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Emacs Clojure Commands

CIDER Commands

C-c +

  • M-j: Jack into an nREPL session and open a REPL buffer.
  • M-n: Switch REPL to the current buffer's namespace.
  • C-z: Open REPL and move cursor to REPL.
  • C-o: Clear the last line's output.
  • M-o: Clear all the output

Magit Commands

  • C-x M-g: Magit status
  • ?: Shows Key Command Buffer

Projectile Commands

C-c p +

  • f: Fuzzy-find file in project

Emacs Commands


  • C-h k: Check if a key sequence is bound to anything
  • M-W: Copy selected text to system clipboard


  • M-<: Move to SOF
  • M->: Move to EOF


C-x +

  • 0: Close the current window
  • 1: Close all but the current window
  • 2: Split the current window horizontally
  • 3: Split the current window vertically
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