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1. Port http_parser.c to JS so we can not keep parsers around forever.
This will be a one-month time-boxed experiment. If it's not acceptable, then
we just have to live with it the way it is now.
2. Clean up lib/http.js. Split into http_client.js and http_server.js
API must remain stable, but code should be separated and organized more clearly.
3. process.nextTick semantics change. Clear the queue after every V8 invocation.
See how rough this is for starvation issues, maybe keep track of the depth, and
do a setTimeout(fn,0) if it's > 10000 or something.
4. Streams API is too hard to get right. Figure out error handling, etc.
5. Bring crypto.js into the modern age.
6. Refactor domain.js based on usage feedback from v0.8.x users.
7. Make `vm` module suitable for jsdom to use.
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