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Brute forcing fit of the diffraction pattern with fullprof and shell. Brute force attack on orthorhombic structure with mmm point symmetry. See details in:
#remove fullprof output files
rm -v *pcr *hkl *out *sum
#looping around orthorhombic crystal system with mmm point group
for i in 'Pmmm' 'Pnnn' 'Pccm' 'Pban' 'Pmma' 'Pnna' 'Pmna' 'Pcca' 'Pbam' 'Pccn' 'Pbcm' 'Pnnm' 'Pmmn' 'Pbcn' 'Pbca' 'Pnma' 'Cmcm' 'Cmce' 'Cmmm' 'Cccm' 'Cmme' 'Ccce' 'Fmmm' 'Fddd' 'Immm' 'Ibam' 'Ibca' 'Imma'
#remove output in the loop
rm -v *out *sum
#put spaces between the characters
j=$(echo $i | sed 's/./& /g')
#change mygroup in template file to real group name,
sed "s/mygroup/$j/" my_spectrum.template > my_spectrum.pcr
#run fullprof
~/FullProf_Suite/fp2k my_spectrum.pcr
#create dir named after the crystallographic group
mkdir -v $i
#move relevant fullprof output there
mv -v *pcr *hkl *prf $i
#in some cases (e.g. strong divergence) output is written in a new file. let's have it.
mv -v *new $i
rm -v *out *sum
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