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Created Mar 12, 2016
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Retrieve data from the sampleorders pipeline to fill a Sitecore SPEAK ListControl
define(["sitecore", "/-/speak/v1/experienceprofile/DataProviderHelper.js"], function (sc, providerHelper)
var app = sc.Definitions.App.extend({
initialized: function ()
var tableName = "sampleorders"; // Case Sensitive!
var localUrl = "/intel/" + tableName;
{ urlKey: localUrl + "?", headerValue: tableName }
var url = sc.Contact.baseUrl + localUrl;
providerHelper.initProvider(this.SampleOrdersDataProvider, tableName, url, this.SampleOrdersTabMessageBar);
providerHelper.subscribeSorting(this.SampleOrdersDataProvider, this.SampleOrders);
providerHelper.subscribeAccordionHeader(this.SampleOrdersDataProvider, this.SampleOrdersAccordion);
return app;
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