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> JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync('config.gypi', 'utf8').split('\n').slice(1).join('\n').replace(/'/g, '"'))
{ target_defaults:
{ cflags: [],
default_configuration: 'Release',
defines: [],
include_dirs: [],
libraries: [] },
{ host_arch: 'x64',
node_install_npm: 'true',
node_install_waf: 'true',
node_prefix: '',
node_shared_v8: 'false',
node_shared_zlib: 'false',
node_use_dtrace: 'false',
node_use_openssl: 'true',
node_use_system_openssl: 'false',
strict_aliasing: 'true',
target_arch: 'x64',
v8_use_snapshot: 'true' } }
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