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Redis Watch Trivia "Facts" - a Meta Archive

Redis Watch Trivia "Facts"

a Meta Archive

Look for a new #RedisTrivia fact every Thursday with your Redis Watch newsletter :)

Lifted with permission from the Redis Watch Archive:

  1. Redis stands for REmote DIctionary Server
  2. everybody knows that Redis' default port is 6379, but have you ever wondered why? The answer is that 6379 spells MERZ on the phone's keypad (want to know what MERZ is? Read the appendix at [warning: slightly NSFW links inside])
  3. the correct way to pronounce "Redis" is / rɛdɪs/ - start with "red" (like the color) and finish off with "iss"
  4. Salvatore Sanfilippo, a.k.a. antirez, is the creator of Redis and is self-proclaimed "rude southern italian, writing code for fun and profit."
  5. Daniel Fucbitz is a sysop from planet Terah who always complains about EDB [link:]
  6. Redis means "repeat" (as in "say again") in French, "redistribution" in Catalan, "radish" in Estonian, "return" in Latin, "rediscount" in Latvian, "pens" in Portuguese, sounds like "radish" in Russian and Serbian and like "radishes" in Ukrainian (source: Google Translate)
  7. Redis has a manifesto - My personal favorites from it are "code is like a poem", "we're against complexity" and "we optimize for joy"
  8. there's a city in Egypt called Abou Redis ("Abou" means "father of" in Arabic, so it's no surprise that there's a giant statue of antirez in the town's square [the part about the statue is totally made up])
  9. 6379 is an odd number. It is also a prime number. In fact, it is an irregular prime number that's also the sum of 9 consecutive primes as well as the sum of cousin primes + 1. Lastly, it is the last member of a sexy prime quadruple. #mathporn
  10. when in Yekaterinburg, Russia, why not drop by the Redis Cafe? (suggested location for Redis Developers Day 2015)
  11. according to the Hebrew calender, the year 6379 is only 605 years away!
  12. NGC 6379 ( is a spiral galaxy in Hercules that should, by all accounts, be reclassified as a cluster and named Redis
  13. The value of n for which |cos(n)| is smaller than any previous integer is 6379 #mathporn
  14. The documentation of Redis' commands is included in the Beautiful Docs list:
  15. Redis is the name of an African construction company - "70% Revenue Africa"!
  16. "Sweet 16" - Redis v2.8.16 was released on the Sep. 16th, 2014 (and was replaced only 3 days later by v2.8.17 making it the 2nd 3-day-lived version in 2.8 [the first, literally, was 2.8.0])
  17. The shortest Redis commands are 3 characters long, the longest are 16. Avg: 6.5, Med: 6, StdDev: 2.695024656, Var: 7.263158
  18. Redis was originally written by antirez to resolve MySQL scalability issues at - a realtime log analyzer
  19. since Redis is often referred to as "Memcached on Steroids", it is hardly surprising that is an ecommerce site for vitamins and other healthy supplements
  20. antirez's first blog post about Redis (link: was published on 6.3.9 - coincidence or determinism?
  21. in Russia, an agency creates Redis - ... :P
  22. the numeric string 6379 appears at the 15054th decimal digit of Pi
  23. Redis v2.8.19, released earlier this week, is the highest-numbered maintenance release (yet)
  24. you can make your very own Redis logo with UTF-8: U+2606 U+25A0 U+25CB U+25B3
  25. there are 31 Redis commands that start with the letter 'S'
  26. LinkedIn lists 40 individuals named Redis and 56 people with that surname (while Facebook has over a 1000)
  27. 6379 is a prime number that's the sum of 9 consecutive primes (
  28. Redi's ( controlled experiment disproved the spontaneous generation hypothesis
  29. There's a Chilean rapper who calls himself Redis: <- he's actually quite good :)
  30. Longest word in English containing the string "redis" is redistributionists (18 characters)
  31. #Redis is popular hashtag on @Instagram, where it's mainly used by Asian-looking girls wearing something red
  32. Yesterday, Feb 18th, was the International Hexadecimal Redis Day #18EB
  33. There are 33 Redis commands that end with the letter 'E'
  34. RFC 6379 - Suite B Cryptographic Suites for IPsec:
  35. antirez had once lost his blog data after forgetting to turn on data persistence - it happens to the best (
  36. When converted to base 36, the decimal number 46020340 spells REDIS
  37. The PF prefix of Redis' HyperLogLog commands is in honor of Phillipe Flajolet, HLL's inventor:
  38. The age of the cluster is here.
    ~/src/redis/3.0$ git log --author="antirez" ...
    added lines: 294905 removed lines: 146841 total lines: 148064
  39. Issue #39 of Redis Watch is the first issue lacking a real trivia fact. Alternative version: Redis embeds strings that are up to 39 bytes long, larger ones it devours uncooked
  40. There are 160 tags in the Redis repository from the first commit until v3.0.0
  41. Redis is 15yo, 12lb shorthair female felis catus that is up for adoption from Buffalo: Redis the Cat
  42. Apropos #DNA, news from Redis are that INCRNA can be used to treat colon:cancer -
  43. People who learn Redis in Singapore enjoy more:
  44. TRAI, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, uses Redis (in their URLs, i.e.g.:
  45. Redis is a budding YouTube video artist: and are but 2 samples of his talent
  46. The numeric string 6379 appears at the 12284th decimal digit of Phi (the Golden Ratio)
  47. Scaling Redis for the wrong reasons - #1®ion=52 #2®ion=52 story
  48. The ambitious and epic OS Redis Rosetta Stone project -
  49. Storing IPv4 addresses using byte encoding saves ~75% of storage and is also fun - #MERZFTW
  50. Red should always be Redis-red #D42E15, also in CI /ht @badboy_
  51. Redis had many sponsors, all share a part of its success:
  52. REDIS was a network of cities that was focused on how municipalities can re-shape districts into science quarters:
  53. Sorted sets use an IEEE 754 floating point number for scores and can represent precisely the integers -(2^53)..+(2^53)
  54. Sorted sets' commands start with Z because of their resemblance to z-buffers/z-order in graphics /ht @dr_josiah
  55. Redis is written in C
  56. The bridge of Redis is located just before Redis station and the main depot of Redis:
  57. Redis is the fastest footwear in the world -

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