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# Note: this is ONLY a fix for
# If you are having some OTHER issue, then DO NOT USE THIS SCRIPT.
# It won't help, and might cause other problems.
# You have been warned.
# Just to prove that you're not blindly copying and pasting, please
# remove these two lines before running:
echo "Apparently you didn't read the instructions"
exit 1
# crash on any errors
set -e
# print each line as we run it
set -x
# add the fixed uid-number version to the npm cache
npm cache add uid-number@0.0.5
# get the cache dir (where we just put the fixed codes)
cache=$(npm get cache)
# get the root dir (where npm is installed)
root=$(npm root -g)
# copy the fixed codes into place
sudo cp $cache/uid-number/0.0.5/package/*.js \
# and now you can 'sudo npm i -g npm' to get the
# latest npm bits, and things should work fine.
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