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islaytitans/GetSampleOrders.cs Secret

Last active Feb 27, 2016
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How to query data from xDB from facets
public class GetSampleOrders : ReportProcessorBase
private readonly QueryBuilder _contactsQueryBuilder = new QueryBuilder()
collectionName = "Contacts", // Name of the collection containing contacts in MongoDb
QueryParms =
{ "_id", "@contactid" },
Fields =
"KeyInteractions_SampleOrder", // path so the Sample Order Element in our custom xDB Facet
public override void Process(ReportProcessorArgs args)
Guid contactId = args.ReportParameters.ContactId;
DataTable contactQueryExpression =
base.GetTableFromContactQueryExpression(_contactsQueryBuilder.Build(), contactId, new Guid?());
Assert.IsTrue(contactQueryExpression.Rows.Count >= 1,
string.Format("Contact with id {0} was not found.", (object) contactId));
int? nullable = DataRowExtensions.Field<int?>(contactQueryExpression.Rows[0], "System_VisitCount");
if (nullable == null)
Log.Debug(string.Format("No VisitCount exists for contact: {0}", (object) contactId));
args.QueryResult = contactQueryExpression;
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