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irwins / Get-MgServicePrincipalPermission.ps1
Created December 2, 2022 07:02 — forked from JustinGrote/Get-MgServicePrincipalPermission.ps1
Get a list of application and delegated permissions for a service principal, similar to what the Azure Portal shows
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#requires -version 7
using namespace Microsoft.Graph.PowerShell.Models
using namespace System.Collections.Generic
function Get-MgServicePrincipalPermission {
begin {
irwins / Trace-AICommand.ps1
Created July 18, 2022 19:23 — forked from JustinGrote/Trace-AICommand.ps1
Report the results and performance of any scriptblock to Azure Application Insights
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#requires -version 7
#You can load this script with $(iwr | iex)
using namespace Microsoft.ApplicationInsights
using namespace Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.Extensibility
using namespace Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.DataContracts
using namespace System.Management.Automation
using namespace System.Collections.Generic
using namespace System.Net
irwins / randomuser.go
Created March 28, 2021 18:27
Get random user in go
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package main
import (
View Get-AzDevOpsProjects.ps1
Author: I. Strachan
Version: 1.0
Version History:
Purpose: Get az devops projects wrapper
irwins / New-ADUsersFromCSV.ps1
Last active October 21, 2018 18:36
Infrastructure validation script using the Arrange Act Assert principle for creating users from a CSV file
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Author: I.C.A. Strachan
Version History:
Purpose: Infrastructure validation script to create ADUser from CSV file
View Get-ChessMatchesResults.ps1
Param (
[ValidateScript({ Test-Path $_ } )]
[string]$ChessMatchesPath = 'C:\Users\Irwin\Downloads\ChessData-master\ChessData-master',
#region Define regex results. Make search case-insensitive just incase.
[regex]$whiteWin = '(?i)result\s+"1-0"'
irwins / Set-ADSearchBase-Intellisense.ps1
Last active May 3, 2017 03:02
Create Custom Intellisense for AD cmdlets with SearchBase parameter using TabExpansion++ Module
View Set-ADSearchBase-Intellisense.ps1
Author: I.C.A. Strachan
Version History:
Purpose: Custom Intellisense completion for AD cmdlets with SearchBase parameter
ActiveDirectory & TabExpansion++ module is required.