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Get the real IP address of the client and optionally also the one from the proxy server.
* Get the IP address of the client.
* @author Arno Moonen <>
* @version 0.1-201112231035
* @param boolean $get_all Set to true to get an array containing all the IP addresses found.
* @return mixed Depending on the value of $get_all the return value will be either a string or an array
function am_get_real_ip($get_all = false)
$keys = array(
$ips = array();
foreach ($keys as $X) {
if (array_key_exists($X, $_SERVER) && !empty($_SERVER[$X])) {
if (!$get_all) {
return $_SERVER[$X];
$ips[$X] = $_SERVER[$X];
return array_unique($ips, SORT_STRING);
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