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In case you are facing error in scheduled transcoding task and you would like to know details of the error, you can use below code snippet. More details here
static public IAsset EncodeToAdaptiveBitrateMP4s(IAsset asset, AssetCreationOptions options)
// Default preset settings
//IJob job = _context.Jobs.CreateWithSingleTask(MediaProcessorNames.AzureMediaEncoder,
// MediaEncoderTaskPresetStrings.H264AdaptiveBitrateMP4Set720p,
// asset,
// "Test-Video-" + 100 + "-" + Guid.NewGuid().ToString() + "-Adaptive-Bitrate-MP4",
// AssetCreationOptions.None);
// Custom preset settings
string configuration = File.ReadAllText(Path.Combine(_presetFiles, @"H264MultipleBitrateCustom720p.xml"));
IJob job = _context.Jobs.CreateWithSingleTask(MediaProcessorNames.AzureMediaEncoder,
"Test-Video-" + 100 + "-" + Guid.NewGuid().ToString() + "-Adaptive-Bitrate-MP4",
Console.WriteLine("Submitting transcoding job...");
job = job.StartExecutionProgressTask(
j =>
Console.WriteLine("Job state: {0}", j.State);
// Error handling
if(j.State == JobState.Error)
foreach (var task in job.Tasks)
if (task.ErrorDetails != null)
foreach (var errordetail in task.ErrorDetails)
Console.WriteLine("Error Message:" + errordetail.Message);
Console.WriteLine("Error Code:" + errordetail.Code);
Console.WriteLine("Job progress: {0:0.##}%", j.GetOverallProgress());
Console.WriteLine("Transcoding job end.");
IAsset outputAsset = job.OutputMediaAssets[0];
return outputAsset;

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itorian commented Apr 19, 2016

Here is the error I was getting on Azure portal:

error in transcoding task

Here is the error details in output after using above code snippet:


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