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Created December 31, 2019 21:08
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L1 = dict.fromkeys("1 21 45 62 70".split())
L2 = dict.fromkeys("17 39 50 73 81".split())
L3 = dict.fromkeys("4 28 48 65 90".split())
LINES = (L1, L2, L3)
completed_lines = set()
while len(completed_lines) != 3:
num = input("Next > ")
for n, line in enumerate(LINES, 1):
if num in line:
line[num] = True
total_values = [value for value in line.values() if value]
print(f"Line {n}: {len(total_values)}/{len(line)}")
if n not in completed_lines and all(line.values()):
print(f"Line {n} completed!")
print("You won!")
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