define('RETRY_AFTER_DELAY', 300);
* Backend settings
// the backend data provider
define('BACKEND_PROVIDER', 'BackendKopano');
* Search provider settings
* Alternative backend to perform SEARCH requests (GAL search)
* By default the main Backend defines the preferred search functionality.
* If set, the Search Provider will always be preferred.
* Use 'BackendSearchLDAP' to search in a LDAP directory (see backend/searchldap/config.php)
define('SEARCH_PROVIDER', '');
// Time in seconds for the server search. Setting it too high might result in timeout.
// Setting it too low might not return all results. Default is 10.
define('SEARCH_WAIT', 10);
// The maximum number of results to send to the client. Setting it too high
// might result in timeout. Default is 10.
define('SEARCH_MAXRESULTS', 10);
* Kopano Outlook Extension - Settings
* The Kopano Outlook Extension (KOE) provides MS Outlook 2013 and newer with
* functionality not provided by ActiveSync or not implemented by Outlook.
* For more information, see:
// Global Address Book functionality
define('KOE_CAPABILITY_GAB', true);
// Synchronize mail flags from the server to Outlook/KOE
// Encode flags when sending from Outlook/KOE
// Out-of-office support
define('KOE_CAPABILITY_OOF', true);
// Out-of-office support with start & end times (superseeds KOE_CAPABILITY_OOF)
// Notes support
define('KOE_CAPABILITY_NOTES', true);
// Shared folder support
// Send-As support for Outlook/KOE and mobiles
define('KOE_CAPABILITY_SENDAS', true);
// Secondary Contact folders (own and shared)
// Copy WebApp signature into KOE
// Delivery receipt requests
// Impersonate other users
// To synchronize the GAB KOE, the GAB store and folderid need to be specified.
// Use the gab-sync script to generate this data. The name needs to
// match the config of the gab-sync script.
// More information here: (GAB Sync Script)
define('KOE_GAB_STORE', 'SYSTEM');
define('KOE_GAB_FOLDERID', '');
define('KOE_GAB_NAME', 'Z-Push-KOE-GAB');
* Synchronize additional folders to all mobiles
* With this feature, special folders can be synchronized to all mobiles.
* This is useful for e.g. global company contacts.
* This feature is supported only by certain devices, like iPhones.
* Check the compatibility list for supported devices:
* To synchronize a folder, add a section setting all parameters as below:
* store: the ressource where the folder is located.
* Kopano users use 'SYSTEM' for the 'Public Folder'
* folderid: folder id of the folder to be synchronized
* name: name to be displayed on the mobile device
* type: supported types are:
* flags: sets additional options on the shared folder. Supported are:
* DeviceManager::FLD_FLAGS_NONE
* No flags configured, default flag to be set
* When replying in this folder, automatically do Send-As
* If set, Outlook shows reminders for these shares with KOE
* Additional notes:
* - on Kopano systems use backend/kopano/listfolders.php script to get a list
* of available folders
* - all Z-Push users must have at least reading permissions so the configured
* folders can be synchronized to the mobile. Else they are ignored.
* - this feature is only partly suitable for multi-tenancy environments,
* as ALL users from ALL tenents need access to the configured store & folder.
* When configuring a public folder, this will cause problems, as each user has
* a different public folder in his tenant, so the folder are not available.
* - changing this configuration could cause HIGH LOAD on the system, as all
* connected devices will be updated and load the data contained in the
* added/modified folders.
$additionalFolders = array(
// demo entry for the synchronization of contacts from the public folder.
// uncomment (remove '/*' '*/') and fill in the folderid
'store' => "SYSTEM",
'folderid' => "",
'name' => "Public Contacts",
'flags' => DeviceManager::FLD_FLAGS_NONE,
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