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"Take-Home" Coding Challenge: Movies App

"Take-Home" Coding Challenge: Movies App

By Ira Herman

This code challange prompt is modeled after real-world take-home code challenges/prompts many companies use as part of their technical interview process.

This will help you practice/prepare to build a mini-project off of specs, and give you practice/reinforcement using ReactJS with an API back end.

Front End:

  • ReactJS

Back End:

  • Use's api here
  • It will be up to you to research it and read the documentation on how to use it.


  • Implement the following user story:
    • As a user, I want to see posters and titles of 20 movies that are Now Playing in the United States.



You'll want to find the Get Now Playing endpoint in the API Docs and pass the region US.

To get the poster of any movie, prefix the poster_path with this URL:

  • So a full URL looks like this:
  • You can also get a different size poster by changing w300 to a different width. For example: w500 for a 500px wide poster.

Stretch Goals:

Implement the following user stories:

  • AAU I want to be able to click on a movie poster to see a new page with movie details on it.
    • HINT: Use React Router, and lay it out using your own preferences.
  • AAU I want to be able to switch the website theme from light mode to dark mode (and back).
  • AAU I want to see only 10 movies that are now playing.
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