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Last active Aug 17, 2021
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from __future__ import annotations
import uuid
import copy
from contextlib import contextmanager
from dataclasses import dataclass, field
from enum import IntEnum, auto
def restore(originals, frozens):
for original, frozen in zip(originals, frozens):
assert original.uuid == frozen.uuid
original.amount = frozen.amount
def atomic(*wallets, hook = None):
frozen_wallets = [copy.deepcopy(wallet) for wallet in wallets]
except AssertionError:
message = "<internal server error>"
except Exception as e:
message = "<atomic operation cancelled>"
message = None
if message is not None:
restore(wallets, frozen_wallets)
if hook is not None:
class TransactionStatus(IntEnum):
IN_PROGRESS = auto()
CANCELLED = auto()
SUCCESS = auto()
FAILED = auto()
class Transaction:
amount: int
source: Wallet
destination: Wallet
status: TransactionStatus = TransactionStatus.IN_PROGRESS
uuid: uuid.UUID = field(default_factory=uuid.uuid4)
def __post_init__(self):
def cancel(self):
self.status = TransactionStatus.CANCELLED
def process(self):
if self.status is not TransactionStatus.IN_PROGRESS:
return None
elif self.amount < 0:
return"<negative transaction>")
elif self.amount == 0:
return"<optimized away>")
elif self.source.amount - self.amount < 0:
return"<insufficient funds>")
with atomic(self.source, self.destination,
self.source.amount -= self.amount
self.destination.amount += self.amount
assert self.source.amount >= 0
assert self.destination.amount >= 0
def succeed(self):
self.status = TransactionStatus.SUCCESS
def fail(self, message):
self.status = TransactionStatus.FAILED
class Wallet:
uuid: uuid.UUID = field(default_factory=uuid.uuid4)
amount: int = 0
transactions: List[Transaction] = field(repr=False, default_factory=list)
def record(self, transaction):
def _make_transaction(self, destination, amount):
transaction = Transaction(amount, self, destination)
yield transaction
def send(self, destination, amount):
with self._make_transaction(amount, destination) as transaction:
return transaction
class Actor:
identifier: str
wallet: Wallet = field(default_factory=Wallet)
def send(self, to, amount):
return self.wallet.send(amount, to.wallet)
system = Actor('system',
wallet = Wallet(
amount = 1000
actor_1 = Actor('b')
actor_2 = Actor('x')
system.send(actor_1, 100)
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