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Lucas Mercado islador

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The World Cup Graph

Initial Data Setup

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#Trigger: Order API
#Attributes touched: type_id, station_id, char_id, entity, vol_entered, vol_remaining
#Basic Concept: Iterate thorugh all MOs tied to the user. Compare each MO's type_id to the users existing
#MS type_ids. If a match is found, check that the station_id, char_id, and entity match as well. If all match
#set that MO's market_item_summary_id to the MS's id. If any of them do not match, create a new MS with those values.
#Assemble a hash for use in building new MIS
temphash = {"type_id" => nil, "station_id" => nil, "char_id" => nil, "entity" => nil, "bid" => nil}
#Assemble the user and apilist arrays.
View failure
1) CacheTimers should fire ApiActiveChecker should find call_type 1 and fire ApiActiveChecker.checkactive
Failure/Error: CacheTimers.checktimes
undefined method `value' for nil:NilClass
# /home/islador/eveTools/icras/eve/lib/eve/api/response.rb:24:in `initialize'
# /home/islador/eveTools/icras/eve/lib/eve/api/request.rb:50:in `new'
# /home/islador/eveTools/icras/eve/lib/eve/api/request.rb:50:in `response_for'
# /home/islador/eveTools/icras/eve/lib/eve/api/request.rb:41:in `cached_response'
View cache_timers_spec.rb
require 'spec_helper'
# call_type translations
# | Code | Translation |
# |:----:|:-----------:|
# | 1 | Api Status |
# | 2 | Corp Market Order |
# | 3 | Corp Wallet Transactions |
# | 4 | Character Market Order |
# | 5 | Character Wallet Transactions |
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