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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Crawler sacar todos los ramos de la universidad catolica
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Credits isseu
import urllib2
import re
from titlecase import titlecase
import unicodedata
cursos = []
data = urllib2.urlopen("").read().replace("\n", "")
tabla = re.findall('<tr>.+?</tr>', data, flags=re.MULTILINE)
for item in tabla:
res ="<td>(.+?)</td><td>(.+?)</td><td>(.+?)</td>", item, flags=re.MULTILINE)
if not res == None:
sigla_seccion ="-")
if sigla_seccion[0] not in [i[1] for i in cursos]:
cursos.append([, sigla_seccion[0],])
print "# Encontrados " + str(len(cursos)) + " cursos: "
for item in cursos:
print "Curso.create!(nombre: \"%s\", sigla: \"%s\")" % (titlecase(item[2].decode('utf-8').lower()), item[1])

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@isseu isseu commented Feb 1, 2015

Para instalar titlecase (sudo) pip install titlecase

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